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  1. sidburyman

    Robbie Coltrane

    Perhaps a good candidate for impending bucket-kicking is that overweight Scottish thespian Mr Robbie Coltrane. Robbie has always looked rather unhealthy, but in recent years his colour has been a little grey. I believe he's also a smoker who's had a lifetimes worth of lack of exercise and overindulgence. Add that to the dangerous middle age stage in his life and surely you get an an outside chance for pegging out next year? Comments anyone?.....
  2. sidburyman

    Sir Anthony Hopkins

    Tony Hopkins has won a "lifetime achievement award" at the Golden Globes. Am I wrong or is this generally a pre-cursor to being deceased? Tradition dictates that these awards are doled out to the infirm. One worth keeping tabs on methinks. An early candidate for Death List 2007? I think so - there, I've officially nominated him
  3. sidburyman

    Harvey Keitel

    OK, this is a bit of a long shot, but I think Harvey Keitel might be due some sort of health crisis/Grim Reaper situation in the not too distant future. I'm basing this on the scene in the film Red Dragon where Harvey and Ed Norton are having a coffee together and discussing the tactics of capturing serial killer Ralph Fiennes. At one point the camera does a close up of Keitel's face and there was some discolouration there as regards a patchy, unhealthy looking palour consistent with heart ailments. We're not talking a white sheet face like an immediate pre-death Jon Entwhistle but an uneasy colour patchwork. Possible ticker tantrums? Harvey is 65 in a couple of months and hasn't exactly led an abstinent lifestyle, Noo York boy an' all. Wild card for next year perhaps?
  4. sidburyman

    Peter Ustinov

    Peter Ustinov is a good candidate for impending lack of life. Having seen recent documentaries about his life and career it's obvious he's looking very frail. He can't get around without the aid of a couple of sticks and he seems rather vulnerable. Surely a higher place (top 10) next year for the British film hero? A sure bet for 2004 methinks.
  5. sidburyman

    Edward Heath

    http://www.deathlist.net/forums/public/style_emoticons/#EMO_DIR#/cool.png I think a near-certainty for next year is former Tory PM Ted Heath. Given the fact he's now in to his eighties, overweight and fresh from a recent(ish) health scare his inclusion would seem wise.
  6. sidburyman

    Gore Vidal

    Gore Vidal - I think old Gore; novelist, essayist, political comentator and polemicist, might just be ripe for the final curtain. Its been over a year since he was on our shores looing very frail. Must be a candidate for 2010 - he's a sure-fire hit
  7. sidburyman

    Sir Anthony Hopkins

    No evidence...just a hunch. I think he does'nt look all that healthy actually. Seems a little creaking gate these days imho. Hope I'm mistaken
  8. sidburyman

    36. Shane MacGowan

    I think you fellas are missing the point. Shane's geting to the age where his excesses are catching up with him fast. I saw an interview with him done last year sometime and he looked like a corpse (OK, Keith Richards has managed that one for years but he's not exactly been a Shane-style boozer or drugie in recent years). Jim Morrison was thought to be a good candidate for corpsing back in 1970 around the time when Hendrix and Joplin pegged out, but everyone at the time said he was "too obvious" a choice. Just because the juvenile music press have been predicting Shane's demise for years, this should'nt be taken as any form of guide. A bunch of sixth-form tossers most of them. If anyone else apart from MacGowan looked or sounded like him, you guys would be falling over yourselves to nominate him.
  9. sidburyman

    Saddam Hussein

    The guy was obviously not keen on going out on his shield or committing suicide. The Yanks will keep him secure until there's a fully functioning Iraqi judiciary set up, which looking at the mess the place is in at the moment, could take years. Saddam ain't a good candidate for next year in my opinion, though doubtless I will be proved wrong in the first week of the New Year!
  10. sidburyman

    George Best

    George has always had an unnerring ability to pull back from the edge. However, the parlous state of his health these days means he can't afford any over-indulgences, or it might be curtains after just one boozy session. I'd have to agree with Catherine but perhaps this is more of a wild card for next year?
  11. sidburyman

    Michael Jackson

    You beat me to it. I was just about to nominate MJ for a self-topper! Curses. I think it's quite likely, especially if he does end up in prison. Mind you, he must be pretty thick-skinned by now after years of lurid tabloid speculation - perhaps insensitive enough to live through a spell in the clink? We shall see.....
  12. sidburyman

    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    You're full of hate Birdie, live and let live mate. Long live Phil the Greek!
  13. sidburyman

    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    Oh come on now Birdie person, Phil the Greek is the most consistently entertaining member of the Royal Fambly. How can you say you want the bloke dead? He's the perfect antidote to the corporate-safe generation, a man who comes out with wonderfully innapropriate comments at all the right times. The fact that he murders wildlife by the score and is a member of the WWF just adds to his charm. There are too many humourless PC-centric media types blowing his comments out of all proportion anyway. Why cant you just accept the fact that he's a man from a different generation who has very little impact on the world we live in? He's in damn good shape for his age though, like all the Windsors, and hoping for his imminent death is a little far-fetched just now, I feel.
  14. sidburyman

    Robert Mugabe

    A prime candidate for assassination if ever there was one. There's the outside chance of a nasty accident being arranged for him if he continues to be naughty. He's doing well for the age he is mind.

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