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    Tom Cruise [Cancer] Sylvester Stallone [Cancer] Elon Musk [Cancer] Tom Hanks [Cancer] Merlyl Streep [Cancer] Pamela Anderson [Cancer]
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    Maʻafu Tukuiʻaulahi, Lord Maʻafu mentioned in the above post has died at 65 or 66 in Auckland hospital, New Zealand: https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/top/457802/tongan-noble-dies-in-auckland-city-hospital He had served the Tongan royal family for around 40 years and was a parliament member from 2008 and the Minister for Lands, Survey and National Resources from 2011 until his death. He was also the Private Secretary of King Tupou IV from 2001 to 2006.
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    I think dropping Linda Nolan would be a big mistake tbh, not sure why multiple people think she should be dropped.
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    Here's my two cents for next year's list: Drop Akihito Loretta Lynn Alan Greenspan Ali Khamenei David Crosby Prunella Scales Imelda Marcos Linda Nolan Willie Nelson Betty Boothroyd Burt Bacharach Vanessa Redgrave Shane MacGowan Shannen Doherty Return Ozzy Osbourne Rex Williams Jerry Lee Lewis Desmond Tutu Sandy Gall Cleo Laine Mikhail Gorbachev David Attenborough New Frank Field Pele Glynis Johns Marion Ross Phil Collins Gene Hackman Tom Lehrer Nichelle Nichols Noam Chomsky Sandra Day O'Connor James Earl Jones Norman Lear Doddie Weir Eva Marie Saint Joan Plowright Buzz Aldrin Bobby Charlton
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    I can't believe it, such bad luck! Betty White can't be one of my picks here.
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    Sterling work, @Gooseberry Crumble, but any chance you could spoiler tag some of those instagram posts. The thread is struggling to open on my laptop now, let alone my phone!
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    And 93 year old Rosemary Squires
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    Ummm… Or you could’ve just done a quick Google and it would’ve revealed dozens of news sources. Are you drunk Marc?
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    For the consideration of participants in this game Three Legendary Soap Queens of british television.
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    Joshua Kimmich: Bayern Munich player will get Covid vaccination after lung problem - https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/59629738
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    Joss Ackland and Peter Cellier may be wise 2022 DL picks.
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    George Carey former Archbishop of Canterbury. Turned 86 last month
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    We know. Reported in the Sitcoms thread in June by @markb4. Please use the search function first to see if a death has already been reported. Also, FindAGrave is not a reliable source. I've had to remove 3 memorials for celebrities on there this year, because they were all still alive. Golonka got obituaries from the Hollywood Reporter, Variety, The Mirror, and The Sun. Quote news sources instead.
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    Replace Fernandez with Frank Field
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    On mobile, so I can just link to the reddit thread which shows him in a striking new photo:
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    Imprisoned leader of the belarussian opposition Ryhor Kastusyou has cancer, and previously suffered a heart attack and COVID: https://belsat.eu/en/news/12-12-2021-imprisoned-politician-ryhor-kastusiou-has-cancer-doctor-confirms/
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    Kane Tanaka only 20 days away from her 119th birthday...LOL I hadn't ever thought that she would make it that far.
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    Completely recovered.
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    If needed, Vicente Fernandez QO: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-latin-america-56043096 Edited for BBC Obit.
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    He might be just slllllightly more well known as a wrestler
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    Entry already acknowledged by Grim Up North, thanks! Wonder how many subs I'll use up before NYD.
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    Teams for 2022/2023: Physics Chemistry Medicine Literature Peace Economics Points arghton Carlo Rubbia Robert Huber Tu Youyou John M. Coetzee Martti Ahtisaari J. Edward Stiglitz 4.738 Bibliogryphon Peter Higgs John Goodenough James Watson Alice Munro Lech Walesa William F. Sharpe Book Klaus von Klitzing Jean-Pierre Sauvage William C. Campbell Elfriede Jelinek Aung San Suu Kyi Edmund S. Phelps 1.520 chilean way Sheldon Lee Glashow Martin Karplus Ferid Murad Louise Glück Óscar Arias Sánchez Vernon L. Smith 1.421 Evil Grimace Theodor W. Hänsch Joachim Frank Michael W. Young Patrick Modiano Jody Williams Eugene Fama ladyfiona Tsung Dao Lee Dudley Hershbach Harald zur Hausen Abdulrazak Gurnah Shirin Ebadi Paul Milgrom Lafaucheuse Chen Ning Yang Rudolph A. Marcs Roger Guillemin Wole Soyinka Mohamad ElBaradei Robert M. Solow MariNisia Leo Esaki John C. Polanyi Torsten N. Wiesel Kenzaburō Ōe Adolfo Pérez Esquivel Robert J. Auman MortalCaso Ivar Giaever Alan Jay Heeger Eric R. Kandel Bob Dylan HRH, 14. Dalai Lama Amartya Kumar Sen 3.630 RoverAndOut Leon N Cooper E. J. Corey Andrew V. Schally J.M.G. Le Clezio Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Robert Wilson Salmon Mousse Syukurō Manabe Paul Berg Chr. Nüsslein-Volhard Peter Handke Jimmy Carter Paul R. Krugman 2.730 Toast Herbert Kroemer Yuan Tseh Lee Werner Arber Mario Vargas Llosa Henry Kissinger Harry Max Markowitz TomTomTelekom Joseph H. Taylor Walter Gilbert Leland H. Hartwell Orhan Pamuk Muhammad Yunus Daniel MacFadden wannamaker Rainer Weiss Akira Suzuki Bengt I. Samuelsson Gao Xingjian Mairead Corrigan Daniel Kahneman 5.624 WEP Klaus Hasselmann Kurt Wüthrich Satoshi Ōmura Herta Müller Maria Ressa Robert E. Lucas Hits: 02-08-2022: Luc Montagnier, 89, Medicine/Pysiology 2008 [2.730/Salmon Mousse] 05-13-2022: Ben Roy Mottelson, 95, Physics 1975 [1.421/Chilean way] 07-03-2022: Robert Floyd Curl jr., 88, Chemistry 1996 [3.630/MortalCaso] 08-30-2022: Mikhail Gorbachev, 91, Peace 1990 [5.624/wannamaker] 11-06-2022: Edward C. Prescott, 81, Economic Sciences 2004 [4.738/arghton] 01-09-2023: K. Alexander Müller, 95, Physics 1987 [1.520/Book]
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    Edit: Errm, this is definitely one of those "good idea poorly executed" jokes, lol.
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