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    The Dead - 2007

    DevonDeathTrip 1,280 Posted April 2, 2007 You will believe in Mermaids, Pixies & pots of gold at the end of rainbows also, no doubt. Along with the Hoax of the 20th century. Mermaids do exist. I know this because I have seen one. —————————————— DDT - not sure if your encounter went this swimmingly: Alvin McCallister, 72, was found on a small rocky islet 200 miles off the nearest coastline where he shipwrecked two weeks ago and managed to survive off of several seagulls, mussels, and urchins. McCallister who is presently suffering from mild hallucinations, told his brother, Timothy McCallister, that he survived with the help of mermaids who fed him but also allegedly took advantage of him sexually. SC
  2. Let's lump all these folks into one thread. Not all of them are past NFL players, though a chunk of them are (Steve Gleason, Tim Shaw, OJ Brigance, etc). Lest we forget the Pete Frates of the world, Jason Becker or even Stephen Hawking (though he's covered plenty elsewhere), or the late Sam Shepard. Not every affliction needs it's own thread, but this one is pretty well-defined and the progression easy enough to follow. And with that, a Tim Shaw update. He looks good enough, not even in a wheelchair at this point, so I think we can give him a pass to 2019 before we need to check in on him. SC
  3. Sir Creep

    The Dead of 2019

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2019 Sir Creep replied to Sir Creep's topic in DeathList Forum Sybil PeacockHarmon , who was a member of Delta Air Lines' first class of flight attendants, will turn 102 on July 9. SC --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well poor Sybil won't be turning 104. The friendly skies just got a little less friendly. Sybil Peacock Harmon, one of Delta Air Lines’ very first flight attendants, has died at the age of 103, the Atlanta Journal Constitution confirms. Harmon was born in Minden, Louisiana, on July 9, 1916. She was a 24-year-old nursing school graduate when she was hired as one of the Atlanta-based airline’s first stewardesses (as they were known at the time) in 1940. Back then, stewardesses were required to be registered nurses. SC
  4. Sir Creep

    Authors Last A Long Time, But....

    The historian Georgette Elgey, author of a monumental and fascinating "History of the Fourth Republic", died at the age of 90, we learned Wednesday from its publisher. Also a journalist and editor, adviser to François Mitterrand at the Élysée, and former president of the High Council of Archives (2007-2016). SC
  5. Sir Creep


    Kathryn Johnson, a trailblazing reporter for The Associated Press whose intrepid coverage of the civil rights movement and other major stories led to a string of legendary scoops, died Wednesday. She was 93. Her niece, Rebecca Winters, said Johnson died Wednesday morning in Atlanta. Johnson was the only journalist allowed inside Martin Luther King Jr.’s home the day he was assassinated. When Gov. George Wallace blocked black students from entering the University of Alabama, she sneaked in to cover his confrontation with federal officials. She scored exclusive interviews with 2nd Lt. William L. Calley Jr. before he was convicted of his role in the My Lai massacre. SC
  6. Sir Creep

    ABC Deadpool III

    ugh who the hell am I thinking of then? oh well.... poof!
  7. Sir Creep

    ABC Deadpool III

    Better late than never. I have for whatever reason agreed to the impossible task of taking over the ABC Deadpool from the masterful oversight by Wormfarmer. So for one last moment let's give him a big And since we are looking back to ABC Deadpool II, a huge congratulations to the champ, RadGuy. Our scoring system will remain intact, word for word, so the 55-point standard set by RadGuy is your target. So let's get this party started! The rules: Submit a list of 26 soon-to-croak people to me via PM. The first name or last name of the first person must begin with an A. Second person with a B. You get the idea. This game doesn't require you to choose a joker. Qualifying names will be those getting an obit by sources used by the Windy City Deadpool, also found on its own thread at this site. That pool, in turn, uses the obit sources of the Derby Dead Pool, but adds The Independent; US sources New York Times, LA Times, CBS News, Fox News, TMZ, and MSN. Also acceptable are CNN, and the Associated Press as legit obit sources. Plus the following International news sources: http://www.cbc.ca/ https://www.theaustralian.com.au/ http://www.heraldscotland.com/ https://www.univision.com/ There will be at least 250 names, probably approaching 300. Please police your own obits and notify me by PM or a post on this thread. As Wormfarmer stated, this applies particularly to European obit sources. SCORING: A hit using the first name (all letters except as below) - 1 point A hit using the last name (all letters except as below) - 2 points A hit with the first name . . . (A, E, I, O, U, Y) - 2 points A hit with the last name . . . (A, E, I, O, U, Y) - 3 points A hit with the first OR last name . . . (Q, X, Z) - 4 points A hit with an alliterative name scores the points for both first and last names as specified above (so an alliterative at the A spot would be worth 5 points, the B spot would be worth 3 points, the Q spot would be worth 8 points) BONUS POINTS: Person was born in the year 1939 or later - 2 points Solos = 3 points Duos = 1 point All Vowel Bonus - hit all five vowels (A, E, I, O, U) using LAST names = 5 points / hit any four vowels using last names + the letter Y = 4 points Example: if someone gets a solo hit with Zadora Zephyr, who was born in 1940 (assuming 10+ entries), the score would be 8+2+3=13 (the best you could do with one hit). Ties will be broken by the date the final score is reached. That is, if three folks end up with 18 points, the person that got to 18 on the earliest date will be the winner.  My list was PM'd to Bibliogryphon, the first entry I got. The competition will start 1 AUGUST 2019 (all lists must be PM'd by 11:59pm (GMT) July 31) and end 31 July, 2020. If any names die before the contest begins, I will ask for a replacement at that letter. Names at other letters may not be shuffled to accommodate the replacement.  NOTE: Feel free to include a sub for any letter you like, in case you think it's iffy your name may not make the starting gate. Probably a good idea. Example: C - Carter, Jimmy (sub Carter, Rosalynn) Enjoy!
  8. Sir Creep

    ABC Deadpool III

    Too many names for a single update. After months and years of anticipation, only two people were still on board with Marieke Vervoort! Oh the abandonment! You are all so fickle! A good weekend for RadGuy, and Book also nails down a letter V hit, good for 5 points with the Duo bonus. Don't look now...last year's champ is on the doorstep. Scoreboard Part II - 23 Oct 2019 Banana - 28 RadGuy - 24 Sir Creep - 23 JiroemonKimura - 22 Clorox Bleachman - 19 CaptainChorizo - 19 msc - 18 theoldlady - 18 Joey Russ - 17 Book - 16 Death Impends - 15 Wormfarmer - 13 The Old Crem - 12 Toast - 11 Etushispushingupdasies - 11 Great Uncle Bulgaria - 8 YorkshireBanker - 8 Sean - 7 gcreptile - 7 YoungWillz - 7 Philip - 6 Torva Messor - 6 Bibliogryphon - 5 Skinny kiltrunner - 4 DeathByArsenic - 3 Yvonne - 0
  9. Sir Creep

    Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)

    We can go around and around on this point and will never agree. I would be appalled if her death was mentioned in that thread. Pretend Olympics isn't real Olympics. And pretend Olympics weren't contemplated when that thread was created. There, I said it. Send letters and complaints to the website Admins. Whether she belongs here in ALS is also unlikely but here she is. We have an assisted suicide thread …. how about that one? Or just Deaths of 2019 catch-all. SC
  10. Sir Creep

    Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)

    So like.... her canine needs re-housing. Just sayin. "I own Vervoort's mutt' would be cool to say. All y'all should contact her people. Surely 'what are we gonna do with this damn dug' is a priority today.
  11. Sir Creep

    ABC Deadpool III

    Not without a link to a QO you aren't. Google isn't being our friend at the moment. Should be one would think.... world's oldest man and all.
  12. Sir Creep

    World's Oldest

    Right now I'm more concerned abut @drol's Gerneth's death claim being fraudulent. Not one link for world's oldest man? Christ.... I'm going to have to edit my ABC scoring update. HE LIVES!
  13. Sir Creep

    ABC Deadpool III

    An A for Affort, as three teams got a hit with Alicia Alonso, the 98-year old dancer. Increased points for vowel initials, so 5 total. Bibliogryphon finally gets into the game, leaving Miss Yvonne as our last holdout (we are rooting for her!). GUB and Wormy also score. Let's keep this in one post if possible. Congrats to last year's champ RadGuy with a solo hit with his 97-year old letter M entry: Bill Macy! I guess none of us experts saw that coming RadGuy moves into a tie for 5th and well within striking distance of defending his title. Scoreboard - 23 Oct 2019 Banana - 28 Sir Creep - 23 JiroemonKimura - 22 Clorox Bleachman - 19 CaptainChorizo - 19 RadGuy - 19 msc - 18 theoldlady - 18 Joey Russ - 17 Death Impends - 15 Wormfarmer - 13 The Old Crem - 12 Book - 11 Toast - 11 Etushispushingupdasies - 11 YorkshireBanker - 8 Great Uncle Bulgaria - 8 Sean - 7 gcreptile - 7 YoungWillz - 7 Philip - 6 Torva Messor - 6 Bibliogryphon - 5 Skinny kiltrunner - 4 DeathByArsenic - 3 Yvonne - 0
  14. Sir Creep

    Dying Bigots

    Will Perkins, a prominent local businessman who helped cement Colorado Springs’ reputation as an epicenter for evangelical Christianity, died Saturday at the age of 91. Will Perkins emerged as a controversial figure in the 1990s as chairman of the conservative nonprofit Colorado for Family Values, which crafted Colorado’s Amendment 2. The amendment changed the state constitution, banning laws protecting gays from discrimination based on their sexual orientation, until it was overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1996. A graduate of Colorado College, Will Perkins ran unsuccessfully for mayor of Colorado Springs in 1999, losing to Mary Lou Makepeace. (I can’t make that up). SirC
  15. Sir Creep

    Hollywood Survivors

    John Clarke’s OBIT - if it be the same, as it says born 1931, not 1932.
  16. Sir Creep

    Betty Driver Memorial Soapstar Superstar Thread

    John Clarke, a longtime star of the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives” who was awarded the Lifetime Achievement daytime Emmy in 2005, died Oct. 16 from complications stemming from pneumonia, his family announced in a statement Monday night. He was 88, and had been in declining health for the last several years. SC
  17. Sir Creep

    Rugby World Cup 2019 prediction thread.

    you can’t be that dumb.
  18. Sir Creep

    The Chequered Flag

    He was always slow as fuck making it to the chequered flag over his career...
  19. Sir Creep


    Hmmmm five paragraphs and not one mention of how he died. Usually when they don’t say, it means.... suicide or overdose. Not this time. “Cooper died after having a blood clot. He had knee surgery earlier in the week and was recuperating at his father's home in Iowa. Popular with his fellow umps, he was talking to them Saturday about his recovery.” So it’s odd if not malfeasance of pen by the ‘journalist’ assigned to drafting this obit not to put the cause of death that I found quite easily elsewhere. SirC
  20. Sir Creep

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    From one of the great all-time albums...
  21. Sir Creep

    Animal Antics

    Colorado zookeepers have announced the death of Mongo, a penguin believed to be the oldest African penguin in captivity in North America. The Pueblo Chieftain reported Thursday that 38-year-old Mongo died overnight Wednesday while in captivity at the Pueblo Zoo. Scientists say the endangered African penguin lives an average of 20 years. SC
  22. Enraged naked man beat and kicked Peeping Tom to death. The enraged boyfriend was naked and barefoot while he kicked and pummeled a man he caught exposing himself and peeping into his girlfriend’s bedroom window. By the time Fort Lauderdale (FL) police got to the scene, 57-year-old Asaad Akar was bloodied and unconscious on the ground. Victor Vickery had dried blood on his hands and body. His right foot was bloodied and swollen. Akar, who lived around the corner, a two-minute walk away, was was taken to Broward Health North hospital in Deerfield Beach. Akar died within about 90 minutes of getting there. SC
  23. Sir Creep

    The EU Referendum Hokey Cokey

    That’s a virtue, mate.
  24. Most firstest worldiest complaint I’ve ever read. waaahhhh man too close EATING so let’s shitcan public transportation lmao. Get over the self-importance. Before you pave Paradise and put up a parking lot, I invite you to get around in 90% of large American cuties, but let’s focus on my hometown Detroit where public transportation is outlawed (as it would cut into vehicle sales, and we Detroiters were put on earth to sell vehicles). Yeah do that for a winter of clogged transportation arteries and let me know how that’s working for you. You’ll have crumbs—on YOUR shirt from having to pull over and get something to eat on the way home cuz the traffic isn’t moving. SC
  25. Sir Creep

    Legends in their own minds

    In general that’s always been true. Then some dope posts Anne Meara in ‘Fringes of Fame’. When that shit happens SirC is on the case! They’ll be bitched at ‘there was a better thread’. Don’t happen often but .... needed. I’m more annoyed when people start threads we already have. And then defend their idiocy! 1. Beauty Queens thread exists, I don’t even acknowledge the asinine one created 6 months ago same exact topic. 2. Piper at Gates of Dawn existed, some NEWBIE creates Prog Rock Genesis Types whatever - and only SirC calls him out. Instead you clowns CAPITULATE and actually USE it instead of telling this person what needed to be said. I guess that’s my job - Alpha Male throw his weight around. It’s okay I got big shoulders I can handle it. @Skinny kiltrunner I saw the inherent problem but I liked the idea in general. I think the limited scope threads work well vs broad strokes. I’ve been ‘going to’ start a selfish Detroit thread and probably will soon. But that works, gets a person couple times a year. This one may have but every country has ‘legends’ and we laugh at the headlines often enough (in my home DP at least). SC

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