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    Annette Funicello

    Annette Funicello - 63 years old, has had MS since 1987. Starred in the "Beach Movies" of the '60s, and a few other flicks along the way. She had brain surgery in 1999 to slow down tremors to her brain from the MS. Probably a bit too American, but it's worth a shot.
  2. weatherman90

    Wilford Brimley

    Wilford Brimley has been in quite a few movies and currently does Diabetes testing supply commercials, he will be 81 this year.
  3. weatherman90

    15. Bob Barker

    There has been some speculation about Bob Barker calling it quits on his show, according to THIS, he will be on at least for 2 more seasons.
  4. weatherman90

    Tammy Faye Messner

    Tammy Faye Messner, the former wife of televangelist Jim Bakker, announced Thursday night she has inoperable lung cancer. Messner, a guest on CNN's "Larry King Live," said she was told of the diagnosis two weeks ago. "They can't take it out because it's too near the heart and there are too many blood vessels that are near the cancer," Messner said. Tammy Faye was on show last year called "The Surreal Life" which also featured Vanilla Ice and other celebrities living together. She will turn 63 next year... if she makes it. A certain candidate for 2005! http://www.cnn.com/2004/US/03/18/tammy.fay...ncer/index.html
  5. weatherman90

    Near Misses for 2005

    Sad to hear that the first black woman ever elected to the U.S. House has died after a series of strokes on New Year's Day at 80.
  6. weatherman90

    BB King

    And the Last Minute thought for 2005... B.B. King - Blues Singer, he's got diabetes, he's overweight, and he's 80 next year. Also claims to have had 15 children with 15 different women....IMDB [Thread created from various posts in different threads - ff]
  7. weatherman90

    Sherwood Schwartz?

    Sherwood Schwartz, Creator of the Brady Bunch TV Series. He'll be 90 just in time for the 2006 list.
  8. weatherman90

    Henry Heimlich

    How about Henry Heimlich, the soon-to-be 86 year old creator of the Heimlich Maneuver. Should be one to keep a watch on.
  9. weatherman90

    Nancy Reagan

    You guys better add Nancy Reagan to your 2005 list, she will be 84 next year!
  10. weatherman90

    Gerald Ford

    I know you guys have had Gerald Ford on your previous lists but he wasn't on the 2004. He should definately be on the 2005 list as he will be 92.
  11. weatherman90

    Anyone heard of Art Linkletter?

    Hello again, fellow dl-ers, I was playing an old classic 50s game of "Life" and there was a picture of a fellow named Art Linkletter on it...I decided to look him up on IMDb, and he's pushing 94 next year. Any Thoughts? Heres the link to linkletter Linkletter
  12. weatherman90

    The Weatherman Death Pool

    In my dreams! (referring to your second guess) Sorry about taking so long to put this out there - but school and extracurriculars have caught up with me in my senior year. I will get the scores tallied for 2007-2008 shortly, but sadly there will not be a 2008-2009 pool. I might be able to start it up again in the future - who knows. Thanks to all the participants, though - it has been fun running my own game show of sorts! P.S. - I finally got to see Barry in St. Paul, MN this past January - 8th row! It was a great thrill for me - here's the proof: Go ahead and check out the full gallery if you like... W90's Barry Manilow Pics
  13. Hello Fellow Deathlisters. Although a bit late, I have decided to start my own deathpool. You can read all about it on THIS page. The pool begins on March 31, 2006 and will end on March 31, 2007. This is a chance to finally start a new pool with all the picks that you forgot to pick last time! Good luck to all who join!
  14. weatherman90

    The Weatherman Death Pool

    The Weatherman is in! This has been quite a slow month for the WDP - in fact things really slowed down starting in December. Sorry about the delay in slashing out the Evel's...I have done so now. Here are the write-ups for the last two deaths: January 27, 2008 - After nearly two months of no activity, President of Indonesia Suharto has died at age 86. Suharto ruled over the country for over three decades. He was the unique pick of Soul Reaver, who receives 7 points for the death. There is little change in the scoreboard, with Soul Reaver moving up to 3rd place with 38 points. November 30, 2007 - Legendary stunt man Evel Knievel has died at age 69. Knievel suffered from many ailments including Hepatitis C. Knievel has a popular pick at the WDP with four teams cashing in on the points. Grobler's Stiff Ones, Soul Reaver, themaninblack, and The Quick and the Dead, Hold the Quick receive 8 points each for the death. This is the first hit for Grobler's Stiff Ones, and the fifth hit for themaninblack, who is now tied for second place with 40 points. The game is still very competitive with 3 teams: TMIB, Canadian Paul and Football Fan, having over 40 points. Canadian Paul still maintains the lead with a record 46 points. Can anyone catch up? I haven't posted here outside of this forum in ages...hard to believe I once was active enough to have posted nearly 700 times! Although I've moved on to other forums, the Deathlist will always have a special place in my heart, having registered at the tender age of 13....
  15. weatherman90

    The Weatherman Death Pool

    Evel Knievel has died - he was selected by 4 teams. I'll post details soon.
  16. weatherman90

    The Weatherman Death Pool

    We have another death to report, and this time, I'm on top of it.. Ian Smith, who served as the Prime Minister of the British self-governing colony of Southern Rhodesia, has died at age 88. Smith was the unique pick of TheUnknownMan, who receives 7 points for the death. This team is now in 6th place with 28 points. Canadian Paul still has the lead with 46, and Football Fan is not far behind at 40.
  17. weatherman90

    The Weatherman Death Pool

    I suppose it was bound to happen eventually...it looks like I missed the death of Andree de Jongh, who actually died on October 13th. Apologies to team "Born in Belgium, Dead in 2007", who selected this individual. This team will receive 7 points - better late than never! Born in Belgium is now in a tie for 8th place with 21 points. So a late congratulations goes out to this team! Meanwhile, the last month has been very quiet...the last death was on October 16th.
  18. weatherman90

    The Weatherman Death Pool

    WDP Headquarters has been updated with this information for quite some time now, but it seems I forgot to post the info on this thread. Deborah Kerr died last week, bringing Canadian Paul back to 1st place with 46 points. Congratulations to CP on his re-claiming of first place. On a side note, there are still seven teams yet to see a hit. In fact, ever since July it has been the same 15 teams accumulating points. Hopefully some of those seven will enter the scoreboard soon.
  19. weatherman90

    The Weatherman Death Pool

    Uzun update: After a month-long dry spell, Turkish novelist Mehmed Uzun has died at age 54 of stomach cancer. Uzun was the unique pick of Football Fan, who picks up a total of 10 points for the death. Those 10 points are enough for FF to take first place, with a total of 40 points. Long-time 1st place holder Canadian Paul is just one point behind, however, at 39. The WDP also reached its halfway mark at the start of this month. The first half has been very active - will the second half continue the trend? Congratulations to FF! That is an interesting concern, CP - thanks for bringing it up. Wikipedia seems to be determined to give pages to people entirely because of their age. Part of me says that all is fair game, though, but I will definitely give it some thought.
  20. weatherman90

    Googling Deathlisters

    Weatherman90 yields about 23,800 results. It seems I've been all over the place...
  21. weatherman90

    The Weatherman Death Pool

    Actress Jane Wyman has died at 93 of what is assumed to be natural causes, becoming the 20th hit in the WDP. Wyman is perhaps most well known for being the ex-wife of Ronald Reagan. Wyman was selected by one team; TheUnknownMan, who receives a total of 7 points for the death. I couldn't come up with a clever headline on the outgoing update, so "Jane Wyman Dies" will just have to do...
  22. weatherman90

    Jane Wyman

    I'm trying to do the same for the outgoing WDP Update. I can't come up with anything - I guess her name is just too boring.
  23. weatherman90

    The Weatherman Death Pool

    Does SitD really have 23 points? I have probably missed something, but 6+6+9=21 It looks like I made a mistake somewhere along the line - you're right. The total should be 21, not 23. Thanks for catching that! Also, Pavarotti is of course the news of the day: Legendary opera singer Luciano Pavarotti has died at age 71. Arguably the world's most famous opera singer, Pavarotti was one of the three tenors, and was known for his live concerts. He had been suffering from pancreatic cancer, and was selected by four teams; Deceased Hose, Football Fan, Obiskobilob, and To Die For. All four teams have already scored in the pool, and each receive 7 points for his death. Deceased Hose, who has been quite successful as of late, is now in 2nd place with 36 points. I'm so sick of waiting on Castro - its a never ending roller coaster ride with trigger happy bloggers continually stopping and starting it - if that makes any sense. Among the popular picks, however, he does indeed look like the next to go. Ariel Sharon is of course always a possibility. Charlton Heston and Evel Knievel seem to be doing fine at this point.
  24. weatherman90

    The Weatherman Death Pool

    Cancer campaigner Jane Tomlinson has died from the disease at 43. Diagnosed with cancer first in 2000, Tomlinson spent the last 7 years raising money for cancer research in triathlons and other events. She was selected by 3 teams: Deceased Hose, Soul Reaver, and STAB in-the DARK. All 3 teams have already had a hit or more in the pool, and receive 9 points on behalf of Tomlinson' age. Deceased Hose is now tied with OMG for third place with 29 points. Congratulations to all 3 teams!
  25. weatherman90

    Michael Jackson

    Michael Jackson dies

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