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  1. Anubis the Jackal

    The Dead Of 2009

    Probably mentioned before, but Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, celebrated Indian classical musician and ex-brother-in-law of Ravi Shankar has om'ed his last.
  2. Anubis the Jackal

    Bird Flu

    I've got it 'mildly' apparently!
  3. Anubis the Jackal

    Laurent Fignon

    Article in Observer Sport Monthly reckons he has months to live...
  4. Anubis the Jackal

    Michael Jackson

    A highly moving and very swift Jacko tribute from the admirable Kunt and the Gang
  5. Anubis the Jackal

    The Deathlisters Alternative Footie Thread

    Ah the boys done me proud. Still sacking half of them in the close season, but done me proud nevertheless.
  6. Anubis the Jackal

    Significant Others

    Perspective... "Perspective" is a big one around here that makes me want to hurl.
  7. Anubis the Jackal

    Significant Others

    Having only recently been embraced by the corporate world, meaning far less time for DL and the like; I'd like to add to the 'compliances' and 'solutions' above the pointless phrase 'moving forward.' If you have ever used this phrase, you are dead in my eyes. If you have yet to hear it, I envy you.
  8. Anubis the Jackal

    Funereal Music

    Saw him over the weekend, still hanging on, but really not looking well.
  9. Anubis the Jackal

    Susan Boyle

    Booze 'n' Soil.
  10. Anubis the Jackal

    Stranger Than Death

    A refuse collector is doing his rounds and notices one house in the street that doesn't have a wheelie-bin outside. So he goes to the door and knocks. After a few minutes a young German man comes to the door. "Where's your bin?", the refuse collector asks. "I bin upstairs", the German man replies. "No! Where's your bin?", he says. "I bin upstairs havin' a excrement", the guy says. "NO! WHERE'S YOUR wheelie-bin?", he continues. The old man thinks for a minute then says: "OK, you got me. I was really brutally killing and then chopping up a woman."
  11. Anubis the Jackal

    David Carradine

    By my little brother... "Carradine was a-kung-fu w*nking a choke he was not banking In fact it was a little bit frightening those knots need a little less tightening"
  12. Anubis the Jackal

    David Carradine

    King of the 70's B-Movie, a genre which died when Star Wars effectively made B-Movies into the headline films. Then in a load of straight-to-video schlock until Tarantino tried to do a Travolta on his career.
  13. Anubis the Jackal

    Fings Aint Wot They Used To Be..

    'Viewers Cheated' eh? More like Stuart 'Ain't done Much Since Ain't Half Hot Mum!, mum!' McGugan feels cheated out of his full repeat fees.
  14. Anubis the Jackal

    Geoff Duke

    Raffaele De Rosa...nearly. Falling off, then getting back on a bike at 120mph.
  15. Anubis the Jackal

    Bacon number

    I, amazingly, have a Bacon Number of 3.
  16. Anubis the Jackal

    Fings Aint Wot They Used To Be..

    Yup, I just about remember that and that last scene is an absolute winner.
  17. Anubis the Jackal

    The Dead Of 2009

    Mort...est mort.
  18. Anubis the Jackal

    A Joke

    Apparently the folk from The Anaemia Society don't get on with the Leukaemia Research guys. Lot of bad blood between them.
  19. Anubis the Jackal

    Old Folkies Home

    Typically wooly-minded slogan on the old devils frying-pan there. I much prefer a good Woody. By the way, did you know that a definition of a true gentleman is one who knows how to play the banjo, but doesn't.
  20. Anubis the Jackal

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2010

    Still the ultimate country classic though - Teddy Bear by Red Sovine
  21. Anubis the Jackal

    A Joke

    A fine one, but best heard from the late Clement Freud
  22. Anubis the Jackal

    Ask A Deathlister

    Quite big as in memory? just lower the resolution using your picture editing program. if you don't have one, try Gimp

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