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  1. Dr Hackenslash

    Ron Jeremy

    Legendary adult film star Ron Jeremy is fighting for his life. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2270827/Legendary-porn-star-Ron-Jeremy-fighting-life-rushed-hospital-heart-aneurysm.html?ito=feeds-newsxml
  2. Dr Hackenslash

    Dustin Diamond

    Don't know if anyone else has an odd fascination with Dustin Diamond, aka Screech Powers from Saved By The Bell, but he is in a bit of a bad way. He has no cash, is trying to sell t-shirts to pay his mortgage. Oh, and a sex-tape has just been released, with footage of him performing a Dirty Sanchez. I feel a suicide coming on...
  3. Dr Hackenslash

    Gordon Brown

    Afternoon all, I haven't posted much as of late, but have been kept entertained by the debates. I would like to suggest Gordon Brown, PM-in-waiting, current Chancellor of the Exchequer. Why, I hear you ask? Well...perhaps it's just a feeling, but Scottish politicians have a habit of wilting under pressure. James Gordon Brown, as he was Christened, is 55-years-old and will soon, it seems, be moving into one of the more stressful of jobs with the media against him, as it seems the Fourth Estate want to destroy Blair's creation. He has one eye, due to a rugby accident as a child, although that might not make any difference. Just throwing the name up, any thoughts or have I lost it again?
  4. Dr Hackenslash

    Lord Of The Dancing On His Grave

    http://news.independent.co.uk/uk/this_brit...icle1987683.ece Michael Flatley, the choreographer and former Riverdance star, was seriously ill in hospital last night and all performances of his upcoming show have been cancelled. Flatley, 49, who married his fellow dancer Niamh O'Brien, 32, last month, was said by his aides to be receiving emergency treatment in a London hospital, although they would not disclose the nature of his illness. Flatley's publicist said the star had been receiving treatment in hospital for several days. Now, I'm not one for gossip...but...he had facial cancer last year, just married and he has done lots of work for AIDS charities. Hmmm....
  5. Dr Hackenslash

    Sven-goran Eriksson

    I reckon Sven'll kick the bucket in the not too distant future. He doesn't look all that healthy, does England's Mr Burns lookalike.
  6. Dr Hackenslash

    Star Wars Deaths

    Dead, by the sounds of it.
  7. Dr Hackenslash

    The dead of 2016

    Is there a thread for Andrew Sachs?
  8. Dr Hackenslash

    Who Should Be On The 2017 Deathlist?

    Has anyone thought of adding Richard O'Sullivan?
  9. Dr Hackenslash


    Former wrestler/promoter Ed Francis from Hawaii died recently, it seems.
  10. Dr Hackenslash

    Richard O'Sullivan

    Do you know who BHB is? From memory - and I chatted with him via email for a while years ago - a close relative died and he turned away from DeathList.
  11. Dr Hackenslash

    Alfredo Di Stefano

    Link:: http://www.theguardian.com/football/2014/jul/07/alfredo-di-stefano-dies-real-madrid
  12. Dr Hackenslash

    Ideas And Possibilities For 2015

    Tony Osoba, who played Jim 'Jock' McClaren, is still alive aged 67.
  13. Dr Hackenslash


    You'd think so... Just after one minute in: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRrUPF1uGvM
  14. Dr Hackenslash


    Be it bad taste or not, and some of the skits she was involved in were cringeworthy, it's not too much of a punt to suggest Mae made more cash in the past 15 years than in the rest of her life.
  15. Dr Hackenslash

    The Dead Of 2014

    James Avery, who played Uncle Phil in the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, has died aged 65.
  16. Dr Hackenslash

    Clive Dunn

    Yes. Yes we do. Dickie O has my vote.
  17. Dr Hackenslash


    Retired wrestler Mike Graham committed sucicide recently. If I remember correctly, his father and son also committed suicide.
  18. Dr Hackenslash

    Mollie Sugden et al

    On the subject of forgotten sitcoms, who was the actor who played Robin Tripp on Man About The House? Is he still alive?
  19. Dr Hackenslash

    Graham Crowden

    I've always wanted to come up with a name that fellow DeathListers think is worthy of consideration. I've checked this chap isn't listed and I give to you... Graham Crowden 30/11/1922 in Edinburgh - so he'll soon be 84. Most people remember him from Waiting For God, where he played the slightly-mad Tom - and he looked old then. He was still working at the turn of the year, but his blustering style could help him to an early grave. Surely he is worth a thread to keep an eye on him?
  20. Dr Hackenslash

    Colin McRae

    Possibly? http://www.myfoxdetroit.com/myfox/pages/Ne...mp;pageId=3.4.1
  21. Dr Hackenslash


    Somehow, Jake the Snake Roberts and the Dynamite Kid Tom Billington outlive another far younger performer!
  22. Dr Hackenslash

    Richard O'Sullivan

    Surprisingly little news or even whispers about Dicky O lately, and I've been keeping my ear to the ground. Which might be the problem, I suppose!
  23. Dr Hackenslash

    Political Frailty

    Thankfully it doesn't work like that!
  24. Dr Hackenslash

    Brooks Mileson

    Not sure if others would consider him famous enough or not but the owner of Scottish Football League club Gretna, Brooks Mileson, is not a very well man. Gretna recently reached the final of the Scottish FA Cup, losing to SPL runners-up Hearts on penalties, just four years after leaving the English Unibond League to move back to Scotland. Mileson has also helped around 80 other clubs, in both England and Scotland, over the years. From the (UK) Telegraph Gretna fairy godfather has major health scare By Ewing Grahame (Filed: 20/05/2006) The seemingly impregnable feelgood factor which has enveloped Gretna for the past two years was punctured yesterday with the revelation that the club's millionaire benefactor, Brooks Mileson, underwent brain scans earlier this week. Mileson went in for the tests after suffering blackouts and is waiting for the results. The 58-year-old's financial backing has seen the club rise from the UniBond League to the Tennent's Scottish Cup final and a place in next season's Uefa Cup. A former international cross-country runner, he made his money from property and insurance and has helped bankroll dozens of sporting clubs and individual athletes in the North-East of England. However, it is only since Gretna's inexorable rise began that the likeable eccentric's public profile has risen. Third Division champions in 2005, they followed that achievement by claiming the Second Division title with weeks to spare. Thanks to Mileson's cash injections, manager Rowan Alexander was able to attract a squad of SPL players on SPL wages and they were able to steamroller their mostly part-time opponents. It was their cup exploits which captured the imagination of even non-football lovers, though. They were expected to capitulate to Hearts in the final at the national stadium six days ago but came back from a goal down to take the Edinburgh club to extra time. Outplaying the Champions League candidates, they were unfortunate not to claim a famous victory and earned sympathy and admiration after losing a penalty shoot-out. Mileson, as always, sat with the fans at Hampden - the club took 12,000 supporters, four times the population of the town - and enjoyed a pre-match fish supper from a local chippie. In spite of his athletic background, Mileson smokes 100 cigarettes per day and often substitutes bottles of Lucozade for meals. He claimed to have made provisions to safeguard Gretna's finances in the event of anything happening to him. Other references: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brooks_Mileson
  25. Dr Hackenslash

    The Death Of The Decade (2000-2009)

    Chris Benoit!

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