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    Already threads to discuss 2021. Not so sure "2021 is a better year" is significant enough for a standalone thread.
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    Right, there is under 96 hours to submit a team for the cup, and currently this is how the submitted cup teams look like for round 2: The Old Crem or YorkshireBanker vs Sir Creep Grobler vs msc Djemba Djemba or JoeMoneyPenny vs alt obits guy Theoldlady vs deadsox Perhaps vs ThereWillBeDeaths7 or GuyFromFuture Book vs An Fear Beag Markb4 or Charles De Gaulle vs maryportfuncity Quim Reaper vs Wormfarmer HDS vs Clorox Bleachman DeathByArsenic vs Joey Russ DevonDeathTrip vs Annami Gcreptile vs Baby Blue or CalebH BuffaloPhil or nantonian2013 vs CaptainChorizo Banana vs GreatUncleBulgaria or Gooseberry Crumble Spade_Cooley vs Grim Up North Bibliogryphon vs EtushIsPushingUpTheDaisies Yes, one round will actually go as planned for round 2 so far. Also while a bunch of teams obviously are waiting for last minute hopefully this time we don’t have to deal with the do not submit teams like we did last time. Including one fucking twat that’s permanently gone now. Anyways, get your teams in the next few days...
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    Time for another update I reckon. A few popular hits to liven up the scoreboard a little, with Rush Limbaugh (16 picks including 2 WC), Carlos Menem (6 hits) and surprisingly Lawrence Ferlinghetti (5 picks) all picked by multiple teams. Carlos Menem 14th February S. Prestley Blake 14th February Rush Limbaugh 17th February Lawrence Ferlinghetti 22nd February Raymond Cauchetier 22nd February The Quim Reaper leaps to the top of the leaderboard with 3 hits since the last update for a total of 6 hits and 250 points. Not where you want to be approaching the end of February. Elsewhere Markb4 starts his race with a Limbaugh hit, leaving 7 players still warming up at the start line. The Quim Reaper (250 points) 6 hits [Carlos Menem, Dai Davies, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Leon Spinks, Rush Limbaugh, Tom Moore] En Passant (228 points) 5 hits [Carlos Menem, Dai Davies*, Larry King, Leon Spinks, Rush Limbaugh] Death Impends (212 points) 4 hit [Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Raymond Cauchetier, S.Prestley Blake, Tom Moore*] Buffalo Phil (205 points) 4 hits [Carlos Menem, Leon Spinks, Rush Limbaugh*, Tom Moore] The Old Crem (188 points) 6 hits [Carlos Menem, Dai Davies, Floyd Little, Larry King, Leon Spinks, Rush Limbaugh ] Grim Up North (159 points) 5 hits [Dai Davies, Leon Spinks, Paul Westphal, Rush Limbaugh, Susan Bayh] The Old Lady (152 points) 4 hits [Larry King, Leon Spinks, Michael McKevitt, Rush Limbaugh*] Chilean Way (148 points) 4 hits [Carlos Menem, Larry King, Leon Spinks, Rush Limbaugh] Nantonian (136 points) 4 hits [Larry King, Leon Spinks, Rush Limbaugh. Tom Moore] The Unknown Man (135 points) 4 hits [Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Leon Spinks, Paul Westphal, Rush Limbaugh] Kenny (131 points) 5 hits [Dai Davies, Kathy Shaidle, Leon Spinks, Paul Westphal, Rush Limbaugh] Eesti (123 points) 5 hits [Dai Davies, Floyd Little, Leon Spinks, Paul Westphal, Rush Limbaugh] Charles De Gaulle (123 points) 4 hits [Carlos Menem, Larry King, Leon Spinks, Walter Bernstein] Torva Messor (110 points) 4 hits [Brian Urquart, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Leon Spinks, Walter Bernstein] Liz (109 points) 3 hits [Cloris Leachman, Rush Limbaugh, Susan Bayh] Joey Russ (105 points) 4 hits [Larry King, Leon Spinks*, Paul Westphal, Sylvain Sylvain] An Fear Beag (104 points) 3 hits [Larry King, Leon Spinks, Rush Limbaugh] ZZZ (104 points) 3 hits [Larry King, Leon Spinks, Rush Limbaugh] Deadsox (88 points) 4 hits [Dai Davies, Floyd Little*, Paul Westphal, Rush Limbaugh] Etushispushingupdaisies (87 points) 2 hit [Dai Davies, Rush Limbaugh ] GcReptile (83 points) 4 hits [Donna Britt, Jory Post, Josh Evans, Mike Miller] Exu (71 points) 3 hits [Alan Burgess, Leon Spinks, Tom Moore] Great Uncle Bulgaria (64 points) 1 hit [Tom Moore*] Pedro (50 points) 2 hits [Christopher Plummer, Phil Spector] Markb4 (47 points) 1 hit [Rush Limbaugh] Book (40 points) 2 hits [Cicely Tyson, Peter Mark Richman] Captain Chorizo (36 point) 2 hits [Leon Spinks, Paul Westphal] Lynchian (36 points) 2 hits [Leon Spinks, Paul Westphal] Death by Arsenic (35 point) 1 hit [Leon Spinks] Toast (35 point) 1 hit [Leon Spinks] Drol (30 points) 1 hit [Dovid Soloveitchic] Msc (22 points) 1 hit [Hal Holbrook] Whoaml (22 points) 1 hit [Larry King] Wormfarmer (6 points) 1 hit [Tommy Lasorda] Bibliogryphon (0 points) 1 hit [Mark Eden] CalebH (0 points) 0 hit Deathray (0 points) 0 hit Ebless(0 points) 0 hit Etib8 (0 points) 0 hit Guyfromfuture (0 points) 0 hit ImNotHades (0 points) 0 hit Yorkshire Banker (0 points) 0 hit A
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    Has resumed in-person church attendance now that he's been vaccinated - https://apnews.com/article/baptist-coronavirus-pandemic-jimmy-carter-rosalynn-carter-5d40e69bfc2a317faad05993f1be55bd
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    Ronald Pickup has died aged 80, after a long illness.
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    In the interests of balance, an Indian great today... former wicketkeeper batsman Farokh Engineer is 83 today. He played 46 tests for India, scoring 2 centuries, taking 66 catches, and completing 16 stumpings over a 14-year test career. He played for Lancashire in county cricket, where he continued to rside after his retirment.
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    How do you know that the courtroom is not haunted by the ghost of Roger Lloyd-Pack
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    Kane Tanaka is now 118 years and 54 days (exactly two years older than Jiroemon Kimura, oldest ever verified man).
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    Babes In Toyland were big in alternative and indie circles in the early/mid 90s and toured extensively in the UK. I expect Kat will get an obit in somewhere like The Guardian, especially due to her links to Courtney Love (who famously nicked her style).
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    Ronald Pickup, put down. eta. He first entered the 'Rons' team in 2016, thus this was his 6th and final appearance; he was a unique pick every year.
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    I heard there's been an interview with Prince Edward or something.
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    I just came here after having the same thought. I've not heard of any more news, and it doesn't look like there's been any other visitors, so... who knows.
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    Doesn't look very good in the new video of the Carters. (atleast in my opinion) Something's wrong with her eyes.
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    They look frail but not too bad I guess
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    can someone make a screenshot of Jimmy in that video pls. I'd rather not register on the pensioner chat app.
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    An other prominent poet figure has gone today : Philippe Jacottet dead at 95. +1 hit for my french list https://www.letemps.ch/culture/philippe-jaccottet-sen-alle-chemins-terre-mots
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    You understood that? It's like an Eric Morecambe tribute sentence, that.
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    I once broke in on the roof of an abandoned swimming pool. On the top there was an airduct. I was also as drunk as ive ever been. I sat at the hole and thought about standing in there, it seemed like a good idea. Luckily my friend stopped me last minute. Theres a picture of me sitting there although I don’t have it. We broke into the pool after and saw the vent, it mustve been 10-15 meters down. So that wouldve been dangerous to say the least, let alone getting me. After that we got back on the roof again and the roof was really big and round, so when I started walking down I got extra speed, I ended up running and jumping from the roofside which was at least 3 meters. I landed in the bushes, later I saw that the groumd was actually littered with nails, which were standing up. My heel ended up hurting for a good month or two, but that was all. I was around 21. Edit: got the picture, it's below
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    Another January 1920 born dead. Obviously only Western ones, Trevor Dannatt and him in quick succession. I expect Gottfried Bohm to be the next one. Out of them only David Musuguri, Charles Njonjo, Henry Hu will be left. Stefan Zywotko survived COVID in December, but that weakened him a lot. Theodore Geballe seems just a random guy.
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    She'll absolutely walk a QO. For someone of my age (mid-late 30s) BIT were always a band you heard more about than you actually heard, but they were always mentioned, and mentioned early, whenever anyone talked about riot grrrl music.
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    Lori Barbero is a friend of mine, I'll see if she's heard anything
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    Picks masterlist - Round One Dying Probably = Chuck Schumer Bibliogryphon = Tom Lehrer Handrejka = Eileen Derbyshire Toast = David Hockney Ulitzer95 = Jill Knight chilean way = Glynis Johns The Quim Reaper = William Shatner Prophet = Harrison Ford CaptainChorizo = Luis Echeverria William1971 = Prince Philip Murto Sean = Dave Brock The Unknown Man = Stanley Baxter Joey Russ = Yoko Ono Sean = Harry Reid gcreptile = Bob Newhart WEP = Bob Dylan Book = Anne Buydens Douglas time = Jane Fonda Salmon Mousse = Jose Maria Marin Great Uncle Bulgaria = Jimmy Greaves ThereWillBeDeaths7 = Leslie Phillips theoldlady = Noam Chomsky YorkshireBanker = Terry Medwin markb4 = Norman Lloyd Perhaps = Richard Franklin BabyBlue = Isabel Peron Captain Hemlock = Louis Gossett, Jr. CalebH = Emerich Jenei
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    Got an e-mail saying 'Knock, Knock.' It was a Jehovah's witness working from home.
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