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    So photographer Asa Ellison is a bit of a popular cult name this time around, with many of the all time cup greats picking him. First off, both Banana and Spade had him on their squad, in what’s expected to be the most exciting match of this month. DDT also begins to edge out book in his goal to make it past round 2 unlike March. Clorox used his joker against FixedBusiness, as did DeathByArsenic. Finally, my squonking is beginning, as Sir Creep gets his very first hit against me, and proving while he lost in round 1 he’s still one of the ones to watch. Anyway, points! Skinny Kiltrunner vs JiroemonKimura 0 - 0 Grobler vs John Key 0 - 0 Engineer vs Grim 0 - 0 YoungWillz vs Wormfarmer 0 - 0 Bibliogryphon vs msc 0 - 0 Torva vs Reptile 0 - 0 Banana vs Spade_Cooley 3 - 3 Quim Reaper vs Deathray 0 - 0 Maryport vs Deadsox 0 - 0 Oldlady vs DeathByArsenic 0 - 6 An Fear Bag vs Alt Obits Guy 0 - 0 DDT vs Book 3 - 0 Sir Creep vs Joey Russ 3 - 0 Chorizo vs HDS 0 - 0 Death Impends vs Ethushishispushingupdaisies 0 - 0 Clorox vs FixedBusiness 6 - 0
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    Was alive in September 2018, still doing conventions. Almost certainly alive.
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    Pope Francis negative to coronavirus test.
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    I occasionally work at a local BBC radio station, and everyone is super geared for Philip. Instructions pinned on walls, meetings etc.
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    The above from the Death Anniversary thread, Elisabeth Scholl (Hartnagel) has died: https://www.thearticle.com/sophie-and-hans-scholl-died-resisting-the-nazis-lets-not-take-freedom-for-granted Got a Times Obit too: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/elisabeth-scholl-obituary-3t8vh0d6m (Paywall).
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    Blibberwimble Johnson was on with his two trusty sidekicks this morning. Yeah, reassuring the country that the Government totally well prepared for an outbreak. Blibberwimble - same guy who left people on the Diamond Princess closed community resulting in a death? Same guy who has left that dame languishing in an Iranian jail? Wouldn't trust him as far as he could throw himself at the nearest mistress.
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    I reckon she's most certainly still alive. Her death would go noticed. According to official records, she's a year younger than her IMDb age, so 89, not 90.
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    Just had a look at my Facebook page and a bunch of ads have appeared overnight. They started with a nice helpful warning from the NHS. Then there was another NHS one with advice on how to prevent catching the virus. Then two from pharmacies advertising their wares and a bit on prevention. One from Listerine also about the virus. Then in case none of that works there was one from a Free Will Writing Service and another from a company explaining they can help to pay all your bills after you have died and thus not be a burden on your family. No hint of pessimism there then. Bring on the apocalypse.
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    Shirley Cooklin is 90 today! (I'm just going to assume she's still alive).
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    Alright, I said I would be making predictions for Super Tuesday, so here they are: Vermont is obviously super safe for Bernie. No way around it. I think Colorado, Maine, and Utah are very similar cases. So there’s that. I also think Bernie will end the up the winner in California. The thing to watch though is the margin that Bernie wins by. If he’s only able to win by 5 points, not really great. If he’s able to win by 20 points and no one else reaches the 15 point threshold, well that would be amazing. So it’s all about the margin in California. Minnesota was a special case, but now that Klobuchar is out I think Bernie will win it by a comfortable margin (had she not dropped out today, I actually would’ve given her the edge due to her popularity in the state). Then there’s Massachusetts. It’s Bernie against Warren, and it’s looking like Bernie will beat her in the state. That should be enough for her to drop out, but tbh, I think she’s staying as a spoiler candidate at this point. It would be great if she actually dropped out if/when she loses Massachusetts, but I have my doubts. So those are all the states solid for Bernie imo. I think Alabama and Tennessee will produce really good results for Biden. On paper, Oklahoma and Arkansas should produce good results for him too, but something tells me that Biden might actually underperform a bit in those two states. I still expect him to win mind, but if an upset happens I wouldn’t be surprised. So that leaves three states that I think could swing either way. That is, Texas, North Carolina, and Virginia. On paper, those three should be good for Biden, but I know Bernie is making a play in both of those states. So I don’t know how much they really will go for Biden. If Bernie wins all three of those states, it’ll be a massive night for him. If he doesn’t do so well in those states, his night will still be alright, but then it means that it’ll likely head into a contested convention. All I know is that those last three states will really determine how the race will unfold in the end...
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    Westley Williams, one of 65 Americans captured in the 1979 Iran Hostage Crisis, has died. He was 62. https://www.timesunion.com/news/article/Iran-hostage-Albany-man-dies-at-62-15096828.php
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    Not sure if this is worth posting as a DDP noob, but I noticed one team has actress Peggy Stewart as an unique pick, but she died in May last year
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    Back home and in good spirits
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    Final stanza for D. H. Lawrence on this day 90 years ago, aged 44.
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    This is a guy who stuck his penis inside Katie price many times over and he's the one scared of catching something?
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    yeah great idea !! maybe we can start with this rule after the next hit, it'll be easier ?
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    Anbazhagan hospitalized in Chennai and has spent the last ten days in a coma.
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    News of Donald Tosh's death here http://www.doctorwhonews.net/2019/12/donald-tosh-1935-2019.html It's the end of an era- last Hartnell era writer gone. (Henry Lincoln is now the only writer from the 1960s still alive) It also means there are no surviving script editors from the 1960s or 70s .
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    A close source of mine told me that Warwick Davis was admitted to hospital after suffering a stroke. He’s been in hospital for a couple of days now.
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