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  1. Don't let the lady die. Let's dig this one up, run it up the flag pole and see who salutes!


    Has anyone on this forum suggested a CIA Black-Opp as payback to the UK for helping out in Gulf-War-1


    Perhaps the Americans considered "Princess David" as a weapon of mass destruction?


    Or perhaps the industrial military complex were concerned about diminishing anti personnel mine sales?


    No. We should check on her rotted corpse to check she is still dead. This peroxide headed pikey tramp did more to destroy the UK than anyone else of the 20th century.


    Henri Paul should be given a postumous knighhood and if MI5/6 were involved then good.


    Stick her ginger brother on next year's list too.

  2. He's been carrying a knee injury since he was 18. And he has been talking about having a hip-replacement for a few years.


    Then again, he did used to like a drink or 10 when he was younger.


    Apparently, the only reason he worked-out so much in the first place was because of the amount he chucked down his throat.

  3. I thought the guy that admitted to posting false information on Wikipedia had resigned his position.

    Nothing on CNN or BBC at the moment.

    Yes, but as Canadian Paul & I have said there have been numerous "fake" deaths over the last few months. Anyone can do it - not just one guy.

    Death of Tony Blair anyone?

    If you've got the sniper rifle, yes.

  4. Consider this.

    If Jamie Oliver was to be executed, what would he choose as his last meal?


    I would go for a take away curry or a Kebab as in that USA law states that the prisoner must be healthy before execution can take place. Good chance that a dose of the runs the next morning could cause a stay of execution. Hell you could keep that up for years! :dead:

    I would suggest Jamie Oliver should have the lot and much on Edwina Currie's kebab.


    Quite peckish now.

  5. I see no reason to nominate such a healthy specimen for a death list............unless you know something that we don't.

    He might look healthy now but...


    He was one of the biggest piss-artists on the planet.


    He used to get so pissed he hallucinated he was St John the Baptist and tried to perform miracles on people in the pub.


    That can't have done much for his liver, or for the Christian faith, for that matter :dead:

  6. Here's an interesting double.


    Zimbabwe's Ian Smith and Ian Smith (ie Harold Bishop) from Neighbours.


    That many chins can't be good for any man, and blowing the tuba must strain the heart a bit.


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