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  1. Real Madron

    Holiday Thread

    Ibiza - back on Saturday 9th.
  2. Real Madron

    The Deathlist Kitchen

    Fine 200. That's classy for a good evening. Who the f**k counts. Cracking me up. Would you like fries with that? (Standing up and clapping) do some people sign out to start an argument?
  3. Real Madron

    Room 101

    Not that i've got anything against disabled people, but the Paralympics f**k me off a bit. don't get me wrong, i'm all for equality and all that, but - i mean, take the 100 metres for example. The guy in second place has got a wooden leg and a concrete hip or something, and the bloke in 1st has got a sore thumb and a toothache. wheres the f*****g equality there?
  4. Real Madron

    Tammy Faye Messner

    Tammy has been in denial about her impending death for months...
  5. Real Madron

    A Joke

    Q: Whats orange and looks good on Chavs? A: Fire.
  6. Real Madron

    Jacques Brel's Imitation Jelly Jewellery

    never heard of the guy...
  7. yeah happy birthday ra
  8. Real Madron

    Ideas and possibilities for 2008

    nah we don't care. i've got no problem picking people of any age. even though the youngest person on my list is 42 this year. i did consider Harvey Yorke as an outsider...
  9. Real Madron

    Vera Lynn

    hahahahaha whatt????
  10. Real Madron


    i seriously cant figure it out. impossible? Harry next post 1000 congrats!
  11. Real Madron

    The Dead - 2007

    Re: the cabbie. i just KNEW there would be something in the article about famous passengers! how come the most exciting thing you can ever ask a cabbie is 'you ever had anyone famous in here'? to which they will always come out a few classics such as Margaret Thatcher, Bruce Forsyth and Joan Collins! i asked a cabbie once and the best he could come up with was Nigel Reo-Coker.
  12. Real Madron


    hang on a minute, how f*****g confusing is that poll anyway? yes dont not ban him? whatt?
  13. Real Madron

    Ariel Sharon

    this is fantastic! come on Borat defend yourself & your country! Macedonians shouldn't stand for this!
  14. Real Madron

    Horse Racing

    Lester Piggott in intensive care... (mods feel free to move to relevant threat, i cant find one!)
  15. Real Madron

    Moderators Overstepping The Mark Again

    here here! (woof!)
  16. Real Madron

    Bob Dylan

    http://www.expectingrain.com/ Dylan News Site - Updated Daily!
  17. Real Madron


    just for the record - i didnt set up that poll... dont know who did, mods i guess. i voted YES ban him. although i dont REALLY think he should be banned, i just dont want him to think that anyone likes him. oh and Dave, we know you're a master of disguise, but writing that pot,kettle,black message from 'anon' didnt really fool anyone. fool!
  18. In order to save time and worry on the part of curious DLers, I think I'd better explain! The changes turned out rather more subtle than I had originally intended so here's a detailed description of what happens. 0 seconds: cat's eyes: palest ----------- fish eye: deep red 3 seconds: cat's eyes: still pale -------- fish eye: deep orange/red 6 seconds: cat's eyes: brighter -------- fish eye: medium orange 9 seconds: cat's eyes: more intense -- fish eye: pale orange (distorted slightly in the download)(ed:now fixed - clear your cache to see the difference)) 12 seconds: cat's eyes: bright green - fish eye: yellow 15 seconds: cat's eyes: less bright ---- fish eye: pale orange (also distorted)(ed:fixed) 18 seconds: cat's eyes: less intense -- fish eye: medium orange 21 seconds: cat's eyes: paler ----------- fish eye: deep orange/red 24 seconds: as at 0 seconds and then the cycle repeats itself. The fish's eye is brightest when the cat's eyes are palest and vice versa. I think this makes it hard to focus on both changes at the same time but it's easier when you know what you're looking for. P.S. Don't forget the waving Jumblie! i f*****g love that avitar CO, and i love that detailed description of colour changes...
  19. Real Madron

    Room 101

    And if any hackers can add Captain Oates's w**ker smiley to CJ's CV, I'll give them a medal. I'll do better than that - if anyone can add the w**ker smiley to CJ's CV, I'll give them a wank. Now that's got to be an incentive to try. Unless the w**ker puts it there himself desperately hoping that you hold your promise to hold a DL member's member. That would be an awful situation to be in - are you hands big enough after all he's one big prick... Cue tumbleweed... I have quite small hands, but that's OK because they make little willies look bigger when they're clenched in my sweaty palms. oh my god.
  20. Real Madron

    All Quiet on the Amanda front

    i thought it was lipstick
  21. Real Madron

    Horse Racing

    Alderburn is a non-runner? Well what a tip that turned out to be! Does no-one else feel like a last minute bet on the Betfred Gold Cup? I thought Ronnie might fancy COWBOY BOOTS at 80/1 ?
  22. Real Madron

    Ronnie Biggs

    is his lawyer just trying to get him out for health reasons? he's fine isn't he. we've all been duped. ba$tard lawyer.
  23. Real Madron

    The Boys Of '66

    ok i'll take George Cohen - Bally has proved that age doesnt matter so i've gone for who i think is the Least Famous.
  24. Real Madron

    Ideas and possibilities for 2008

    does anyone know of Peter Andre being selected on any deadpools anywhere?
  25. Real Madron

    Stephen Hawking

    Doesn't a Brief History of Time Fly when your having fun?

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