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    I do believe with the death of Genesis P-Orridge . I now have 100 hits in the DDP.
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    The P-Orridge has become cold and as such they have left behind 15 Jazz Funk Greats to the 15 people who picked them here. So who scores this time? Well for one, I score with P-Orridge and my opponent didn’t pick them for this round. So I have a .001% of making a comeback now rather than a .0001% chance, hehe. Elsewhere, Jiroemon once again takes the lead in his tie against Skinny, in what’s turning into an exciting tie with back and forth between the two. John Key also scores, although grobler still has the edge at this point due to the unique. msc has now a 9 point lead against Biblio, and it looking like Biblio is heading to another match with the score of 0 sadly. Then in a surprise move, Torva is leading Reptile, who in general is a very formidable cup opponent, yet this time is lagging behind. Quim went “bollocks, I’m going to lose in this match.” Except he now has a 6 point advantage against Deathray because of P-Orridge. Oldlady also had P-Orridge, but in a bit of a twist, she now leads DeathByArsenic due to hits. Book scores with them, and now is leading due to having the younger average age of hits. Question is, will DDT have some tricks up his sleeve to take out Book? Or is Book the one with the tricks with him? Lots of unanswered questions for that tie. HDS is another one to take the lead in their tie, which shows they’re another name with potential to become rookie of the year. Two ties have both teams have them, and as such Engineer vs Grim and Maryport vs Deadsox scores just have three added to them. So who’s left? Ah yes, Death Impends and Clorox, who now leads their opponents with a whopping 9 and 12 points respectively. Certainly could turn into major squonkings, but with still half of March to go, a lot can change from today... Skinny Kiltrunner vs JiroemonKimura 6 - 9 Grobler vs John Key 4 - 3 Engineer vs Grim 3 - 9 YoungWillz vs Wormfarmer 0 - 3 Bibliogryphon vs msc 0 - 9 Torva vs Reptile 12 - 6 Banana vs Spade_Cooley 12 - 6 Quim Reaper vs Deathray 6 - 0 Maryport vs Deadsox 3 - 6 Oldlady vs DeathByArsenic 6 - 6 An Fear Bag vs Alt Obits Guy 10 - 3 DDT vs Book 9 - 9 Sir Creep vs Joey Russ 12 - 6 Chorizo vs HDS 6 - 9 Death Impends vs Ethushishispushingupdaisies 9 - 0  Clorox vs FixedBusiness 15 - 3
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    Update for P-Orridge Hits for Clorox Bleachman (4th Hit +Joker); Skinny Kiltrunner (3rd Hit); msc (4th Hit); DeathClock (3rd Hit); Banana (5th Hit); theoldlady (4th Hit); Deathray (3rd Hit); gcreptile (5th Hit +Joker); Joey Russ (3rd Hit + Joker); Bibliogryphon (3rd Hit); Book (5th Hit); Etushispushingupdaisies (5th Hit); The Quim Reaper (4th Hit); RadGuy (6th Hit); Buffalo Phil (4th Hit); Torva Messor (4th Hit); chilean way (5th Hit); nantonian (2nd Hit); Captain Chorizo (4th Hit); Annami (4th Hit + Joker); LizLemon (3rd Hit); The Old Crem (4th Hit); Grim Up North (4th Hit); Great Uncle Bulgaria (3rd Hit); Newjack (2nd Hit). For now Buffalo Phil is breaking even. RadGuy hits again and is the only player 6 for 6. Can he ever fail? Joey Russ by hitting his Joker on the 3rd hit doubles the extra point bonus, hence his jump in the standings. (Yeah, getting lucky seems to part of this game, and one of paddyfool's regrets comes into play). Buffalo Phil +00 4 +2 Grim Up North -03 4 +2 RadGuy -03 6 +3 dean1991 -04 3 Sir Creep -04 3 gcreptile -05 5 +4 Annami -06 4 +4 Banana -07 5 +2 Book -07 5 +2 chilean way -07 5 +2 Clorox Bleachman -07 4 +4 Skinny Kiltrunner -07 3 +3 Zefph -07 4 Captain Chorizo -08 4 +2 DeathClock -08 3 +3 Etushispushingupdaisies  -08 5 +2 Joey Russ -09 3 +6 Bibliogryphon -10 3 +3 Great Uncle Bulgaria -10 3 +3 LizLemon -10 3 +3 nantonian2013 -10 2 +2 The Quim Reaper -10 4 +2 Newjack -11 2 +2 paddyfool -11 2 Torva Messor -11 4 +2 Deathray -12 3 +3 msc -12 4 +2 The Old Crem -12 4 +2 ThereWillBeDeaths -13 3 theoldlady -14 4 +2
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    Britain's best result in years, then!
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    Vaagheid was paying so much attention to Covid19, he neglected to keep a weather eye out for assassins. All hail King Sir Creep! (Or else!)
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    10 people were on the mark for Genesis P-Orridge! Well done: @Perhaps @Joey Russ @Altroieri @Clorox Bleachman @Death Impends @Fantomasss @Khoi Huynh @gcreptile @Daavik @Brad252 Who is next?!
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    Well, the one member that died so far besides P-Orridge did get an obit from the BBC
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    Always a fascinating person, and I love Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV. RIP
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    Multiple hits for Genesis P, including everyone in the top 8 of Fossorius Endeavour. Very nice, and we sit at position 4 on the list of all pools. Looks like we saw that one coming or something.
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    QR: 9 CS: 8 DL: 7 Things still aren't slowing down!
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    Trending on Twitter in the UK along with Throbbing Gristle, RIP Genesis P-Orridge and Psychic TV Already a lot more clout than that Peruvian bloke.
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    Have been thinking the same about elderly I know that have died recently from terminal illnesses.
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    Giscard d'Estaing because France has a lot of corona cases already
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    David Crosby, Tom Smith, Nobby Stiles, Prince Philip, Stirling Moss, Peter Sutcliffe, Alex Trebek, Willie Nelson, Bob Dole, Vera Lynn, Bob Barker and Imelda Marcos will help us beat the 2017 record
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    Sorry are we meant to call them dog-swallowers now?
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    Has he died ? edit- I see he has.https://pitchfork.com/news/genesis-breyer-p-orridge-dead-at-70/ Congrats to all who chose him ! 6 hits and not a quarter through th e year- We really are on fire ,and that's before the corona deaths kick in !
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    Back from Greece. Luckily that country has been relatively undramatic about the whole virus. I have to say, the rate of face masks there is much higher than in Berlin (about 20% vs. about... uuhh... 1%).
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    I think the next hit in Round 2 will be March 14th. Good luck everyone!
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    My old rustbucket passed the MOT with nothing seriously needing doing Or more accurately, addressing the advisories would merely be a waste of money.
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    How well that illustrates the proverb, "Empty vessels make most noise".
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