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    Former President of North Caroline University Albert Whiting dead at 102 years: https://www.nccu.edu/news/dr-albert-n-whiting-fourth-president-and-first-chancellor-nccu-passes-away-102
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    To be honest the woke please sound awesome they might actually manage to carry out any interactions with everybody without shooting/tasering or unnecessarily restraining them. They might even file accurate reports about whats actually gone on to pass on to the other relevant authorities, they might stop and search people based on whether they appear to carrying drugs rather can because they can or because of what they look like. They might actually bother with certain crimes at the point where intervention is required rather than when it's no longer required. When do the woke police start recruiting and when can we deploy them?
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    Oh wow, so the tension in this dead pool has risen from tepid to mildly warm This is what's known in entertainment circles as a shite knuckle ride
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    The Sweet was my favourite band and Desolation Boulevard (US version) was the first album I ever owned. I was 12 or 13 and didn’t know shite about ‘glam’ or anything. I just knew I loved them and the Chinn/Chapman writing and production. But I was also proud of them for writing and producing Fox On The Run, proving they could do it on their own. Them being glam was lagniappe. RIP - your biggest fan who never saw you live. Sir Creep
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    I wanted to try a game out for the rest of 2020. Basically inspired by the By Election thing, though there some differences. So, it’s a game of basically guessing who will get removed from congress before the end of the 116th Congress by any means. Whether it’s by dying, retirement, or being voted out of office, it is the job of this game to guess who will no longer be a congressperson by January 3rd 2021. Here is how the scoring will work: If a congressperson announces their retirement from Congress = 1 point. HOWEVER, I will not be allowing any congressperson who already announced their retirement to score, so if you pick someone who’s already known to be retiring, you might want to pick again. Only points they’ll be eligible for is if they die in office. If someone gets defeated in the general election = 2 points. If someone gets defeated in the primary = 3 points. Again, I am not counting those who already got primaried, so anyone picking Steve King or Dan Lipinski will have to pick someone else. If a congressperson resigns for whatever reason before the election comes through = 4 points. Although if they were already defeated and then resigns from office, that doesn’t count as double points in this case. If someone dies in office = 5 points. The game will start now since there are primaries along the way this month, but you have to submit by June 30th by midnight GMT time. You can either post here or DM me to enter.
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    Barzman, Norma, 1920 September 15, nee Levor, writer and actress, widow to screen writer Ben Barzman
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    Biden became the betting favorite on Thursday, the first time that Trump has not been the favorite since the start of the Democratic debates last year.
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    The definition of celebrity is rather looser to the commentators above than it could reasonably be interpreted to be in any other discussion. If we assume 'celebrity' to mean a 'household name' or similar then no know celebrity has lived to 110. However there are some interest names that have got close.....
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    Alexander Imich made it to world's oldest man with some degree of prior notability as well.
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    Leila Denmark, Shivakumara Swami, Qin Hanzhang, Zoltan Sarosy, Juliana Young Koo, Teresa Hsu... not household names, but quite notable.
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    Some people complain about their nuisance neighbours...maybe they play their shit music too loud, maybe their dog barks like a twat, maybe they fuck too loud, maybe they bawl down the phone like there’s no tomorrow, maybe they smoke skunk in the garden, but nobody thinks of the people who’s neighbour is Dominic Cummings and they have to live with the pressure of trying not to hit him with a hammer.
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    Claude Heater, an opera singer who played Jesus Christ in Ben-Hur, dead at 92.
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    As long as it's not the regular, kneel-on-your-neck police.
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    Hated that song then and I fucking hate it now.
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    I have missed your well honed sarcasm.
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    from twitter @matthaig1
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    First woman to graduate in camera from the UK's National Film and TV School, cinematographer Diane Tammes dead at 78: https://www.screendaily.com/news/diane-tammes-pioneering-uk-cinematographer-dies-aged-78/5150390.article
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    Don’t take that as an age-related insult Toastie, I’m a boomer too apparently and I was born in 1996.
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    That picture of Steve Priest above isn't very recent - it's around 10 years old. He lost a shedload of weight about two years ago. Such sad news, especially as there'd been recent news that he was recovering from (certainly at the time non--Covid-related) pneumonia and was doing better. Though I'm just slightly too young to remember The Sweet in their glam heyday, though do remember and liked at the time 'Love Is Like Oxygen', they were always my favourites of that era. In fact, I think I'd go as far as to say they were the best band not only of glam but of the early/mid 70s. Superb, and their records still sound fantastic to this day (apart from Call Me, which was always shit). RIP Steve
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    You know those names that just fit in your head with "tributes have been paid to x, who was found dead at their home earlier today"? In the past I've thought Lennie Bennett and Lesley Gore both fitted that mantle, and both met their maker in subsequent years. The latest name that I think fits that bill is Ben Vereen.
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    Life wasn't fair anymore for Rex Harrison on this day 30 years ago, aged 82.
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    Russian novelist Boris Pasternak, author of Doctor Zhivago, died on this day 60 years ago, aged 70.
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    John Winston, Star Trek transporter chief Lt. Kyle, reported as dying last year at 91 https://www.dailystartreknews.com/read/john-winston-star-treks-transporter-chief-lt-kyle-has-passed-away-at-91
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    You ready Steve...? Ah, shit, he wasn't - roll on day five, then
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