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  1. bizzeh

    Andy Fordham Memorial Darts Thread

    haha, this guy only gets mentioned in January when the BDO is on. Heat exhaustion + a rather serious case of jaundice from drinking too much, so his liver must be on the way out. Be a good pick for next year i think as he should see this year out. Can`t see him getting any better tho, i bet the guys entire life revolves around a pub (he's a publican i think??)
  2. bizzeh

    Formula 1 & Other Motor Racing

    damn it, didn`t notice the formula one post.... i did search "bobby hamilton" before hand too... i do apologise [Fear not, topics now merged. DWB]
  3. bizzeh

    The Chequered Flag

    I was suprised that there wasn`t any more mentioned, i even had to dig deep for this after over hearing something on FOX news of all things http://sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/n.../s154734S93.DTL
  4. bizzeh

    Ferenc Puskas

    Ferenc Puskas played 10....... he died today, aged 79 missed one there!!
  5. bizzeh

    Nelson Mandela

    nelson and PW Botha are being to stuborn to die first; when one goes, i recon the other will happilly throw the towel in....... hopefully (for the DL of course)
  6. bizzeh

    PW Botha

    After a stroke 17 years ago, reports seem to suggest he's still battling on quite well Mail & Guardian, South Africa, 12th Jan 06 however..... Guardian Unlimited, UK, 19th Jan 06, a dying man trying to get the last word in????

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