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    Ex Four Seasons bassist Joe Long reportedly dead from Covid. Aged 88 if you believe that report, but 79 if you go by existing knowledge.
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    While this thread holds no interest to me, I have to say that I am mightily impressed with the research going on here. Fair play.
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    Tony Danza, US Actor, Taxi, Who's The Boss?, is 70 today
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    Dennis Payne, a singer and songwriter who played a role in the development of the Bakersfield Sound, has died. Payne died unexpectedly on April 8 in Tennessee following spinal surgery. He was 71. Payne, whose father, Charlie Payne and Uncle Leon Payne were well known country music songwriters, co-wrote “Highway Patrol” with Bakersfield legend Red Simpson. They were longtime collaborators. SC
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    Maybe. Alternatively, Zorders wants to splodge in his underpants while watching naked, fat, middle aged men walking around with half erect willies.
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    Thank you for your kind words!
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    The bloke out of that latest shit BBC thingy "Line of Bodies" or whatever Roy Hodgson
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    *bashing his autobiography out on a typewriter* "It was after 6653rd time* that The Quim Reaper had thrown his arms up in the air while saying "MOYTE, MOYTE, MOYTE, you're unhinged moyte"... and/or "WOTS DAT GOT TO DO WIV...." That I realised I simply could not compete with his genius." *The 6653rd time that nanosecond
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    "I'M SECRETLY IN CONTROL OF THIS WHOLE THING" You've actually become an 11 year old now. Talk some more about 89-year old Rupert "Bedpan" Murdoch, so you can raise to 15. Edit: GOSH, sorry he's actually 90 now.
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    You just say "unhinged" and "hysterical" when you don't know how to refute something. What makes you more special than any other random person on the internet? BTW, if you're not black, your avatar is blackface and offensive. And your reply was entirely unspecific. And you're now saying I should "team up" with or get hired by a shrunken little old man who could well be on his deathbed by now.... that's your brilliant way of refuting what I said about you having really weak boogeymen. (p.s. They really screwed up by not putting Rupert Murdoch on the list)
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    What senses was it lacking? Was it the "sense" that we must all worship brown Middle Eastern people at all times just cause you and other idiots said so? Be completely unspecific if you want to admit you miss the days of ISIS beheadings being on the news every day, cause your wanks just haven't been as good since then. Jim Morrison is singing "This is the end, of the argument my friends....."
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    Ok *quickly jumps overboard* Foreign ownership of London property and massive investment in British companies is not hard to google at all. Even the Guardian has reported on it. If you look hard enough you can also find puny measures passed in about 2014 or something to try to limit it. I brought Obama up as the person's whose "bright lights" and pretty pictures you and other Brits were dazzled by because you're an easily impressed simpleton. I didn't say he "caused it" or was "behind a plot" to take over our country, which he never gave a shit about. I guess you didn't think my post was as "unhinged" (lol) as the one before since you had to insert a conspiracy into it that I didn't place myself! We get it, you can say "OH, I SUPPOSE YOU THINK _______" a lot, your nobel prize is in the post. The next stage is where you or someone else says "SO IF THEY WANT TO BUY OUR COUNTRY, WHURRRT WRONG WIV DAT" after you initially said it was the most paranoid statement imaginable 10 seconds ago. The hands on the cretin clock change faster than your diaper...
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    Oh no not the m-word... "mate". We've reached that extra-gross, slimy level of Brit-tardedness now. "Moyte, moyte, moyte..." *runs to toilet with hand over mouth* Are you actually wearing your Rudge Park Comprehensive uniform as you type? That's what you should be wearing to match your intellectual capacity. What was unhinged was spending 8 years wanking off over a "black president" and everybody dozing on their feet, whilst in the background Sheik Pummelwife was buying up every street in London. And you were primarily concerned with er... "Sarah Palin" or "Nigel Farage" or something. Which is pathetic beyond all belief. If you want an m-word, having your world revolve around lame boogeymen (and women) like that is for absolute "MUPPETS". Continue to be a predictable Brit-tard if you agree with me.
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    Good one. Obligatory one sentence yahoo QO is already out as well, hit for two teams: https://uk.news.yahoo.com/burlesque-legend-tempest-storm-dies-065438101.html
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    Gary Neville is celebrating the news in quite a novel way.
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    The Quim Reaper's been typing a lame reply for about 10 minutes now. I mean you no harm, TQR, so don't go cutting yourself or anything. If you say shite to me I'll tell you where to shove it. Can't wait for his next pearl of "wisdom" about a user that left like 5 years before he even showed up here. "Zorders this, zorders that..." Are you gonna claim to have known Jack the Ripper next, "Quimmy"?
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    Aren't you glad you've got a name to throw around? Cause you sure as hell don't have an argument do ya. "Zorders, Zorders, Zorders"
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    If suggesting something is your idea of an (ad)venture it shows how dull you are doesn't it? Your limited life experiences* make your opinions so poor and therefore irrelevant. Obviously, the problem with mouldy old people is they are just as hard to cut through as out of date cheese/bread etc... just cause youve got a tough exterior isnt a guarantee of quality inside. *Your CV again: -Left university -Joined BBC (probably) -Spent rest of life shaking fist and saying "STUPID AMERICANS!" What's "veiled racism". Is that like racist brides spurning their groom at the altar cause they only just noticed he's black or something? Oh wait it's another of those new variations on "racist" like Alt right, nativism, etc... cause people got so, so, incredibly bored of "racist". There was absolutely nothing racist about Cleese's tweet. And you definitely meant what you said the first time, you were trying to dig at a person for making fun of leftist insanity. So by your own admission then, the chances are very low then that the "laughy face" you opened with was anything other than a forced laugh thrown out as a defense mechanism. Cause you usually laugh so little. Or it was an allergic reaction to the rare event of someone bothering to actually respond to/examine your thoughts on any real issue.
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    Harry Shearer? People like time trying to be SJWs is like a 75 year old going into a tanning salon. just sad. You cant handle me pointing that out and you arent actually time!!!!! Good god man. Oh, something else. Apu is a man with a steady job and a hot wife and responsibly raises 8 kids (that's the boring part, did I mention his Indian wife is hot) how is that supposed to be a bad role model or insult to anyone. Only bored and mad people would want to pretend his character is the new KKK or something. So the whole source of the argument is absurd in the first place.
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    No, your assertion was still ridiculous, no matter how many times you say "seriously". Sorry can't argue any more, I'm off to watch "Open All Hours" on Gold with all my dorm-mates, while my Gran is getting ready to protest the George Floyd verdict. See ya!
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    You may as well have just said the amount of fuel poured on something has nothing to do with how quickly it goes up in flames. I stand by my post entirely.
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    Yes, when he posted that tweet. You say you 'remember when he was funny'. That's only because his 70s work hasn't been "cancelled" yet. By next week it could be, and then you'd be lynched for sounding like you admired it! What you said is a really snide remark in an attempt to suck up to SJW loonies, to make yourself feel younger (just like the emaciated show The Simpsons is doing) Both are embarrassing. I don't think you understand how rapidly the ground shifts in such cults. Quicksand (with landmines in it) is no place for someone your age.
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    FFS. He's still warm. Give us a bit of time.
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    Pubbing again, this time not freezing my dick off. Glorious out here. One of the tables did quite a pronounced toast to the DoE earlier and the table nearest them shouted “fuck off”. Slowly but surely, normality is being restored. Marvellous.
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    I dont know if anyone has mentioned this before but Switzerland has loads of guns but they don't shoot each other. Maybe if they employed Americans to make the holes in their cheese using guns, they would be able to take out their anger out on the cheese and not people.
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