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    In three weeks time you will need to change the title to The grand old Duke of a lorry park
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    I guess this is a good spot to mention that video again: I gave him about 2-3 years in the "Royal Family" thread. Might have to reduce that to 1-2 years.
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    If I'd meant the Golden Boot, I'd have said the Golden Boot.
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    Not in the slightest, beats being bored rigid by Iain or The Old Crem. or sometimes yw Go well spazoid
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    Man, I never even knew we like HAD a duke, I ain’t never seen him in Canterbury or Ashford or nothing. I thought we was an autonomous collective to be honest. And so I heard he even lives in London, right, but he’s our boss? That is some shit, the lazy old fucker.
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    With today marking the 60th anniversary of Corrie it's worth noting the age some of the cast will be for the 70th in 2030. William Roache will be 98 Barbara Knox will be 97 Malcolm Hebden will be 90 Sue Nichols will be 87 Maureen Lipman will be 84 David Neilson will be 81 Take your bets as to whether they'll make it. A good handful will be in their late 70s. Also of interest will be if any of the ever diminishing original cast are around (Alan Rothwell, Anne Cunningham, Patricia Shakesby and Bill Roache survive off top of my head).
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    Depends if Gooseberry's planning any more big predictions for 2021...
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    The ones that complete the hurdles and steeplechase by headbutting the barriers out of the way, who else?
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    Me spelling his name as 'wanker from Libya' was apparently 'incorrect'.
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    1. Duterte 2. Bolsonaro 3. Trump
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    Both of the 80s Golden Ball winners dead within 3 weeks. It's a funny old game.
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    Exactly the kind of response that gets everyone totally pissed off with you. No possible admission of error in any form. I stand by what i said in the first place. I have no idea what makes some North Americans behave this way, but you just prove that for some reason some of them do.
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    George W. Bush. He wants to be able to help his nephew: George Prescott Bush (son of low-energy Jeb) to be the first Half Mexican-American to run for president and perhaps win, or Maybe not.
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    1. Putin 2. Trump 3. Modi A wishful thinking entry for a wishful thinking deadpool!
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    Vivian Blaine wasn't a doll anymore after this day 25 years ago, aged 74.
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    Stop giving away the fact that GGACP is the best podcast for deadpool form-spotting....
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    With the death of the former French President the deathlist record has been smashed. Despite doubts by some the enema has delivered ....and isn't necessarily finished in terms of official deathlist names and other big names not on this years deathlist......
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    Format of Entry EDIT: An email has been sent out to all the email addresses on the DDP Database with an Excel sheet attached which is the preferred method of entry - all information required for entry of a team can be submitted on that form. For anyone reading this who wants to enter this year and is happy to do so by excel but has not received the email with the excel form attached if you PM me with your email address I will send you the form. FOR ANYONE WHO WOULD PREFER NOT TO USE THE EXCEL FORM THEN IF THE ADVICE BELOW COULD BE FOLLOWED THAT WOYLD BE APPRECIATED. I need to turn all your entries into this format (names used for example purposes) Previous Team Name (if name has changed) If Theme Team What is Theme? Team Name: XYZ are going to Die in Next 12 Months Prince Philip John Smith Trevor Jones Ian Roberts Andrew Brown Colin Black Tony Collins Shirley Gray Anne Thrush Deborah Peters Sean Meakin David Higginson Lisa Purves Barbara Hall Simone Yates Frank Baker Barry Crowther Boris Decker Gary Hills Bethany Richardson Steven Morrison Leroy Hanover Ranjit Singh Points to Note No numbers - every single number I have to delete. No email links - every single link added beside a name I need to delete (see next post though). No extra information about who the picks are - every single additional piece of information added I need to delete.(see next post though). Don't put a heading in for Reserves - just leave a one line gap - again I just need to delete this. No Joker in brackets - the joker is the pick at the top of your list - why - because if you write joker I have to delete. Only then do I have the names in the format when the database will recognise them. If everyone submitted like that I reckon I would save about 4 hours (30 seconds an entry) and maybe double that. A small difference for each of you making a huge difference to me.
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    Oh look everybody, I found the sources of their claims:
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    Sixty Five Years ago today Grace Archer died in a barn fire yet her voice actor Ysanne Churchman is still with us.
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