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  1. Sir Creep

    Sickest game in the world

    Haven’t checked in in a while. Changing my guess in this dumb game to 31. It is to be entered on my behalf every single day u til further notice. SirC
  2. Sir Creep

    48. William H Gates

    94 w Alzheimer's - Gates is a fine pick and should be ridden to the bitter end just like all the Kirk Douglas’s of DL. Bravo on this near perfect selection!
  3. Sir Creep

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Released 40 years ago today. Feel old?
  4. Sir Creep

    The Big Book of DeathList's Great mistakes

    No idea if comedian/actor Patrick Harrington was named yet, but the Committee should have been allowed to park in (mentally) handicapped parking spots in 2016 for leaving him off the list. He lasted what — 8 days into January? Worst Miss by far since I joined in 2014. SC Edit - I see I misinterpreted the thread. Scroll along.
  5. Sir Creep


    Didn't see a dedicated topic for those who give back, so here we are. One of the biggest names in my hometown of Detroit, Alfred Taubman has died. "A. Alfred Taubman's self-made wealth as a pioneer who helped revolutionize how America shops fueled a lifetime of varied philanthropy and support for civic institution and the arts, including his deep commitment to the Detroit Institute of Arts. Taubman, the Pontiac native who helped bring malls to America and who became one of Michigan's most important donors to museums and universities, died Friday of a heart attack in his home in Bloomfield Hills, said Christopher Tennyson of the Office of A. Alfred Taubman. He was 91." He once owned Sotheby's auction house. SC http://www.freep.com/story/money/business/michigan/2015/04/18/a-alfred-taubman-dies-obit/25977167/
  6. My response to this depends completely on whether I am a beneficiary as mentioned in your Last Will.
  7. Sir Creep

    Scavenger Hunt Bingo Deadpool III

    ADMINS: Can we please add ‘III’ or 3 or 2020 whatever. I thought this was the thread for the first Scavenger DP and didn’t open it until today, twa weeks later. SC
  8. Sir Creep

    Beirut Explosion

    Why is this a thread? oh Spade Cooley. Must not have been around when Beirut bombed a couple decades back. Title insinuates this is something new and unique. SMH
  9. Sir Creep

    The President's Men

    Pete Hamill an honest to goodness huge name in the industry, and in general.
  10. Sir Creep

    Foreign Personalities, From Stage, Screen, Politics And Life

    HAWA people gonna ABDIcate for Somalian human rights any more?
  11. I chose to watch some documentary (Remember My Name) about David Crosby yesterday as my in-flight movie. Enjoyed it quite a bit. Didn’t realise he’s 78! Without going back to find it, can I safely assume the old discussion about bands with all members living past 70 started with CSNY? It would seem a logical starting point. All gonna be 75 soon (last time I said that, Jet Black of the Stranglers died weeks later, so expect Stills or Crosby to bite the dust by Halloween). SC
  12. Sir Creep


    My dad used to fish with him. A few years back he was living on a boat in Strangford harbour but I think he had bought a house there. Your dad used to fish with Jesus?!! christ sake, the stories he could recall. Walking on water, caught 1 and stringer suddenly full, etc.
  13. Sir Creep

    Derby Dead Pool 2020

    if we had strike through on the phone version I’d use it. you mean ALL. They can’t sign a legal document as John Fucking Wayne or Tiny Tim. They have real names they always use. SC
  14. Sir Creep


    I drank 14 of your Scott-ish beers the past 14 days. No way I was passing up this one.
  15. Sir Creep

    Coronavirus death toll 2020

    We can address the wording later — Can we begin the discussion condemning the colour scheme?
  16. Sir Creep

    The Fringes Of Fame/family Of The Famous

    I’ve got a wooden nickel for any non-Cajun who can pronounce Breaux’s name.
  17. Sir Creep

    Shove Off, Eh?

    A twoney!
  18. Sir Creep

    Oldest Living State Leaders DP

    Let’s try the youngster. Thanin Kraivichien
  19. This site is full of lame people. Should all be posting the same pile of dead short Jokes. My home DP does (and will) and it’s a joy every time. It’s like all y’all don’t even try. ’He was hoping to make it to August, came up short’. There. I feel better. SC
  20. Sir Creep

    Missing In Action

    ‘Foul’ play is not Cespe-cted.
  21. Sir Creep

    World War II Veterans

    Is URSS some gdamn Gen Y thing? It’s USSR just ask the fucking Beatles. We are English speaking folk around here so stick that alt name up your arsesky. I’m sure Sergei never spent a day fighting for the URSS fuxsake. SirC
  22. Let's lump all these folks into one thread. Not all of them are past NFL players, though a chunk of them are (Steve Gleason, Tim Shaw, OJ Brigance, etc). Lest we forget the Pete Frates of the world, Jason Becker or even Stephen Hawking (though he's covered plenty elsewhere), or the late Sam Shepard. Not every affliction needs it's own thread, but this one is pretty well-defined and the progression easy enough to follow. And with that, a Tim Shaw update. He looks good enough, not even in a wheelchair at this point, so I think we can give him a pass to 2019 before we need to check in on him. SC

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