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  1. Dr Hackenslash

    Your Least Impressive Celebrity Encounters

    Sadly I'm not Big Boris, who is still MP for Henley, I do believe. Though I'm sure we once had a poster who was on the list! Would love Michael Foot to stumble across this, then we could actually have a poster on the list who died while reading their entry on the list...
  2. Dr Hackenslash

    World's Oldest

    Saw it too, must say I loved 100-year-old Buster - still works three days a week as a plumber and apparently is having trouble getting a passport as he has no birth certificate
  3. Dr Hackenslash

    Top Five Sickest Threads Forum!

    I'd have to go for Pool Hoonter for the share of ranters! Didn't one post phone numbers, pictures and addresses, etc!?!
  4. Dr Hackenslash

    Your Least Impressive Celebrity Encounters

    My claim to fame is that I was practically the only Conservative to fail to win a seat in the May English Local Elections
  5. Dr Hackenslash

    The Wheel Of Deathlist

    Says the man who used to stomp around here during his mod days like a Witchfinder General, metaphorically ducking and burning anyone having fun upon which he frowned. 'Oh, how the once mighty and proud crumble once felled amongst the mortality of mere peasants.' That's not a fancy-ass, famous quote by the way, before you Google it. I just made it up. f*****g profound or something, innit? Cheers, BHB Save Dicky O.
  6. Dr Hackenslash

    Muhammad Ali

    As a quick aside, the George Foreman Grill was first offered to Hulk Hogan, who rejected it as he thought there was no money to be made...
  7. Dr Hackenslash

    Ideas and possibilities for 2008

    So where do you join the line? As soon as a kid turns 16/18, does it suddenly become acceptable. My post above was tongue-in-cheek but it's more a question of doing things tastefully than morally here. If it were the latter, we'd all pack our bags and go home.
  8. Dr Hackenslash

    Ideas and possibilities for 2008

    Interesting point has just come to me... If a celeb announces they are pregnant, can we include the unborn child on the list? And I may have gone too far.
  9. Dr Hackenslash


    If only maryport was a woman.
  10. Dr Hackenslash

    World War I Veteran(s)

    And she is in my WeatherPoolMan90. Her status is confusing, however.
  11. Dr Hackenslash

    Deathlist On Youtube

    Brilliant! I really hope that is one of us!
  12. Dr Hackenslash

    World War I Veteran(s)

    0. There is one fellow though, Dan Keating, who fought in a WWI era war, that being the one for Irish Independence. Keating was shooting at the English as long ago as 1919. Ah, yes. Oddly I landed on his Wiki article a while back while reading about Republican Sinn Fein. I may disagree with his methods and politics, but I have to admire him for standing up for what he believes in at such a grand old age: To this day he refuses to accept a state pension because he considers the 26-county Republic of Ireland an illegitimate state which usurped the 1916 Irish Republic. In 2002 he refused the state's standard €2,500 award to centenarians from president Mary McAleese. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dan_Keating Oh, he's 105, by the way!
  13. Dr Hackenslash

    World War I Veteran(s)

    May be a daft question, but if that figure is just GB & NI, then what about those living in what is now the Republic of Ireland?
  14. Dr Hackenslash

    Brinsworth House

    A 90 minute drama type programme - with a suggestion that although his character will be mentioned lots and lots, he won't have an over-exerting amount of screentime (like with Khan in Star Trek II, I suppose) and if it goes well there is the offer (being used as a carrot) of a MATH/RN "lookback" - like they've just done with 'Allo, 'Allo. Though apparently this could just be a case of the agent flying a few kites to try and secure a deal for some of their other clients. Interesting, though, but it isn't the first time the rumour has flown around.
  15. Dr Hackenslash

    Sir Bobby Robson

    Brooks Mileson indeed has his own thread and was lucky to survive when his arse exploded earlier in the season. Interesting to see who goes first.
  16. Dr Hackenslash

    The Boys Of '66

    George Cohen does have history... "His main return to the public eye came in the 1980s when he fought and won his battle with stomach cancer, which lasted 14 years."
  17. Dr Hackenslash


    To be fair, there are worse teams in the SPL and one of them will still be there next season - Pars or Buddies. And that must be the closest league finish since Liverpool and Arsenal in the 80s.
  18. Dr Hackenslash

    The Weatherman Death Pool

    Sadly Knott.
  19. Dr Hackenslash

    The Weatherman Death Pool

    Dr. Hackenslash APA = 60.9 * 1. Arthur Wellesley, 92 * 2. Gladys Powers, 108 * 3. Scott Levy, 43 * 4. Oscar Gutierrez, 33 * 5. Alan Williams, 77 * 6. Rowan Alexander, 47 * 7. Alan Knott, 61 * 8. CM Punk, 29 * 9. John Tesh, 55 * 10. Paul Keating, 64
  20. Dr Hackenslash

    The Weatherman Death Pool

    That is your team with Kirsty Howard in, yes? I was tempted to go for a "Duke only" theme but after Wellington I changed my mind. At least I've got the youngest average age at 60.9, though...
  21. Dr Hackenslash

    The Weatherman Death Pool

    Is there any reason why I have five points, not six? Given my theme is "Unique picks," surely I should have the extra point?
  22. Dr Hackenslash

    The Weatherman Death Pool

    A very varuied mix of picks. And only one person has chosen a 12-year-old
  23. Dr Hackenslash

    The Weatherman Death Pool

    Looks like John Tenta gave you the points you needed, CP - wonder if anyone has gone for any wrestlers this year...
  24. Dr Hackenslash

    The Weatherman Death Pool

    Just hours to go... I'm moist with anticipation. Just hope enough of them cark it...

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