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  1. Thought i would stop by and pay my last respects to Clive.... Hope everyone is doing well in the world of Death Lists.. x.


    Welcome back Real. Nice to have you drop in.


    Cheers, it's been a while :)

  2. It's not something I would want to participate in mpfc, from where I lived at the time Dunblane was only roughly 30 miles away and the horror and shockwaves from that reverberated through all of us, still do, I will never forget walking through the reception area of my work just after it happened, the morning receptionist took a phone call from the lady that manned reception in the afternoon, she waved a hand at me to tell me to wait, I did, her phone call ended and she put the phone down and told me 'someone has gone mad with a gun in Dunblane at a primary school', we thought at that point it must be wrong, but as the day progressed we found out it was true. Early evening newspapers were reporting 6 kids dead and one teacher, then we all got home and saw the true figures of the atrocity, maybe you should read the reports on what the parents have said about being kept in the dark for hours not knowing if their child was alive or dead, Dunblane was handled badly by the police because they had no experience of what to do in this sort of situation, a small town with a small police force, understandable, but if it happened in Maryport, that could be you too.........


    Just realised it was 13 years ago yesterday, 13 March 1996 R.I.P.


    i wonder how close you have to be to a gunshot to hear it? 1 mile? less?

    also, if you fire a gun, how long does the bullet go for before it slows down, or gravity takes it to the ground?

    also if you fire a bullet directly up in the air, how high would it go? and then if it landed back on your head, would it kill you?


    i'll let you think about that before someone clever comes up with all the answers. damn i've missed this site. x.

  3. No Country For Old Men - Enjoyed it throughout, but had to watch the ending 3 times and still wasnt completly happy. 8/10

    Juno - Great film, especially if you enjoyed 'Superbad'. Very funny and very wierd 9/10

    Sweeny Todd - Um Different... "70% Musical" according to Tim Burton, another awesome Depp performance 8/10

    Jesse James (Brad Pitt) - Great acting from Pitt but overall i found it a bit drawn out and boring 7/10

  4. Re Man Utd what do the collected footy brains on this thread think will happen next weekend? Will a contingent of the City support be so tasteless as to deliberately wreck the one minute silence to the dead heroes of 1958? If so, will the reprisals extend to full-on violence afterwards? Bear in mind that City fans have been chanting; 'we're all going to a diamond jubilee' lately.


    Personally, I think enough of them will overstep the mark to the point they'll be heard and newsworthy. I reckon the one minute's applause was a much better idea.


    Personally I think rather too much has been made of this....


    yes Man City fans will hum, sing, and chant thoughout the minutes silence, and through the rest of the game. especially the younger ones. thats i think. personally. maybe Man Utd will hammer them 5-0 and shut them up?

  5. Just for the record, Everton are concentrating on the Carling Cup this year - as well as securing a CL place.. again. PS Remember Liverpool? when we finished above you? and how much have you spent?? oh well. EFC.


    PPS for the Reading fans amongst us, (i have a good Reading friend who noted to me today that they have conceded 32 away goals so far this season - and i pointed out to him that they have also scored more away goals than everton, liverpool, spurs, chelsea, man city or man utd...) not a bad stat at all. looks like Lita is moving on though.. anyway.. EFC. xx.


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