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  1. haha... i think the way forward is to always email it to yourself.. then you access it at work, at home, laptop...
  2. Real Madron

    The Bible

    this is a bit deep isnt it?
  3. Real Madron

    Titanic Survivors

    that's brilliant
  4. Real Madron

    Albert Hofmann

    Our member Myron Stolaroff had a lively phone conversation with Dr. Hofmann recently and is providing us with a summary of his discussion. Dr. Hofmann is well on his way to his 101st birthday in January and is doing very well for his age. You can read Myron's note here: http://www.hofmann.org/papers/stolaroff_4.htm For example, he does not use glasses, and has excellent vision. In the past, he greatly enjoyed walking around the beautiful property spread below his home. He still enjoys this, but doesn't go as far, and uses walking sticks to take some of the strain off his knees
  5. Real Madron

    Sir Patrick Moore

    what do we think for 2007 then? he always seems kinda chirpy on TV and Radio... and didnt he just write a book with that guy from Queen?
  6. Real Madron

    Clive Dunn

    you know if you don't include him he's gonna die. and everyone else in the world will be laughing. exept Clive's family.
  7. Real Madron

    Claire Rayner

    going through the process of compiling my 2007 list, i checked over my 2006 to see how everyone was doing, to realise that i actually included Claire Rayner as well. what was i doing? was i drunk? in true death list style, if she dies in 2007, i'll change my avitar...
  8. i guess no-one is drunk or bored right now cos everyone is working on their 2007 lists am i right?
  9. Real Madron

    Ahmet Ertegün

    ah.. sorry Devon just seen your earlier post...
  10. Real Madron

    Ahmet Ertegün

    Atlantic records co-founder Ahmet Ertegun is in a "critical condition" and in a deep coma after a fall. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/6173509.stm
  11. Real Madron

    Alf Pearson

    yep i'm going for Alfie getting an Obit
  12. Real Madron

    Ideas and possibilities for 2007

    Been thinking about this one. If people didn't specify which Ian Smith they meant and then 'Harold Bishop' died, would they still get points when their pick was really the Rhodesia bod rather than a resident of Ramsay Street? haha. i had Brian Harvey this year, and tried blagging Bryan Harvey, former lead singer of House of Freaks, and famed vocalist for Gutterball, who passed away on Jan 1st. Didnt work.
  13. Real Madron

    Ideas and possibilities for 2007

    so if we talked about someone enough, it could warrant a newspaper obit? if he was top of the Death List, and he died - the obit guys would have to write an Obit, even if they never heard of him, they surely havent heard of Everyone.. in fact it might be possible to MAKE UP a celebrity, and a death.. all it would need would be a Wiki Obit and a bit of talk on here..
  14. Real Madron

    Ideas and possibilities for 2007

    the guys that write the obits have probably got lists themselves, they are about as qualified to predict deaths as anyone. and they could easily write obits into the newspapers that wouldnt normally get there purely just to get a hit.
  15. Real Madron

    Ideas and possibilities for 2007

    i'm not really happy about secret lists... i mean, this is a forum to discuss possiblities... and some of the names must have come up already. or they must be more unfamous that David Beckhams ex-bodyguard (who died this week - RIP)...
  16. Real Madron

    Ideas and possibilities for 2007

    imagine if Mike Tyson KILLED Tom Jones in the ring... what a story. Chris Tarrant's family heart problems surface.... and Jimmy Tarbuck on thin ice?
  17. Real Madron

    Name Shame?

    Yeah baby! I need a space in between the Real and the Madron!
  18. Real Madron

    Near misses 2006

    Reservior Dogs actor Chris Penn found dead aged 43 - Breaking News [it's already broken. Topics merged. - RK]

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