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  1. rockhopper penguin

    Last Word

    That's a hell of a hand at scrabble.
  2. rockhopper penguin

    Places With Silly Names

    Went past a Yew Tree Avenue today. Wonder if house prices have been affected recently?
  3. rockhopper penguin

    Who Do You Consider "famous For Being Ill"?

    I'd say getting to 100 is an achievement.
  4. rockhopper penguin

    DL Status Updates: Statements, Obsevations & Verbal Tennis

    Well .... if there's money in it ...... Is tempting.I mean I passed my GCSE English Exam talking about my love life so maybe my friend is on to something There may be more money in writing about soft twats.
  5. rockhopper penguin

    Death Anniversary Thread

    I bet his hat fell off when he tried for a homer.
  6. rockhopper penguin

    Last Word

    That might count against him like Carrington not getting on because of R2 coverage. Don't think Hatch is very R4. The Beeb like doing crossovers especially on the podcasts, I can see Rosling making it.
  7. rockhopper penguin

    25. Queen Elizabeth II

    Her Majesty spent the morning in quiet contemplation before doing a line a slapping Music for the Jilted Generation on her deck.
  8. rockhopper penguin

    The Deathlist Cup

    Indeed, great time to score just before half time. You may call me Rocky if you wish.
  9. rockhopper penguin

    Death Anniversary Thread

    20 years since the end of the ballroom blitz for Brian Connolly, aged 51.
  10. rockhopper penguin

    Last Word

    Will TPT be It this week? Carrington, Wetton, Parfitt, Adams still in the wings. Who gets on,who knows, unless you are the producer of the show.
  11. rockhopper penguin

    25. Queen Elizabeth II

    Today Her Majesty spent tme constructing a 1:72 model Aston Martin DB5, a gift from Daniel Craig following the Olympic opening ceremony shoot.
  12. rockhopper penguin

    Death Anniversary Thread

    85 years since Vincent 'Mad Dog' Coll went swimming with the fishes, aged 23.
  13. rockhopper penguin

    Elizabethan Deadpool

    Ha, reverse psychology, you fell for it!
  14. rockhopper penguin

    Elizabethan Deadpool

    Gazza again (feels bad stealing Leah Bracknell).
  15. rockhopper penguin

    A Night To Remember

    They always die after I take them off my lists. You missed the boat there! But she still got that sinking feeling. Let's hope it's not the tip of the iceberg.
  16. Who wouldn't want their munchkins molested.
  17. rockhopper penguin

    Political Discussions And Ranting Thread

    "...stressed the need for people to respect the choice of US voters." Except it wasn't. If people are going to make comments about the US presidential election they need a crash course in the electoral college. This is a pretty good history of it. Fair point.I think the general thrust of the article was that there was an absolute hysteria surrounding his Presidency and, from this end of the Atlantic, its all the more strange considering who we have had here on State visits and there were no mass protests or summat. I don't like him at all but taking to the streets here with 'proper' placards, neatly organized by Momentum, the Anti Nazi league and the Socialist workers party wont do fuck all. Just my opinion. There was a massive protest againt Reagan in '84 and he won by a landslide. It's all part of free speech. You can't expect the 49% to roll over if the 51% vote to exterminate them. That's a bit dramatic.I was talking about the Tofu eaters of Islington going down to Westminster to register their false horror at Trumps election. Dramatic effect. Trump supporters are going to winge on about people getting upset when he abuses them because he said he was going to. It doesn't work like that. He can ahve the power but everyone doesn't have to like what he does with it.So far he has ( tried to) denied entry into the US for citizens of several countries.However some of those citizens already had US visas and/or were residents in the US anyway. That alone makes Trump a massive fucktard. The issue with denying access to the US for 'refugees' or people from other nations is separate to the idiocy of denying access to people trying to return to the US where they were already residing. He is also trying to return the US back to the dark ages by denying the right to abortion and, well, he is doing other things of a questionable nature. Im not sure who he is actually 'abusing' but he is deffo a cunt. Thing is, we all get the message, he gets the message, the World gets the message. Everybody has the right to protest but, over here, that's the green light for Left wing political activists, anarchists, the students and the middle class to take to the streets. It is rare indeed to see working class folk marching on Parliament to vent their spleen. Trump wasn't created by the disenfranchised working classes............... No he wasn't but he used them as his route to power. Do we really think he cares about miners or car workers? He has to. As you say, it was his route to power and it will be his only way of staying in power. He says what they are thinking. Whether that will be enough when they are eating rusty cars and coal dust in four years remains to be seen.
  18. rockhopper penguin

    A Night To Remember

    It's a thread of people involved in the Titanic films, NOT the Titanic itself. More specifically the Titanic film called A Night to Remember - post #1 refers.
  19. rockhopper penguin

    Charles Aznavour

    Kind of a qulaification to be one of Sartre's pals. He liked a stroke as well.
  20. rockhopper penguin

    Political Frailty

    If that's what chemo does... if my time comes i'll go gentle into that good night.
  21. rockhopper penguin

    Not Really Famous, But What A Moniker!

    Wells Fargo
  22. rockhopper penguin

    Places With Silly Names

    John Noakes .is off the Shelf.
  23. rockhopper penguin

    The Rolling Probabilistic Ddp Scoreboard

    Should we have a poll?
  24. rockhopper penguin

    Political Frailty

    Doesn't look too bad
  25. rockhopper penguin

    Political Frailty

    Ran over Dianne Abbott on the way in no doubt.

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