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    Whilst self-evidently good picks, if some of these people had turned up on the real deathlist (which i believe was the point of the original exercise) they would have been met with a chorus of 'not famous enough.'
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    Eddie Jaku, an Australian Holocaust survivor and author of the book 'The Happiest Man on Earth', has died. He was 101. https://thenewdaily.com.au/entertainment/celebrity/2021/10/12/eddie-jaku-dies-101/
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    @CaptainChorizo gets off the mark @BuffaloPhil gets a fourth hit, his second in the Star Trek category but @msc moves into a winning position with a fourth hit in a fourth category. Needing only a cabinet minister to complete the game but so far this has been the slowest category and none of the games so far have ended with just one player in a winning position
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    Ruthie Tompson is a hit for @drol, @Joey Russ, @Perhaps, @Johnnas, @CaptainChorizo, @ThereWillBeDeaths7, @deadsox, @Book, @Kenny, @Dying Probably, @theoldlady, @gcreptile, @msc, @Death Impends, @Lynchian, @The Old Crem, @Great Uncle Bulgaria, @Annami, @Yvonne and @Daniel-San. CONGRATULATIONS ALL!!!
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    She wasn't "famous" per se since Animators work behind the scenes, and even the most notable people in the field don't become household names. However she was notable/respected enough in her field to be made a Disney Legend years before she become fodder for deadpoolers.
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    Richard Po Sr., a Filipino billionaire and founder & chairman emeritus of Century Pacific Foods Inc., has died. He was 90. Po was among the top 20 richest people in the Philippines, with an estimated worth of $1.45 billion. https://www.philstar.com/business/2021/10/12/2133585/ricardo-po-sr-founder-century-pacific-foods-dies-90
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    Centenarian Ruthie Tompson was picked by Elephant, Steve and again - theoldlady: third hit in a row!
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    Two teams are animated by the death of supercentenarian Disney stalwart Ruthie Tompson. markb4 jots up 30 points, while theoldlady fittingly receives 25 points from a verrrrrrrry old lady.
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    Ooooh! Looks like msc just needs a cabinet minister now.
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    This is why I'm curious as to whether TCM will include her in their annual tribute. She wasn't a lead animator by any means whatsoever. Yet I get the impression those compiling the tribute may think "111? She's too cool not to include!". Advanced age definitely tips the notability factor to a great extent. If either Norman Lloyd or Marge Champion had died at 80, I honestly doubt we'd have spoken about them much on here bar maybe a passing mention of their deaths.
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    Always struck by how old he looked in A Clockwork Orange when he was only in his early 30s! He looked more like 60.
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    Bob Herron a hit for 3 players
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    Bob Herron is no longer about Note, also a scavenger hunt pick.
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    A certainty of autumn is that your possibilities for next year start dying off.
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    I wonder if TCM will include her in their annual tribute in December? She'd become only the 2nd supercentenarian to make the cut, after Frederica Sagor Maas, back in 2012. Sagor Maas was also 111 when she died, but a few months older than Ruthie was, meaning that Sagor Maas is still the longest lived Hollywood name, and likely will be for a long, long time to come.
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    Trevor Hemmings, British billionaire and philanthropist, has died aged 86. Owner of Preston North End FC as well as numerous Grand National winners. Obituaries: BBC, The Sun
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    SAINT AND GRIEVE-SIE 14/50 19th September 2021 Jimmy Greaves, the highly popular former English international footballer and broadcaster, has died aged 81 after years of poor health. A teenage sensation, Greaves debuted for Chelsea aged 17 and had scored 124 league goals by the time he was 20! One of the few players to have played for both Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur, his time at Spurs saw him score another 220 league goals, where he also won the Cup Winners Cup and two FA Cups. His time in London (he also played for West Ham) sandwich a short run at AC Milan, which Greaves later called a failure, but a scoring failure for Jimmy Greaves was only scoring 9 goals in 10 games… For England he scored 44 goals, and appeared in 2 World Cups, though his biggest disappointment was being dropped for the World Cup final in 1966 in favour of Roger Hunt. The disappointment reflected in his international career, as Alf Ramsay felt he had better options up front than England’s greatest ever goal machine, and Jimmy Greaves had no interest in being a bit part player. By the end of his career he struggled with alcoholism (regularly downing 20 pints of lager a day) and dropped out of the game, but by the early 1970s, recognising the path he was on, he actively sought help for the addiction, even spending time in a psychiatric hospital to deal with it. In 1980 he told his friends, including 1966 World Cup winner Gordon Banks, that he was going teetotal for good, and he incredibly achieved this, remaining sober for the last 41 years of his life. Sober and back in football, Greaves was picked up by ITV as a pundit for their coverage of the 1982 World Cup. It was there, and through frequent appearances on the weekly World of Sport, that he became good friends with Ian St John, the Liverpool striker who was also a goal machine of the 1960s. The two sparked off well on TV, combining serious commentary with the ability to make each collapse in hysterics of laughter on live TV, and this combination made them huge fan favourites. They had their own football discussion show Saint and Greavsie, which ran for 7 years, and pioneered the more laidback, friendly manner of morning sports discussion which is now widespread. The show was cancelled, amid fury, in 1992 after ITV went in a huff about losing live football to Sky, but the pair remained the best of friends, and Saint kept close tabs on Greaves health, even as the Saint himself was suffering with terminal cancer. Greaves was the 14th success of the year. As Oscar Wilde no doubt said, to lose one of Saint and Greaves in a year may be regarded as a misfortune, to lose both looks like carelessness. And that's us back up to date, I think.
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    INDIAN SUMMER ENDS FOR DILIP 11/50 7th July 2021 Bollywood legend and icon Dilip Kumar had died aged 98. The most successful actor in Bollywood history, he was a proponent of method acting and won 8 awards. His roles went from romance to comedy to serious crime drama. He had a seven year relationship with his co-star Madhubala, until he was forced to testify against her father in the Naya Daur court case. Kumar had been in poor health for years, suffering from cancer and many other ailments, and was a frequent visitor to the ICU in recent times. He is the 11th success for the 2021 Crowdsourced Deathlist, much to the shock of forum regular Drol.
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    RUSH IN LIMBO 6/50 17th February 2021 American loudmouth radio host Rush Limbaugh has died of lung cancer, on the same day that Mount Etna erupted. Experts warned of the toxic danger to human life, and also about the volcano. Limbaugh used his radio show to promote Republican concerns. He was a big believer in American exceptionalism, flag wrapped patriotism, and believed that the welfare state trained a person to hate America. He was not a fan of gays, and used to run segments mocking AIDS deaths by name. He felt the US was too lenient on drugs, and disagreed with the existence of climate change. He also didn’t like green energy, feminism, the existence of Barack Obama, or liberalism. He did however believe in George W Bush, torture, bombing Iraq, NAFTA, birtherism, tariffs, calling teenage girls sluts, and that gorillas could disprove the theory of evolution. We've reached out to gorillas for comment here. They can't be arsed with politics and would rather paint and goof about. Rush LImbaugh once said we should all thank him for being a chain smoker. Fair enough, cheers for the 6th hit, mate...
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    Current TOP 10 1) Kane Tanaka 118:280 2) Lucile Randon 117:239 3) Antonia da Santa Cruz 116:117 4) Tekla Juniewicz 115:120 5) Thelma Sutcilffe 115:007 6) Valentine Ligny 114:351 7) Yoshi Otsunari 114:296 8) Maria Branyas Morera 114:218 9) Casilda Benegas 114:183 10) Fusa Tatsumi 114:167
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    Yeah she's really gone downhill since this photo.
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    From wikipedia's page of the original series cast members, there is one "reccurring cast member" still living: https://memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/William_Blackburn William Blackburn, born 1929 (92 years old) doesn't have a wikipedia page. He was Lieutenant Hadley, a helmsman in 61 episodes but never talked as the assistant director "told him to just sit there". Uncredited Out of the production crew mentioned Steven W. Carabatsos seems to be the last one living. Credited as writer and script consultant in 12 episodes.
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    She was a member of the RSC. Yes she did a lot of kids telly but that should not be sniffed at. Making good kids telly that adults can watch without screaming is quite hard. Find an episode of The Ghosts of Motley Hall on YouTube and see a Masterclass.
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