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    If anyone can read English can they translate this for me?
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    Four family members of Bishop Gerald Glenn now battling coronavirus. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/4-family-members-virginia-bishop-who-died-coronavirus-now-battling-n1187076
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    Report (by the best source possible) of the death of Terry Doran: Don't have much to add, it's all there in the tweet, save for providing the tour van in the early days, and managing Mary Hopkin (rather unsuccessfully) and the Apple discovered band Grapefruit. RIP Terry.
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    Oh wow, a rare occasion where I get a unique pick, I think it's only my 4th ever. I chose him after reading his autobiography a few years back, he was one of the very few westerners to be living in Prague through the communist period.
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    This thread coming back has made me all emotional.
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    It's like the Generation Game, but with only one generation.
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    The true extent of Blibberwimble's incompetence and failure to deal with the 'rona outbreak exposed: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/apr/19/michael-gove-fails-to-deny-pm-missed-five-coronavirus-cobra-meetings
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    His single beats Vera Lynn to the no. 1 spot in the charts: https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/captain-tom-moores-charity-single-21887831
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    I am sick of people whining about isolation and lack of social interaction. How weak are we as a nation, we have phones computers TVs, just contemplate what it would have been like forty years ago. The people who complaining are viewing with hindsight perfect information (maybe) and probably a lack of appreciation of the demands instantly made. A supply chain cannot instantly be produced to produce PPE without surplies, training, equipment and distribution. It is easy for consumers to complain, suppliers and the current developing supporting infrastructure are doing their best to meet the needs. Political comment needs go out of the window things just need to get done, for the good of the nation. So three weeks before the lockdown I was sent to work at home for being vulnerable and at risk. I have got back to student sleeping patterns and am catching up on personal wellbeing. To be honest I'm not that sociable, don't suffer idiots and am direct to the point of being blunt in communication, it is surprising how this much this cuts down on email traffic. I see this prolonged furlough as retirement training, we have an opportunity to evaluate continuing costs and future options, it is generally something the older of us will not have taken the time to do as yet. Just a thought. Bouddica, I am pleased to hear that you have passed through the experience, I suffer from sarcoidosis and would admit to having had a professional level cough for twelve years, my system is used to dealing with crap but I am in isolation and want to stay in that state until some form of solution is found.
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    I'm honestly that bored I'm considering putting Sir Creep on a hundred years ban and no fucker will even argue. I've even been offered cash for this. Unless you do want to fight me. In which case you know the rules, 12 Ruel Street, cunto. Square go. Bring yer tiger.
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    No doubt the sainthood petition will promptly start, the moment our intrepid hero quickly expires after contracting the virus following excessive mingling with asymptomatic B-list celebrities
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    Yeah, I think the only way they will all be getting back together will be.....
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    Just when you think his insane ramblings couldn't get anymore bizarre. Seems to go down well with a significant number of the population though which says a lot about our species.
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    Gene Deitch QO: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/wires/ap/article-8232549/US-animator-filmmaker-Gene-Deitch-dies-Prague-95.html
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    Gene Deitch, animator best known for his mediocre take on Tom & Jerry, dead at 95.
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    We're a strangely twisted nation, aren't we; we elect governments who fail to ensure healthcare is properly funded for years, and then pay a near-centenarian £13m to hobble endlessly up and down his garden to go towards it. Maybe taxation would feel less onerous if it was rewarded with cruel entertainments.
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    The NHS is a religion in the UK. Not allowed to criticise it, even if other European countries have better survival rates than us...
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    It's trendy hipster neo Liberal willy waiving satire of the highest order to be Frank. Brooks is a self absorbed and self important hypocritical tosser
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    He looks great for a man almost 347! Should we pay him a visit to destroy the philosophers stone? We can't have DL-candidates plainly cheating!
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