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    And requires around the clock care. An excellent choice for the committee next year if she is still with us.
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    Award winning screenwriter Bettina Gilois (Bessie, Glory Road, McFarland) dead: https://deadline.com/2020/07/bettina-gilois-dies-award-winning-screenwriter-bessie-author-1202977744/
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    Sunday Times today basically suggesting Ghilane might have been co-operating for a while and the "arrest" announcement was basically the excuse to put that stuff in public domain. Either way, it's a criminal investigation, she could be facing 35 years and shopping others is the shortest way to avoid a long sentence.
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    Star? The poor lad never played first team football for Forest, let alone was one of their star players. Hasnt even got a Wiki page. Tragic ending though.
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    Interesting choice of words from the Telegraph
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    This is the place to discuss Olivia De Havilland
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    Thought he was a Trump supporter Oh that's why he's running - take black voters away from the Dems.
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    According to this twitter conversation, the photos are older and not from her recent birthday. They were obviously taken while Olivia was mourning for a friend in the church, which explains her looking "pissed off": https://twitter.com/ManuellaMartin5/status/1278715870131486720/photo/1 One of the authors in those Twitter posts obviously has contact to friends and family members of Olivia. She also confirmed that the bicycle photos are older and that this kind of activity would be a bit too much for her now, but also writes that she is in good health for 104 years with a sharp mind.
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    Derrick Otim, a former star with Nottingham Forest, has died. He was 24. The Ghanaian footballer drowned in South Carolina. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/12036267/derrick-otim-dead-24-nottingham-forest/
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    Apparently she’s ailing and wheelchair bound
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    Oh, I’m sure this will be fun:
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    Decided to update mine after learning about the death of Benny Mardones... Star Dust 2010 (6 out of 20) Pope Benedict XVI Kelsey Grammer David Hasselhoff Abdullah Ibrahim Sonia Sotomayor Lil' Wayne 2011 (4 out of 20) Dick Cheney Michael Douglas Kristin Hallenga Derryn Hinch 2012 (7 out of 20) Raven Alexis Yonni Barrios Superstar Billy Graham Mahinda Rajapaksa Nile Rodgers Norman Spinrad Ethan Zohn 2013 (4 out of 20) Ryan Buell Superstar Billy Graham JL Lewis Árpád Pusztai 2014 (5 out of 20) Ryan Buell Superstar Billy Graham Wilko Johnson Peter Robbins Vojislav Seselj 2015 (6 out of 20) Superstar Billy Graham Gino Odjick Peter Robbins Ryuichi Sakamoto Vojislav Seselj A---- W------
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    Melinda O. Fee obit: https://celebratingthesoaps.com/the-young-and-the-restless/daytime-soap-vet-melinda-o-fee-dead-at-70/ (John Winston's death was acknowledged in the Yank Science Fiction Series thread back in early June.)
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    This is another hit both of them had on their team. However, An Fear Beag takes the lead now with Bhakti Charu Swami being the joker of his. This is the beginning of a fairly interesting matchup... 1. Death Impends vs An Fear Beag 6 - 9
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    Dynasty, Hmm. William Shelby should be better known, he wrote The Whispers "And The Beat Goes On" which is right up there with my top choons! According to this he's William B Shelby: https://secondhandsongs.com/artist/12925 and other sources indicate he's out of Los Angeles, CA. Still alive in December last year according to this Instagram post (Shelby's on the left): https://www.instagram.com/p/B6RLYD2JCag/?igshid=d2z9r2uywvr
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    Remember when there were nine planets? Then Doctor Who thought it would smart to call a story The Tenth Planet? Now there's a whole generation of kids giggling, going well, where's the story about the missing ninth planet?! GAWD! Anyway, I digress. Earl Cameron has popped his clogs. Promoted into theoldlady's main team to replace the late Tim Brooks, she hits an A and gains 5 additional points. He remained on current leader Yorkshire Banker's subs bench. He draws Q Diamonds for 12 Points added. Leaderboard updated.
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    I know! I've only just got up - there seems to be a QO: https://metro.co.uk/2020/07/04/pioneering-doctor-who-thunderball-star-earl-cameron-dies-aged-102-12943352/ so I'll update the leaderboard after a ciggie.
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    I'd say she's just pissed off with being pestered by twats who think they're entitled to swarm all over her and demand selfies.
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    I've never met anyone in the armed forces that takes this view. If you're a serving member, it's sealed. It doesn't matter if you make the dinner, or blow the bassoon or shoot the enemy, it's a combined effort. Anyway, even if you do disagree with it, all of Harry Patch's write ups made clear he was the last Tommy. He got extensive coverage both in life and death, breaking news notifications from the BBC and Sky, and even had Blur write a theme for him! By comparison Florence Green got a few write ups but coverage of her was never extensive. I think the boys in the field will always get the recognition they deserve.
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    So if some Doris snuffs it aged 116 in 2043 she'll be classed as the last veteran even if she only made the teas in some airfield canteen? Fuck off man!
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