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    FI NAL LY! https://www.ksta.de/koeln/viele-bauwerke-in-koeln-architekt-gottfried-boehm-stirbt-im-alter-von-101-jahren-38473146
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    German Architect Gottfried Böhm who designed many churches, museums, and civic centers in Germany, died at 101 years: https://www.zeit.de/news/2021-06/10/architekt-gottfried-boehm-gestorben He was passionate about urban planning, and his buildings included the St. Columba Church in Cologne, the Pilgrimage Church in Neviges, and the Bensburg Town Hall in Germany.
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    Seems to be we do have our 4th hit: Architect Gottfried Böhm has died at 101. Only can find a twitter source, more to follow...
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    You won't have to get surprised anymore Maryport. Edward de Bono dead. https://www.maltatoday.com.mt/news/national/110162/father_of_lateral_thinking_edward_de_bono_has_died#.YMF-bPlKjIV
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    His widow, Lady Joan Shaw follows Michael Shaw, Baron Shaw of Northstead to the grave: http://announcements.telegraph.co.uk/deaths/250188/shaw
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    Actor Ernie Lively has died at age 74. His screen credits include movies such as Turner and Hooch and TV shows such as Seinfeld and The X-Files. His daughter is actress Blake Lively of Gossip Girl.
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    Confirmed now, he is dead: https://www.br.de/nachrichten/kultur/architekt-gottfried-boehm-gestorben,SZujxHo
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    Twitter reporting the death of former British & European welterweight champion Kirkland Laing at age 66.
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    Klaus Fassin, founder of confectionery company Katjes, dead at 89: https://m.faz.net/aktuell/wirtschaft/unternehmen/katjes-gruender-klaus-fassin-gestorben-17379137.html
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    Tekla Juniewicz turned 115.
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    Indian writer, poet and director Buddhadep Dasgupta, who won the National Film Award for Best Director twice: for Uttara in 2000 and Swapner Din in 2005, died at 77 years: https://indianexpress.com/article/entertainment/regional/national-award-winning-bengali-director-buddhadeb-dasgupta-passes-away-7352084/
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    Bujutsu master Risuke Otake (wiki) reportedly dead at 95. Could not find any confirmation.
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    Dingko Singh has died at 42: https://sportstar.thehindu.com/boxing/former-india-boxer-dingko-singh-passes-away-aged-42/article34775101.ece Edit: QO: https://uk.news.yahoo.com/news/asian-games-gold-medallist-boxer-040739628.html
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    Duncan Pegg dead. https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/politics/queensland/former-queensland-mp-duncan-pegg-loses-battle-with-cancer-20210610-p57zuu.html
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    John Hofmeister, the former president of Shell Oil Co., has died. He was 73. https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2021/06/08/john-hofmeister-former-shell-oil-co-president.html
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    One of the most known actors in India (atleast of the actual old names) and one of the best bollywood actors according to experts. Amitabh Bachchan is usually ranked the best one, with Raj Kapoor, some kapoors and khans and Kumar next. For us, he's more known of never dying despite always having bad health problems and looking pretty horrible. And has gained a legendary status because of this.
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    I can't wait for my second vaccination! Two weeks after I've had it and my maximum immunity level is knitted into me I will finally be able to get back to painting the town red and being a classy tart!!
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    Colonialism is, by its very nature, offensive, just because its (mostly) historic doesn't make it not offensive. See also slavery, see also the holocaust, etc etc.
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    Chilean Olympic cyclist Renato Iturrate died at 99 on june 7th https://www.latercera.com/el-deportivo/noticia/fallece-renato-iturrate-historico-ciclista-olimpico-chileno-en-londres-1948/OMU5XK6UVZALJOKKT3Y5E4UXNA/ (in spanish)
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    The Queen hasn't been 'axed'; they've opted to remove a photograph from a wall. Why this should even be deemed newsworthy is beyond me. The photograph has only been there for 8 years, so its not like anyone's erasing centuries of tradition. Secondly, its not being done by an Oxford College, its a decision taken by one group (MCR) within an Oxford College. Also, everyone should be offended by colonialism.
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    I think the headline might be misleading. I don't think that is how you get pregnant.
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    You can keep them as they are. It is a hard job on research you all did, not just because of a few former death row inmates. I just realized the current status of these picks.
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    I laterally had no idea he was still alive. It's early yet, need more coffee.
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    Philipp Mickenbecker hospitalized after a vessel opened and he lost a lot of blood. People are encouraged to keep praying for him. Rush Limbaugh's supporters did likewise earlier this. How did that turn out? https://switzerland.in-24.com/lifestyle/celebrities/3861.html
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