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    Len Ashurst, former Sunderland defender and manager, reported dead aged 82: https://www.southwalesargus.co.uk/sport/19605086.former-newport-county-sunderland-great-len-ashurst-dies/ DDP Pick.
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    I will defend DI by admitting I came up with the new compromise darts thread title and if folk don't like it I am man enough to blame the copious amount of whisky I was/am drinking when asked for my opinion.
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    Leon Brown, an American bodybuilder in the golden age of the sport, has died. Brown was the first ever bodybuilder featured in Sports Illustrated. https://fitnessvolt.com/bodybuilder-leon-brown-died/
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    Charles G. Sellers, an American historian and author known for his book The Market Revolution: Jacksonian America, 1815-1846, has died. He was 98. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/09/24/books/charles-g-sellers-dead.html (Behind paywall)
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    I’d like to congratulate the BBC for sending the reporter with the perfect name to a petrol station to cover the fuel crisis.
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    Well, the missing link here is, of course, Hank Scorpio:
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    Was it "exactly" a year, i.e. the one-year-contract was over? How unfortunate that the relationship didn't see the movie release and can't assist in the marketing. Will Tom now have to "date" a woman closer to his own age?
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    Buggered ruggers? I’m not good with quirky thread titles but I think that’s an improvement? The problem with “boofhead” (and I read the above explanation) is that the reference is so niche that nobody gets it. The word is synonymous with “idiot”, which makes no sense… trust me, as someone who played both football and rugby on an amateur level for years, the players of the latter are generally far more intelligent!
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    Insideeko isn’t a legit website. It’s a bot that scrubs info from elsewhere, including off of social media platforms, and dozens of times it’s declared ppl dead who are the victim of hoaxes.
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    Will Minimalists become Classical Musicians, Mollie Sugden and Al become 20th Century British Sitcoms, and Jacques Brel’s Jelly Jewellery become Music in this new grey functional world? It’s snowflake culture and dumbing down gorn mad, I tell you. Did we fight the Thread Wars for this?
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    Ask and you shall receive (legit thought all this time that "boofhead" was a rugby-specific slang, rather than more general "idiot" one...)
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    Will go to space with Blue Origin this October - making him the oldest person in space ever. https://nypost.com/2021/09/24/william-shatner-to-go-to-space-in-jeff-bezos-rocket-ship/
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    Alfred "Pee Wee" Ellis, a pioneering funk musician and bandleader for the James Brown band during its most popular period, died on Sept. 23 at age 80. https://ultimateclassicrock.com/alfred-pee-wee-ellis-dead/
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    It's "rugger buggers".
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    Raymundo J. Pena, the Bishop of El Paso from 1980 to 1995, has died. He was 87. Pena later led the Catholic Diocese of Brownsville for 14 years before retiring in 2009. https://www.ktsm.com/local/el-paso-news/raymundo-j-pena-former-el-paso-bishop-dies-at-87/
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    Sue Thompson dead according to Wikipedia. I’ve searched Google, FB and Twitter and can find fuck all, though I am quite drunk right now, so I’ll investigate once normal service resumes.
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    or "Grimey," as she liked to be called
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    Egyptian political cartoonist Gomaa Frahat dead aged 80: https://middleeast.in-24.com/entertainment/News/62157.html "One Chair" Originally published 2012: Hosni Mubarak (1928-2020) in a cage while Mohamed Morsi (1951-2019) and Mohamed Hussein Tantawi's (1935-2021) junta ruled together for a short time. "Sudan" Originally published 2012: Depicts Sudan's conflict with South Sudan.
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    Chris Jones, a musician and the brother of singer-model-actress Grace Jones, has died. He was 73. https://www.syracuse.com/news/2021/09/chris-jones-syracuse-raised-musician-and-brother-of-grace-jones-dies-at-73.html
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    Basil Hoffman (wiki) dead at 83. Also had notable roles in a lot of Hollywood films, including The Artist (2011), Ordinary People (1980) and All the President's Men (1976).
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    Two more... Third baseman Bill Sudakis (wiki), died on 15 September, aged 75. Source is his Baseball Almanac page. and Joan Berger (wiki), AAGPBL of the Rockford Peaches, died on 11 September, aged 87. Death notice.
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    Gunnar Utterberg, Swedish Gold in the K2 Canoe 1000m sprint at the 1964 Olympics, died 12 September. https://www-jnytt-se.translate.goog/logga-in/jkk-vannerna-minns-bortgangne-os-guldmedaljoren-gunnar-utterberg-fanns-inga-hinder-for-honom-nar-han-kom-ut-pa-sjon?_x_tr_sl=sv&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=nui,sc,elem (Paywall) About time, a hit for time.
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    Danish poet and politician Yahya Hasan, most well known for his bestselling eponymous poetry collection released in 2013, died at only 24 years. https://www.bt.dk/samfund/yahya-hassan-er-doed He was a former member of the political party "Nationalpartiet" and was recognized for his outspoken criticism of Islam.
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    Yannis Kapsis, greek Journalist and debuty foreign Minister (82-89) dead at 88 years: http://www.ekathimerini.com/223188/article/ekathimerini/news/veteran-journalist-politician-yiannis-kapsis-dies
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