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  1. Much to my surprise I actually got round to watching a film i'd taped (ok, digitally recorded or whatever) over xmas.

    Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa is a joy. It's quick fire humour delivers joke after prat fall after toe curling embarrassment after laugh out loud one liner. The plot is nonsense. But it enables a narrative thread to run throughout into which Coogan places a character whose behaviour makes you want to to embrace him one second and punch him the next. Joyously funny and guaranteed to lighten any post-truth dark day. 

  2. 3 hours ago, Dr_T said:

    Lizzie and Phil's fight was written in to one of the episodes of "The Crown".  Quite a good watch if you have got Netflix.  I wonder if Lizzie was watching it when she was convalescing over Christmas and picking plot holes? 


    She might be a little miffed that the actress playing her (although quite attractive) was not in the league of the actress playing Princess Margaret.  But I guess that is true to life.

    She had a cold.

  3. 1 hour ago, Lord Fellatio Nelson said:

    So, today, im working on a line, up a pole and its fucking tall and wobbly and im old and no likey climbing tall wobbly poles anymore.

    Some old duffer, walking stick in hand, hobbles towards me. He is as deaf as a post and he is saying something but I cant here too well coz im fucking miles up the pole or summat.

    He asks me if Im working on the lines because his line is out of service. I tell him I am and its his line im working on.

    Im irritated because he has reported the fucking fault and im the engineer FFS, do the maths you old twat.

    Soon Ive sorted the problem out then go into his house to be greeted by a nice old fella who is surrounded by walls full of the most beautiful water colour paintings created by his old and worn hands.

    I was invited back anytime to view more as he shook me warmly by the hand while thanking me profusely for getting his phone line/careline back in action.

    I must learn patience and I must learn not to judge.

    I must learn to breathe.



    We'll make a commie, pinko, liberal of you, yet. 

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