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  1. Real Madron

    Room 101

    im quite into those phones 4u adverts?
  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Real Madron

    Ariel Sharon

    If we didn't get an answer to the US equivalent of the biscuit test we usually dressed the poor unfortunately in some embarassing attire, staged him/her in an embarassing situation and took embarassing pictures which were then shared liberally and generally posted in the Student Union. slightly off topic but has anyone seen the Justice Vs Simian video? Award winning video showing various drunk/sleepy people waking up to find their friends have obviously done the biscuit test.
  4. Real Madron

    Dame Anita Roddick

    Roddick, 64, has Hep C and cirrhosis of the liver
  5. Real Madron

    Quiz Time

    Name 6 Scottish Football teams with a Double E in the name: Sorry Americanos. and no cheating give it a go!
  6. Real Madron

    Jane Wyman

    Falcon Crest Laid to Rest? i think she won an oscar for that or something. ?
  7. Real Madron

    Dame Anita Roddick

    last time i checked Fossett was still alive?
  8. Real Madron

    Jane Tomlinson Killer Ride

    CBE - Cancerous Bikeride Ends
  9. Real Madron

    Is DL Corrupting Your Morals?

    i've had to explain to a few ex girlfriends why ive got an list of mostly un-heard of names bluetacked to my bedroom wall with red lines crossed through some of them. typical question: 'Charlie what the f**k is this?' typical answer: 'i'll tell you in a couple of weeks when you know me better'
  10. Real Madron


    Just to clear things up, this is the (now apparently priced at £17,000,000) 26 year old González that Everton won't be able to afford. Every now and again our Chairman Mr Kenwright likes to lead us into a false sense of ambition and throw in a few stories of impending big money transfers involving Argentinians and the like. (Last season Requelme) Check out the hair-cut Youtube video one of his best goals
  11. Real Madron


    Everton once again appear not to be able to make any dent in the transfer market. with the exeption of Leighton Baines (who i expect to sign today) we just havent brought anything of outstanding quality to the team. Jagielka and Baines are decent players, but nothing of the standard that Liverpool, Man Utd and the rest have brought in to challenge for the title. Depending on if we sign this Argentinian Luis Gonzalez, (bid 11mill apparently) but i would be happy with the 6th place we got last year, but 7th is more realistic. And outside bet, Arsenal for the title: 1. Arsenal 2. Chelsea 3. Liverpool 4. Man Utd 5. Spurs 6. Newcastle 7. Everton 8. West Ham 9. Bolton 10. Man City 11. Portsmouth 12. Aston Villa 13. Reading 14. Blackburn 15. Sunderland 16. Boro 17. Fulham 18. Birmingham 19. Wigan 20. Derby
  12. Real Madron

    Holiday Thread

    havent checked this thread for a while.. how did the Cornish Holidays go? i like that little cafe Lard.. there was a fit waitress last time i went. St Ives is killing me with the tourists right now. crazy busy. my girlfriend lives there, which pretty much means i live there... hope you enjoyed your stay anyway.
  13. Real Madron

    Ideas and possibilities for 2008

    Kiss singer Paul Stanley dodgy ticker
  15. Real Madron

    Death List Convention

    this defo gonna be a weekend? hard for me to get weekends off. but its anywhere south of London, count me in.
  16. Real Madron


    has it ever been known that a team that has won the Title, been relegated the following season, (not including point deductions etc) ??? over to you...
  17. Real Madron

    Tammy Faye Messner

    yeah Hospice care, or being in a Hospice, or just Hop Skip & Jumping round a Hospice... whatever. not long to go, i'd say no more than 10 days
  18. Real Madron

    A Joke

    i'm really pissed off. someone has crashed into my house in one of those new Skodas.. there's f*****g jam and sponge everywhere!
  19. happy birthday windsor
  20. Real Madron

    Deathlist Dinner Party

    how come you were chatting to Michael Palin mpfc?
  21. Real Madron

    Movie Stars - Two Trilogies?

    10/10 Great Shout!
  22. Real Madron

    Bernard Manning

    well - i think it was all gonna go downhill after the Bird Flu Scandal
  23. Real Madron

    Movie Stars - Two Trilogies?

    go on then.... i'll take Sly Stallone with Rocky & Rambo (assuming you don't JUST mean trilogies?)
  24. Real Madron


    Dave you are annoying and I don't think anyone likes you. Discuss.
  25. Real Madron

    Room 101

    Not a religious settlement, or at least not from your angle of the sidewalk. I understand people get married for all different purposes but ultimately it has a religious foundation, and 'For Gay people' were not going to change rules just because god loves them for who they are. If you want to be gay, I really could care less. Just don't become Rosie O'Donnell. And talking about another subject, if this country keeps getting immigrants, learn English. Were not learning your language. you've already learnt our language

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