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    I’m getting concerned—I haven’t seen him take out the trash recently.
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    As I am recovering from my Covid scare I’m sitting here bored so thought I would throw my hat in the ring and predict what the full 2021 death list may look like should these candidates even make it to the starting line. I am also NOT saying that this will be my shadow list. 1) Prince Philip (DofE), 2) Captain Tom Moore, 3) Shannon Doherty, 4) Nobby Stiles, 5) Linda Nolan, 6) Leon Spinks, 7) James Whale, 8) George Alagiah, 9) Bob Barker, 10) Henry Kissinger, 11) Ruth Bader Ginsberg, 12) Barbara Windsor, 13) Clarissa Eden, 14) Bob Dole, 15) Jimmy Carter, 16) Leslie Phillips, 17) Pope Benedict XVI, 18) Willie Nelson, 19) Loretta Lynn, 20) Peter Sutcliffe, 21) Joanne Woodward, 22) David Crosby, 23) Jacques Delors, 24) Alex Trebek, 25) Glynis Johns, 26) James Lovelock, 27) Placido Domingo, 28) Jimmy Greaves, 29) Beverly Cleary, 30) Carlos Menem, 31) Pierre Cardin, 32) Robert Fyfe, 33) Rosalynn Carter, 34) Mikhail Gorbachev, 35) Buzz Aldrin, 36) Rhonda Fleming, 37) Diego Maradona, 38) Imelda Marcos, 39) Stephen Sondheim, 40) Ric Flair, 41) Harry Belafonte, 42) Prunella Scales, 43) Dick Cheney, 44) Rolf Harris, 45) Angela Lansbury, 46) Dennis Skinner, 47) Dilip Kumar, 48) Sean Connery, 49) Betty White, 50) Dick Van Dyke
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    Bill Clinton is 74 today
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    Two legendary actresses celebrate their birthdays today, Jill St John is 80 (played first American Bond Girl Tiffany Chase in Diamonds Are Forever) and Debra Paget is 87
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    Your shocking spelling of Caesar led me to puzzle as to what the years would have been called at the time of his reign as obviously BC and AD must be a later change as no one recognised Christ as Christ when he was born. The answer is he became Caesar in AUC 727 and would therefore have died in AUC 767. AUC stands for Ab Urbe Condita which means 'From the founding of the city', the city being Rome obviously. If the name of the years had not been changed we would now be in AUD 2773 and would never have had to worry unnecessarily about the Millennium Bug 20 years ago. So thanks - if you had spelled it Caesar correctly I would never have pondered and would remain ignorant.
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    Today 2006 years ago, Augustus Caeser, the first Roman emperor, died aged 75.
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    Never heard of her. But, to be truthful, I've never heard of James Whale either.
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    It was audio only due to his age. He did sound a bit slurry throughout, which I guess is expected for a 95 year old that had brain surgery a mere year ago:
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    Bluegrass musician Steve Gulley has died: Surely I’m not the only one who noted him for other pools.
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    Oh, better not mention Bonnie Langford then.....whoops....
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    Most wallys on Youtube doing covers of songs are terrible, but this guy nails a heavy metal version of Popcorn - a joy when it fully kicks in. Immense fretwanking.
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    Tonight will probably be Jimmy Carters last ever speech to a Democrat c onvention. I hope he makes the most of it, and compares his quiet decency and respect for democratic principles to Donald Trumps chaotic crooked presidency.It could be a powerful moment, if it's clear this could be Carters last major speech. At the end of this week i expect Joe Biden to extend his lead in the polls to 15-20 %. Even Trump supporters must now be abandoning him as they see the mess he's made of corona virus !
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    Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter are scheduled to speak tonight at the Democratic National Convention. https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/politics/democratic-national-convention-day-2-what-you-can-expect/2346719/?_osource=SocialFlowTwt_BAYBrand
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    So, famous for nothing much then?
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    She was known to be fecked before New Year - "planning funeral now", lots of talk that didn't suggest Stage 1 - hence her appearance on 89 DDP teams that year.
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    As mentioned on the Happy Birthday thread, Jimmy Carter's wife, Rosalynn, turns 93 today.
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    Jokes aside, if the People's Princess Jade Goody (heh) didn't make the list, someone much less famous and much less dying wont. Nor has the presumably fairly healthy Rula Lenska, who I mention just because her name popped into my head there and I thought "there's a name I've not heard in a while".
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    Who the fuck is she? More to the point, what is she famous for?
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    Twenty-ninth round masterlist: Joey Russ: Jimmy Carter The Quim Reaper: Tomiichi Murayama chilean way: Giorgio Napolitano WEP: Josip Manolic Lafaucheuse: Mustafa Ben Halim theoldlady: Benedict XVI Ulirzer95: Khamtai Siphandon roaming_comrade: Lubomir Strougal ThereWillBeDeaths7: Luis Echeverria Bibliogryphon: Kenneth Kaunda Yvonne: Elizabeth II Sir Creep: Abdelsalam Majali redrumours: Ali Bozer Newjack: Branislav Soskic drol: Eduardo Martinez Somalo paddyfool: Francisco Morales Bermudez CastAway: Kim Yong-ju YoungWillz: Valery Giscard d'Estaing
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    Permanently banning someone for a sending a few PMs containing a bit of verbally typed abuse appears to be a bit completely over the fucking top? Surely not just me who views it that way?
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    Sadly it seems that Jimmy Carter might be approaching the end of his long and amazing life.His non appearance at John Lewis funeral is the biggest sign yet that his condition is very poor.
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    Giuseppe Ottaviani dead at 104.
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    Dale Hawerchuk dead at 57. https://globalnews.ca/news/7284285/former-winnipeg-jet-dale-hawerchuk-dead-57/
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    16 years ago this week Jimmy Carter gave one of the keynote speeches at the 2004 Democrat Convention .It was a few weeks short of his 80th birthday and he mentioned it saying 'if I make it'. Well he made it and then some! Who would have thought he'd still be here 4 conventions later! If he were to die just before the election would it give the Democrats a boost ?
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    Used her final energy to save child Both sad and incredible if true - so close to exhaustion that you are about to drown but still got the strength to lift your child into a boat but absolutely no more to save yourself.
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