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  1. In before the block!  (5 Jan 2020)

  2.  :wub: Lady Creep.

    1. Sir Creep

      Sir Creep

      Boudelicious, only be a few weeks we be roaming the Highlands once again.  I cannae wait.

  3. Worst possible scenario. I got called out to work at 6 pm on the 29th. I have to drive 14 hours and then work for 12 hours. I will get to the ABC death pool ASAP

  4. Fuck everybody.  

    There....now can I be a Mod?

  5. He who lives be euthanasia dies by euthanasia.

  6. We're all awash in a sea of blood, and the least we can do is wave to each other.

    1. Dr. Zorders
    2. Sir Creep

      Sir Creep

      Lol wth. I liked it though, as usual an underrated band from Detroit.

      Thanks DrZ!

    3. Sir Creep

      Sir Creep

      BTW this quote is from one of my favorite albums, or at least one of my favorite bands, Van Der Graaf Generator (H to HE), and some diatribe Peter Hammill wrote for the back of the album cover.

  7. Rod Taylor gone, Doris Day gotta be next, it's karma. Dead by Jan 20.


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