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    New members when they sign up and see that Beyoncé doesn't have a thread:
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    Well, I do think that he is a "spent" person, there's no substance left for him to get it together. And a further decline of his life after his professional career is inevitable, like Boris Becker here in Germany, or Björn Borg, or Matti Nykänen. The open question to me is whether he is going to appear on Reality TV within the next 10 years.
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    He’s had the eye thing for a while. Unilateral ptosis is very common in the old.
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    May have posted this before in some thread, don't care, there's room for a little more levity in 20 pages of conjecture.
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    Antonio Catricalà, former chief of Antitrust and former secretary for the Italian cabinet found dead in his house, appearently a suicide but let's see what comes out in the next few days...he was appointed president of the I.G.I. 4 days ago
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    F is for Ferlinghetti
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    For some reason, his life trajectory reminds me a bit of George Michael. Success at a cost of psychological problems not faced up to earlier, leading to erratic and risky behaviours in 40s. Who'd be a rich, talented superstar, eh? Can we come up with a better, and likely more accurate, subtitle than 'golfer' please? All kinds of puns available for this particular pussy hound.
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    Wednesday: 414 - Constantius III wants some and gives it to the Visigoths in Gaul.
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    Raymond Cauchetier, french photographer dead at 101 according this https://www.raymond-cauchetier.com/ (in french) Edit: Le Figaro Obit
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    Tiger Woods crashed his car today, and is currently undergoing surgery. I think it's time to start a thread on him.
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    Depardieu charged with rape & sexual assault
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    Peter Harris, the first director of Tiswas and creator of some of the more anarchic aspects, has died.  He also brought us The Muppet Show & Bullseye
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    One more strike and he can have his own thread, or bunk up with that reformed character John Daly. edit: be careful what you pretend you wish for.
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    Heinz Hermann Thiele, german billionaire businessman, chairman of Knorr-Bremse, chairman of Vossloh and investor of Lufthansa has died at 79 https://www.france24.com/en/live-news/20210223-billionaire-lufthansa-investor-thiele-dies-aged-79
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    Juan Masnik, uruguayan football player and manager has died at 77, https://www.diariolibre.com/actualidad/internacional/muere-el-uruguayo-juan-masnik-campeon-de-la-libertadores-y-companero-de-pele-LL24586148 (in spanish)
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    I've never really been sure what the point of this thread is. Surely there are threads on here for everyone whose health is worth reporting?
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    Cheney will be another Kissinger I reckon even after all those heart attacks
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    Welp, there goes me being the only team who submitted a team thus far and thus being the winner by default. RIP For everyone else, you still have about a week to submit a team in, so please prepare to send something in.
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    Jocelyn (Joe) Hardy, who played 63 games in the NHL, combined totals with the Oakland Seals & California Golden Seals, along with 210 WHA games, has died. He was 75. https://www.lenouvelliste.ca/sports/deces-de-lancien-joueur-de-hockey-joe-hardy-ba873c3ce9ea32bbc9794ec07432ea70 (French obituary)
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    C-3po is 75 today (OK, its Anthony Daniels who's 75).
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    "To make it official, Deathray/Miracle Aligner and any other alt accounts (potential future alts included) are permanently banned from DeathList via an unanimous staff decision made before the creation of his latest alt. We all had hoped this would not be the end result, given Deathray is more than capable of making quality posts, but his track record of porn spamming outbursts proves disruptively cumbersome and the staff has granted him an unprecedented amount of leniency that failed to dissuade him from continuing these outbursts. It is unfortunate that it has to come to a permaban, but he was given numerous chances to cease the aforementioned outbursts and ultimately only has himself to blame." Tin hat on, awaiting flack.
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    My Heritage is one of those family history sites where people post their family trees, usually full of mistakes. Like Ancestry's family tree section. I would not consider it a reliable source.
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