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  1. Actually, I put him on the suggestion list but so far, as CP says, not listed yet. I agree with his condition death isn't far around the corner. BTW does anyone know of any other death pools that can be entered at any time? otherwise, I have to put post it notes up to remind me to enter at the end of the year. thnx, Wendy
  2. Then again, if this isn't the face of someone halfway in the grave, I don't know what is: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/4558403 . Note to Tammy: Heavy eyeliner/make-up doesn't look good on anyone except maybe Shania Twain, but it especially doesn't do much to camouflage aging around the eyes. Wendy
  3. Funny you should mention Tammy Fae...I was debating her since she is the youngest person on my list...how long do you think one could survive inoperable lung cancer? I just think that sounds quite serious...I tried to find a balance of people who have serious health issues and people who are just...old. It's a hard decision when there is only 10 spots. give me 20 and I'd be happier. As far as the grammar and spelling on this thread, I tend to avoid the most serious of blunders (capitalizing the beginning of a sentence and punctuating correctly) but I know I have made a flaw somewhere and I say he without sin...you know. (Although it is a fun hobby to make fun and thus shed more light on our respective higher collective intelligence.) Ok, now that that load of crap was said...(and no one had better tell me crap isn't a word), I am really enjoying this thread I started. Forget about me, just have fun pointing to the ones you think are history! Wendy
  4. astor is on my list, I thought about the pope...but I admit it was more of a want to die than think he will die...any news on his health? here are the ten I have on my list...let me know if you think I picked any eggs less than rotten... http://deadpool.rotten.com/profiles/44/32/50052.html Wendy
  5. Norodom Sihanouk..yup he sounds like a good choice as well...prostate cancer, diabetes, and 2 strokes? guess he is waiting for the heart attack and HIV to say he's done it all...
  6. Thanks all. Pinter is already on my list, forgot about the brain dead prime minister (wonder if that is ethical since he is technically already dead...who cares?). that's a good idea. Will investigate the other guy. a note about the wasserstein "victory"...I swear on my mothers grave to be that I didn't know she had died yet when I picked her...but since she died on the same day that I picked her...no points. but at least they let me pick someone else (they aren't technically supposed to do that) Wendy
  7. Ok, I am out and out cheating (if you look at it that way) I need any tips I can get. Will anyone who cares to help name the one person you are pretty sure will not see the year out? Keep in mind this is the person you think will die, not who you want to die (I know it is tempting) I was thinking sadaam but his trial might not even be over this year with the way they are going, and frankly, I don't want to pick on gerald ford any more...I need 1 more hit!!!!! Wendy
  8. wendylaDIE

    Wendy Wasserstein

    She was on my list on the Rotten dead pool so I have my first person ever! (I really shouldn't be this happy...)
  9. wendylaDIE

    Name Shame?

    I would like to now be wendylaDIE instead of wendyladi98. Thanks
  10. wendylaDIE

    World's Oldest

    Possibly the oldest woman in the Netherlands, Alexandrina van Donkelaar-Vink is turning 111 tomorrow. (http://www.grg.org/Adams/E.HTM). Happy Birthday Lexie! (actually I hope she isn't reading this...It might depress her)
  11. wendylaDIE

    Elizabeth Taylor

    Any news on Liz? Is she very much in the running for 2006?
  12. wendylaDIE

    Death Links

    Hi, I am new and I am sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this...but does anyone know of any sites where you can make your own list/contests to see who had the most on their list die, etc? I am interested in something that resembles fantasy football (with or without betting money involved). Thanks, Wendy

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