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    will update this wed or thurs
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    If the committee put him on the list and Eastwood finds out about it, he seems like a guy who would personally fly to everyone's house and punch them in the face.
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    Deffo agree with those saying the big headliner hasn't gone yet. Prince Phil or Jimmy Carter are probably top of the tree on that score. Although there's a host of high profile musicians who aren't getting any younger as well. I think so far this year - at least UK wise - it's quiet hard to pin down the headline death out of those who've already. Jack Charlton, Vera Lynn, Olivia de Haviland all feel like they would have headlined any other year in the past. Honestly not sure who I'd give it to out of that lot, probably Vera Lynn?
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    I'm honestly getting that 'huge headliner in most countries around the world' death vibe lately - like the Queen, Jimmy Carter, Prince Philip etc etc....
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    Gibson Brothers – sadly overseas territory records are seldom available on sites like Ancestry so I couldn’t dig anything out from there on Alex. Patrick’s DOB wasn’t known until he died so might have to wait. Incredible they’ve continuously performed together since the start. I wonder if they will continue as a duo? Steve Gibbons Band – yes I saw that. I can’t find anyone with the name of David (or Dave) Carroll living in BC whatsoever. Very strange! Unhelpful too that on the Gibbons official site his page says “born 19??” Anyway, him, Wilson and all the rest of them seem to be alive and well! For all the claims on this forum in the past about how hard it is to name bands with all living members, another thing this project has done is disproved that. There are loads! Especially from the 70s despite the stereotypes of that decade ie Morrison, Hendrix, Joplin, Mama Cass etc.
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    Well, the Gibson Brothers surprisingly have me stumped. I can find names and Martinique back in the day was the French West Indies, but I'm blowed if I can find an interview with them or even a feature. Steve Gibbons Band. You probably already know, but this is Dave Carroll's page - seems to be now resident in Nelson, British Columbia: http://www.davecarroll.com/about.html I can see Bob Wilson performing with Honeyboy Hickling right up to last year (there are vids on YouTube I haven't been able to bring myself to watch). Can't find anything on him - he was supposed to have come from a band called Tea and Symphony, but when I look them up they are a trio/quartet, with no mention of Bob. It's unsurprising - by the time Gibbons and Co were performing they were all well established musicians, so there's no interview outlining their origins and ages. I've trawled through Locomotive and The Idle Race too - nada. Plenty on Jeff Lynne - I've even found when the music press were still calling him Jeffery[sic]!
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    And 'front' they did, having just watched this! A quick note of ongoing thanks for putting this together, I'm having a great time delving into a load of stuff that's either new to me or is a lovely rediscovery from my early teenage years with Classic Gold on the background radio as I fell asleep. Top Deathlisting.
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    She was only a centenarian for three of them though.
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    The way I look at it is "if they were 20 years younger and announced hospice care tomorrow, would they make the list?". And from that, James Lovelock, Clarissa Eden, June Spencer off the Archers, and maybe Beverly Cleary at a push (I've got her kids books, she's a mega star next to Bill Gates's dad, but she was far more famous in the US), Beat poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti or cult TV actor Nehemiah Persoff might make it. But that's 3 names off the dozens we see mentioned on here on a regular basis, and maybe 6 if I'm being charitable. Because fuck knows after Bill Gates dad. Boris Pahor, Renee Simonot, Norman Lloyd, Benjamin Ferencz, Hal Singer etc are notable but feels more of a chin stroking Guardian/Telegraph obit pick that is always welcome on the DDP than DL names. I think most of us think the Cmme will jump on Sir Captain Tom Moore given half the chance (ooer), and from the notable ancient but not 100 yet squad Aaron Beck (creator of CBT therapy), Glynis Johns and astronaut Chuck Yeager strike me as having DL potential, but I think they'll start looking at that mass of names in the 1928-31 period soon instead of picking up B listers still standing from the 1910-22 period. IMO.
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    Well. I've placed the statistics there now.
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    Of course there's already a topic for it. *sigh* Statistics I've found that people, knowing my luck, already know: The closest we've come to a full knock-out of the top 5 is in 2013, 2016 and 2020, with 4/5 deaths. The largest "red rows" (consecutive listings all dying) were in 2017, with the deaths of the bottom 4, Joost van der Westhuisen, Mary Tyler Moore, Errol Christie and Ian Brady, as well as 2-5 dying this year.
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    The question is which cents should go on next year's list because Dame Olivia was the last of them.I nominate the likes of Norman Lloyd and Ronald Atkins,if they make it to next year that is!There are still lots of famous centenarians!
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    We could always put The Queen next year, right next to her husband if he gets to 2021.
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    Jimmy Greaves Rolf Harris Kim Jong Un Christopher Plummer Eve Marie Saint Beverley Cleary
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    Oddly I think a SCOTUS vacancy opening up would probably help Trump, to an extent that it's not impossible the GOP would conveniently 'fail' to confirm a nominee. With a Justice on the line the pitch to conservative Christians becomes - hold your nose, vote for me, and Roe v Wade gets overturned. My evidence is that that was the pitch in 2016 too: https://www.cnbc.com/2016/10/19/trump-ill-appoint-supreme-court-justices-to-overturn-roe-v-wade-abortion-case.html .
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    American orator and politician William Jennings Bryan died on this day 95 years ago, aged 65.
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    Olivia de Havilland is a hit for nearly everyone... one person didn't pick her . That meens points for the Committee, Bibliogryphon, Book, BuffaloPhil, Cant Wait, CaptainChorizo, Clorox Bleachman, Etushispushingupdaisies, Deathray, gcreptile, Great Uncle Bulgaria, Joey Russ, msc, nantonian2013, Prophet, RadGuy, Sean, The Mad Hatter, The Old Crem, theoldlady, ThereWillBeDeaths7, TomTomTelekom, Vaagheid and YoungWillz.
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    You now have your answer with Dame Olivia de Havilland. Is this the first year every month as far as July has had at least one deathlist hit? The enema is not fu****g around folks! Kirk Douglas, Olivia de Havilland , Stirling Moss and Vera Lynn all in the same year! Respect the power of the enema!
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    Anything by the great impressionists really - Monet, Cezanne, Yarwood....
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    Should kids be forced to wear this...?
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    Alex "Hurricane" Higgins blew out 10 years ago today
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