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    Actually negative. Never had it, he was just trying to simulate symptoms to be released.
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    Now there’s an odious pair of twats.
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    Any more guesses? Deadline on Monday 6th to keep it fair. Prize for the winner: vaccine against coronavirus for you and a friend.
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    He's got birthday cards off the Queen. That doesn't mean their friends. She (her office) sends them to anyone reaching 100 each year and then one for 105 onwards each year.
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    He’s no longer Withers.
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    Oh, Bill Withers, that's quite a big name... R.I.P.
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    Guesses on what the speech is going to be about? The Queen of Denmark did the same thing a few weeks ago which basically was a: "Take this serious, you little shits, and do what you're told."
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    The Queen to address the nation on Sunday night.
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    I don't disagree these 2 are very old, but stating the life expectancy of a country like this is not really that helpful. The elite in these places have resources not available to the plebeian class, so the life expectancy of the country doesn't apply to them. Unless that was your point.
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    Florence Alice Lubega Brian Urquhart Marjorie Johnson Vera Lynn Olivia de Havilland Arnold Spielberg Boris Pahor Hal Singer Beverly Cleary Milton Thiago de Mello Josip Manolić Robert Atkins Brenda Milner Anne Buydens Hyun Soong-jong subs: Diran Manoukian Tun Tin Lee Teng-hui George Boscawen James Lovelock
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    It's virtue signalling craptrap of the highest order only engaged in by utter wankers.
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    My old man sings that song about me, he replaces the lyrics with my daughters name (for these purposes I’ll call her Daphne) and sings Daphnes Mum, she takes it up the bum. He wishes.
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    Cheers! I noticed a while back that I was getting close but then it slipped my mind. Senior moments are becoming more frequent.
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    Sergio Rossi, famed Italian shoe designer, has died. Apparently COD is coronavirus, but not confirmed. And I learned a new word- cordwainer.
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    Botswana has two former cranky old Foreign Ministers: Archibald Mogwe (1921) and his successor Gaositwe Chiepe (1922). Life expectancy in the country is 66 years.
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    Corona beer suspends production due to coronavirus. Oh the irony.
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    In France, everybody does it, there’s huge claping meeting on the balcony and everything with music and people congratulating the medical staff. That’s heartmelting.
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    Ruth Bader Ginsburg Hilary Clinton Nancy Pelosi Bill Clinton All four of them known world-wide and exceptionally evil and wicked that their deaths would most certainly be covered by United Kingdom media.
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    I assume you are all aware of the death of 108 year old British immunologist William Frankland, but I thought I would just note it on this thread anyway https://www.telegraph.co.uk/obituaries/2020/04/02/william-frankland-global-authority-treatment-allergies-obituary/ Edit- I see it was in fact allready mentioned in this thread. Must look more carefully in future ! Sorry.
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    He was the oldest British male 'famous' centenarian, only beaten by Eileeen Whelan as oldest British 'famous' centenerian, so let's pay tribute to him. We needed him now more than ever ! PS his place as the oldest British male 'famous' centenarian has been taken by the footballer Arthur Smith, who turns 105 next month.
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    Baby got an obit: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/obituaries/2020/04/02/william-frankland-global-authority-treatment-allergies-obituary/
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    I always have a heart attack whenever I see someone post on this thread or tweet her name. Please God don't let Donald Trump appoint another Supreme Court Justice !
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    A physically fit tiny Ashkenazi Jewish woman like RBG will probably live long enough to see President PewDiePie or Willow Smith
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    Dear Coronavirus, Stay the fuck away from the Notorious RBG. From, 95% of Americans
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