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    Russ Abbott "Atmosphere"
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    He's 77 I'm not sure everyone is desperate to see him back, what about all that hot young 50 something talent waiting for him to vacate the sofa?
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    Well the first thread I have ever started made the second page so I haven’t had to suffer the shame of it being closed down or merged - I can die happy.
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    Betty Williams, a 1976 Nobel Peace Prize co-recipient, has died. She was 76. She co-won the award with Mairead Corrigan for her work as a cofounder of Community of Peace People. https://www.ufficiostampabasilicata.it/cronaca/la-basilicata-piange-betty-williams-premio-nobel-per-la-pace/ (Italian language obit)
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    A snippet from the BBC live news feed. Vaccine ready by autumn? A German pharmaceutical company working on a vaccine has suggested it might have a product ready by autumn. The company, Curevac, had been at the centre of a row over the weekend when media reports suggested Washington had tried to offer money in exchange for a vaccine exclusive for the US. The company though dismissed suggestions they'd received a concrete offer from Washington. One of the owners of the firm told German paper FAZ that, if things go well, a vaccine might be developed by early summer and could then be approved and ready for rollout by autumn.
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    Joy Division - "Isolation"
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    Good morning! Today is Wednesday March 18th! We start our day in Norway with 1471 cases. No new deaths - many of the current victims had been in either Italy or Austria skiing, and they are for the most part younger 20-50 years old. Hopefully our elderly have dodged the bullit, for a while anyway. 11:30 a.m. Our 4th death has been reported. Almost 5 p.m. Two more deaths today, for a total of 6. 1550 cases so far. Almost 9 p.m. We now have 1572 cases. 22 more than 4 hours ago. We have a relatively small population, about the same population as Hamburg, Germany. Now there are 1584 cases just 1 hour later. Good night!
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    There comes a time When we heed a certain call When the world must come together as one There are people dying Oh, and it's time to lend a hand to life The greatest gift of all This is the moment that song was written for
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    First time in 1st, hopefully can stick around. Also considered Voners for Cup this month, but didn't expect an English QO, seems I was right in assuming so.
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    I went to the pub anyway...'twas very quiet
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    Exactly - how can they possibly know when they are only testing hospital admissions and not people in the community? It’s all about fudging the figures to make it look like the measures they are taking are adequate and proportionate.
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    How long do we think it is before they implement the italian/french/spanish system of fining people for going outside? That's not something I ever thought I'd expect to see implemented in the UK short of an actual war, but it seems almost inevitable it will happen now.
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    I agree, we can all laugh about having to buy the Sun to make up for the lack of loo roll (for a week at least) but at some point somebody somewhere (probably some idiot youtuber doing it for a 'prank') is going to start online rumours about a lack of basic foodstuffs, which will quickly go viral (pun intended) followed by (even more) stockpiling and we could be looking at food riots within a month.
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    I am rooting for Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati, whom I have in a death pool elsewhere.
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    Think it's incredibly likely if we have to go into lockdown like say France. I'm watching them, Italy and Spain closely for the first signs of civil unrest as it might spark here - there's a balance between saving life and not making those who survives lives completely unworthy of living. There's only so long you can sustain a population in stasis like that before you get open rebellion, and whilst the government are doing their best to rescue the hospitality industry the economic and financial pressure is obvious - the employment support needs to be out asap or at least a restriction on that business loan that it should be used to pay rent and then staff in that order. Imagine if this had been prior to the internet and such instructions as 'stay at home for 14 weeks where possible' were being bandied about. The internet may help a lot of people through this in a weird way.
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    Apparently we shouldn’t go to the pub so instead I’ve panic-bought some Guinness from the horrendous Hunger Games reminiscent melee that is Tesco. Slarncha.
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    David Briggs, headmaster at King’s College, Cambridge, dead at 102 or 103
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    Poor woman I heard divorce is the only cure for that disese
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