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    Had a diagnosis of Cancer at the back of my tongue last October, and was told it was big, I left it too long, and recovery was nowhere near a given. So had all remaining teeth removed to remove risk of infection during treatment, six weeks of daily radiotherapy, 4 chemo cycles, 18 days on and off in hospital when stomach packed up, and brain frying was at its worst. I had my 3 month scan after treatment finish, and DONE IT !! BEAT THE FUCKER !! CANCER FREE. Right choice not playing Deathlist cup because of it, as I was away with the fairies end of February...hang on who am I kidding I would have got that far !!!! Anyways, need op to have my jaw sorted out after tooth op issues, and replacement teeth at some stage when covid buggers off, cant eat a lot of foods, cant drink alcohol cos it hurts mouth too much, got little taste or smell and a load of other things not right yet. but hell, I can deal with all that shit. Anyone else got some positive stories about themselves or families, Covid recoveries etc, please add them. Forum topic in an Inverse Stylee.
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    Magere Hein is alive and well. Worry not.
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    Order – Placing, Name, YES vote, NO vote, Approval Rating SURVIVORS FROM PREVIOUS LISTS 32nd place – James Randi 8-14 -6 James Randi spent his life outing the Acorahs of the world. This forum would rather he stayed out of the DL. 31st place Louis Farrakhan 11-11 0 Farrakhan just snuck into neutral territory with the late batch of voters who went “oh everyone can have a YES except….” but we’ll get to that one. 30th place Ed Asner 12-10 +2 In the US he’s famous for the Mary Tyler Moore Show. Over here, he’s “oh that voice” for things like Toy Story. That disconnect explains his divide in approval, although it was by no means a straight Atlantic divide 29th place Peter Allis 13-9 +4 The cricket legend relied heavily on older voters. 28th place Cleo Laine 14-8 +6 Actor lovers, and the tag team of lovers of old Brits and old notable women (you all know who you are) gave Cleo a far better result than I thought she’d get. Joint 23rd place with 15-7 +8 David Prowse, Sandy Gall, Linda Nolan, Brian Wilson, Barbara Walters A number of folk who struggled at times. Brian Wilson got a lot of straight Nos, which surprised me. Sandy Gall did far better than expected. Barbara Walters was very close to a US/UK split. Joint 21st place with 16-6 +10 Frank Bough and Loretta Lynn Both had some detractors but are clearly quite popular. Just lost in the shuffle behind more popular picks. 20th place Nigel Lawson 17-5 +12 Hurt by non-UK voters not knowing who he was. Joint 18th place with 18-4 +14 Stanley Baxter and Joni Mitchell Solid support for the comic legend and the music legend. Joint 14th place with 19-3 +16 Ian St John, Gazza, June Brown, Larry King Perhaps surprisingly strong showings for 3 of these names given complaints at times. Joint 8th place with 20-2 +18 Sean Connery, Vanessa Redgrave, Mel Brooks, Ronnie Woods, Sidney Poitier, Jimmy Greaves I wont embarrass them by telling you the person who thought Sean Connery, the most Scottish man in the universe, was “some American actor”. Vanessa Redgrave did surprising well, which shows you this is about who deserves a DL spot, not necessarily who is best suited for one in 2020. Joint 2nd place with 21-1 +20 Olivia Newton John, Ozzy Osbourne, Jerry Lee Lewis, Pope Benedict, Queen Elizabeth II, Tina Turner So what I get from this is you lot love music heroes. Yes, I found remember the days of Benedict and Elizabeth’s duet on War Pigs with Ozzy. All of these will clearly return to the list before long. Top of the Survivors with A Unanimous Approval Rating of 22-0 and +22 Mikhail Gorbachev Shouldn’t have left the list, I agree. All Gorby All the time said the forum. WAS LISTED BUT DIED BEFORE THE DEADLINE (RIP) Carl Reiner had a score of 14-8 and approval of +6. Not bad at all, really, for someone in the shadow of a far more famous friend. And son. THE 39 LIVING PEOPLE ON THE 2020 DL Rock bottom spot - Bill Gates Sr 0-22 -22 It’s heartening to see such unanimity of opinion among the DL forum. No one voted in favour of Bill Gates Sr, not even his son signing in under a sock account. We might have a contender for general consensus worst DL pick ever, even if he snuffs it before January. Joint 37th spot with 11-11, equal, and 0 Alan Greenspan and Tom Smith Greenspan split between those into economics and those going “who is this guy?”. Tom split between those guy “no place on the list “ and those going “cancer plus reasonable notability = get them on the list” and that’s a near even split! 36th place – Bouteflika 12-10 +2 Forum seemed seemingly uninspired by this pick. Joint 33rd place with 13-9 +4 John Edrich, Bob Barker and Ruth Ginsburg Edrich harmed by no one having heard of them, Barker and Ginsburg harmed by the British voters being distinctly uninterested in them. Joint 31st place with 14-8 +6 Alex Trebek and General Musharraf Ditto Trebek but he bounced back late. Joint 29th place with 16-6 +10 Lester Piggott and Shane MacGowan Two “famous enough but not really room” type decisions. Joint 24th place with 17-5 +12 Dick Cheney, Joanne Woodward, Peter Sutcliffe, Leon Spinks, Tony Bennett An odd grouping. Some folk didn’t know who Cheney was. You lucky, lucky people. Ditto oanne Woodward, whose Oscar win has been forgotten, and Sutcliffe seemed to make people wonder if they wanted murderers on the list. But +12 is clearly an outright majority... Joint 21st place with 18-4 +14 Jacques Delors, Harry Belafonte and Akihito Not much to say here. A few dissenters but otherwise big votes. Joint 16th place with 19-3 +16 Prunella Scales, Imelda Marcos, David Crosby, Leslie Philips and Bob Dole Another group of big winners. Curious to see the big support for David Crosby. Dark horse for widespread forum approval. Folk wanted Imelda on the list for years, and Bob Dole is so well known over here even folk who voted no for most of the Americans voted yes to him. Bob Dole likes this. Despite questions over how long Pru has left, there’s no question about the forum’s view of her DL-ness... Joint 12th place with 20-2 +18 Angela Lansbury, Betty White, David Attenborough and Pierre Cardin Thumping big majorities for 4 legends. Well, maybe 3 and Mr Cardin. Lansbury and Attenborough got masse cross Atlantic support, and so nearly got unanimous votes. Betty White had two dissenters to her being a US star, but 20 YES votes from 22 is landslide territory. Joint 4th place with 21-1 +20 Murray Walker, Giscard d’Estaing, Henry Kissinger, Desmond Tutu, Jean Marie le Pen, Dick Van Dyke, Willie Nelson, and Olivia de Havilland Most of these just missed top spot by one person who hadn’t heard of them, or one person probably playing silly buggers in the case of Olivia. Kissinger seemed destined for joint top spot till late on. Surprisingly strong results for Dick van Dyke (might be healthy but his A list status isn’t in doubt), Giscard d’Estaing and Jean Marie le Pen. Also, look at Willie Nelson, only one NO vote in the entire thing. Stunningly strong. Joint 1st place with Unanimous Approval Ratings of 22-0 +22 Prince Philip, Jimmy Carter and Nobby Stiles The trio at the top went without a single negative vote. They are all A-listers, and if Nobby isn’t as famous (he’s not even the most famous England World Cup winner you heard about today), he’s still earned his place in the DL heart with his long survival against seemingly every dreaded illness under the sun. Jimmy Carter would fucking loved this approval rating back in 1980. As for Prince Philip, he just says: “Deathlist? If you all keep shouting at each other no wonder you are deaf!” Anyhow, that's the results. Enjoy. Or not.
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    Not famous for anyone except me, but my grandmother is turning 100 today. I’ve waited so long to finally say it ! welcome to the 100 club mamie !
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    Not as catchy as Take On Me
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    I'm a trans woman myself. Knew it for years, and some on here have known in private for a while - no reason to keep hiding. Life's too short. Don't want any fuss - just here to deadpool and perpetually increase my knowhow of yesteryear celebs. And agreed wrt the above, having that deadpooler's sense of black humor definitely helps keep me sane.
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    Oh do fuck off, why do we have to go through this pointless fucking exercise EVERY SINGLE TIME someone dies that wasn’t ON THE LIST! The reason he wasn’t in the list is because they didn’t fucking pick him.
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    and with the full capacity of the web at your disposal, you decided to advertise your ignorance and racism rather than do some minimal research. Fuck off.
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    Right, I've finished. All acts from the first two decades of the UK Singles Chart are now listed on page one. S and M now complete and I added the vast majority of featured artists such as The Curls, The Anita Kerr Singers, The Jordanaires, The Imperials and most orchestra leaders. Some acts are just too obscure though, with virtually no info e.g. Anne Warren who duetted with Ruby Murray on one record, so I've left them out. I also added Consortium and Jackie Dennis who I missed first time round. I'm pretty happy with the "end result" and this is without a doubt the most complete list out there but it's by no means finished as I've now started reaching out to some artists to appeal for info. Terry Anderson from B Bumble and the Stingers got back to me and asked me to call him (a stroke has impaired his ability to type responses) and Tony Wilson of Hot Chocolate responded and is going to get back to me with info on what happened to his other partner in The Soul Brothers. I will add info as it comes in, and I will start the 1970s soon(ish). For now... here is a list of the oldest living artists from 1952–1969: Bill Pitman of The Routers b. 12 Feb 1920 Gaston Bogaert of The Chakachas b. 31 Jul 1921 Ray Anthony b. 20 Jan 1922 Handel Everett of The Joy Strings b. 1923 Jane Morgan b. 03 May 1924 Bill Hayes b. 05 Jun 1925 Sue Thompson b. 19 Jul 1925 Allan Wilmot of The Southlanders b. 24 Aug 1925 Tony Bennett b. 03 Aug 1926 Robert Earl b. 17 Nov 1926 Laurie Johnson b. 07 Feb 1927 Harry Belafonte b. 01 Mar 1927 Dick Hyman b. 08 Mar 1927 Teddie Beverley of The Beverley Sisters b. 05 May 1927 Carol Buschmann of The Chordettes b. 13 May 1927 Hank Levine b. 09 Jun 1927 Ed Ames of The Ames Brothers b. 09 Jul 1927 Anita Kerr of The Anita Kerr Singers b. 13 Oct 1927 Cleo Laine b. 28 Oct 1927 Burt Bacharach b. 12 May 1928 Bernard Cribbins b. 29 Dec 1928 Ronnie Harris b. c. 1928 April Stevens of Nino Tempo and April Stevens b. 29 Apr 1929 Margie Needham of The Chordettes b. 15 Jul 1929 Mike Elliott of The Foundations b. 06 Aug 1929 Leroy Van Dyke b. 04 Oct 1929 Mitchell Torok b. 28 Oct 1929 Rolf Harris b. 30 Mar 1930 Chris Barber of Chris Barber's Jazz Band b. 17 Apr 1930 Leon Hughes of The Coasters b. 06 May 1930 Joni James b. 22 Sep 1930 Fred Diodati of The Four Aces b. 07 Nov 1930 Rose Brennan b. 01 Jan 1931 Caterina Valente b. 14 Jan 1931 Bernie Toorish of The Four Lads b. 02 Mar 1931 Plas Johnson of The Routers b. 21 Jul 1931 John Perkins of The Crew-Cuts b. 28 Aug 1931 Eddie "Tan Tan" Thornton of Georgie Fame and The Blue Flames b. 19 Oct 1931 Dave Burgess of The Champs b. 13 Dec 1931 or 1934 June Marlow of The Stargazers b. 1931 Armond Morales of The Imperials Quartet b. 25 Feb 1932 Sammy Turner b. 03 Jun 1932 Nina van Pallandt of Nina & Frederik b. 15 Jul 1932 Steve Rowland of The Family Dogg b. 03 Sep 1932 Stonewall Jackson b. 06 Nov 1932 Petula Clark b. 15 Nov 1932 Ray Perkins of The Crew-Cuts b. 24 Nov 1932 Joy Webb of The Joy Strings b. c. 1932 Possibly living Ping Ping b. 1923 Jamo Thomas b. 17 Jan 1928 Richard Wolfe b. 1928 Suzi Miller b. 12 Jan 1929 Gene Alden of The Champs b. 1930 or 1931 Stevie Marsh b. c. 1931 Recent deaths 03 Jan 2020: Bo Winberg of The Spotniks (80) 08 Jan 2020: Edward Byrnes (87) 19 Jan 2020: Robert Parker (89) 20 Jan 2020: Barry Sargeant of The Marauders (79) 26 Jan 2020: Bob Shane of The Kingston Trio (85) 28 Jan 2020: Bob "Reg" Nave of The Lemon Pipers (75) 06 Feb 2020: Lynn Evans of The Chordettes (95) 16 Feb 2020: Pearl Carr (98) 26 Feb 2020: Michael Medwin (96) 20 Mar 2020: Kenny Rogers of Kenny Rogers and The First Edition (81) 08 Apr 2020: Carl Dobkins Jr. (79) 15 Apr 2020: Gene McSpadden of The Imperials Quartet (77) 22 Apr 2020: Chaquito (95) 24 Apr 2020: Harold Reid of The Statler Brothers (80) 25 Apr 2020: Ron Frangipane of The Archies (75) 03 May 2020: Bob Lander of The Spotniks (78) 05 May 2020: Millie (72) 09 May 2020: Little Richard (87) 15 May 2020: Phil May of The Pretty Things (75) 15 May 2020: Brian Walker of The Wurzels (94) 24 May 2020: Al Rex of Bill Haley and his Comets (91) 12 Jun 2020: Ricky Valance (84) 18 Jun 2020: Vera Lynn (103) 25 Jul 2020: Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac (73)
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    I wasn’t allowed to say anything until today, but it's now okay for me to share that I have volunteered for the Covid-19 vaccine trials that Glasgow College are running in partnership with Oxford University. It's important that we all do our part to beat this virus. The vaccine is the one that has been developed in Russia. I received my first dose this morning 06:20 am, and I wanted to let you all know that it’s completely safe, with иo side effects whatsoeveя, and that I feelshκι я чувю себя немного стрно и я думю, что вытл осные уши. чувству себя немго страо
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    Finished. I'll slot these all in later to their respective letters. That last section took so long... bloody Elvis and his huge entourage. That's the 1970s done, and moreover that's me done. I refuse to do anymore. Though corrections and updates are ofc very welcome! If somebody wants to do the 80s they're welcome to, though this is DeathList and I just don't think the 80s musicians are dropping off at anywhere near same rate as those from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Thanks to everyone who chipped in, particularly @YoungWillz and @RoverAndOut.
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    Trump shows his evidence for vote rigging!
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    Has anyone mentioned Norman Lloyd or Beverly Cleary yet?
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    Deserves a thread or deserves death?
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    Lovely. She clearly makes people around her happy too.
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    Why should we? Do you think we all sit in a corner, rocking back and forth, waiting for a heart attack? Fuck that.
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    It's set in 1861.What do these woke retards expect ? An ensemble of non binary black blind lesbians in wheelchairs singing about the abolition of the police?
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    Our thoughts and prayers are with the virus at this difficult time.
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    You mean the bitter hate you demonstrate in your celebrating RBG’s death and using the junior school favourite term ‘loser’ to describe everyone who has a different viewpoint, the bigotry you demonstrated in your brushing off BLM simply as ‘leftist riots’ that need ‘crushing’, and the sexism you demonstrated in referring to Justice Ginsburg repeatedly as “old bat”. This place is not a political rally, you delusional, impertinent little cretin. Stop treating it as such.
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    Some breaking news coming in of a GENUINE pic of Dame Olivia riding her bike this afternoon!
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    Happy to report I'm feeling alot better. Muscle aches and joint aches almost gone still a little sore. The cough is more of a tickle on the throat rather than dry cough now and I seem to be coughing less and sitting in the sun for an hour today I didn't cough once. I understand why you said be patient , very frustrating having no taste or smell to the point I'm worrying it Won't come back. Did you say about a week it took for yours to come back? I did eat a bit of chocolate before and I could've sworn I tasted some slightly but now I'm wondering if I just imagined it. Ibu- profen I keep well away from I've notice they seem to make emptying your bladder harder, haven't took them in years since that.
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