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  2. DL Status Updates: Statements, Obsevations & Verbal Tennis

    Had the day off school today, so I went to finally get my driver's license. Technically, I was able to have it since I turned 16 in July, but I didn't get back from Poland till August, then school got in the way, yada yada... It was a 3 hour wait at the DMV, which surprised me because it was an early afternoon on a Monday. But I guess I should have expected that since Chicagoland is filled with unemployed ratchets, so it makes no difference when you go. I spent the past couple days reading driver exam horror stories online, and I was convinced my examiner would hallucinate imaginary children running across the street and fail me for running them over (yes, that actually happened to someone, apparently). But he was a nice guy. I was pretty nervous since I didn't know the area well (it was half an hour away from my house), but all I had to do is drive around the neighborhood for 5 minutes, 'uphill' (obvs. no hills in Illinois) park - he didn't even make me use the parking brake, and back out of a driveway - which I took nearly a minute on cuz I was tryna be extra cautious. Anyway, I'm ecstatic as fuck now and can't wait to enjoy my newfound freedom!
  3. Rosalynn Carter Former First Lady of the USA

    Not to be a dick, but I've noticed this trend with you @Gooseberry Crumble so might as well let you know. When naming a thread, the name of the person is sufficent, unless they are extremely obscure. 'Rosalynn Carter' would be fine, since almost everybody knows who she is. You could perhaps add 'Former US First Lady' to the thread description. Besides that, good thread. Should be heavily considered for DL 2019.
  4. Avicii

    Usually when I see a non-athlete celebrity trending on Twitter, my first thought is that they're dead (as you can see I'm a very fun person). But that was certainly not the case with Avicii. Saw him trending yesterday afternoon, assumed he was releasing a new album or something, and bam - he's dead. In hindsight, it shouldnt've been very shocking, since he had his fair share of health issues. But still... it doesn't seem real. RIP.
  5. So .. What Do You Watch On TV?

    Estelle Parsons reprised her role as Bev in last night's episode. If you ask me, she hasn't changed a bit since the '90s. Wouldn't recommend her for any pools any time soon.
  6. World's Oldest

    Centenarian athlete, DDP pick, and all-around cool guy Stanisław Kowalski hit two major milestones in recent weeks. On March 19th, he became the Oldest Man in Poland, upon the death of Józef Żurek. On April 14th, he turned 108 years old! Many happy returns!
  7. 29. Barbara Bush

    When I first heard the news of her ill health two days ago, my initial reaction was that it was a "brace yourself" announcement and that she had only a few days left to live. But later on, I figured she could easily make it another couple months. It might take a while before she suffered complications from her illnesses. Turns out I was right the first time around. RIP, I guess. Edit: I really can't imagine George living much longer anymore. Couple months left at best, probably just a couple weeks.
  8. The Weather

    Chicago spring weather is obviously crazy, but this year might be one of the craziest I've seen. End of February a 'heat wave' arrives with temps in the 60s, and everybody's thinking spring's gonna arrive early this year. But in mid-March, we have another snowstorm with a couple inches falling in the span of a couple hours. It's cold for most of the rest of March, with no end in sight. Things warm up again very late in March with a couple nice, sunny days, in the upper 50s. Some flowers actually start to blossom. This time's gotta be spring, right? Nay. Easter is the coldest one in decades, barely above freezing in the daytime. Then, a couple days later, snow fell. And this Monday, we had snow fall again. Then, yesterday and the day before temps reached 70! Practically summertime, right, we skipped thru spring? Nay. Temps near freezing this weekend with snow potential into Monday.
  9. Shaun's Death By Numbers 2018

    Update #10 Hits: 24 March - Lys Assia (b. 1924) - Grigori 4 April - Amy Mattingly (b. 1985) - gcreptile 5 April - Eric Bristow (b. 1957) - Toast Scoreboard: gcreptile 768 Captain Chorizo 584 drol 537 msc 482 Grim Up North 465 Joey Russ 453 Sean 435 DevonDeathTrip 404 DeathImpends 401 Book 395 FixedBusiness 332 Prophet 307 Banana 291 The Unknown Man 291 Toast 195 Torva Messor 159 John Key 153 YoungWillz 139 Wormfarmer 92 Gooseberry Crumble 53 Grigori 48 Bibliogryphon 18 mr.whit 18
  10. Dead Pop Stars

    Yeah, you two are right. I fucked up big time jokering him. Seemed like a cert in December - 'too ill' to attend Christmas lighting, and everybody thought it plausible for him to die that month and give DQSP another late win. But even though more tumors are popping up, everything seems under control for now. I guess there's a chance treatment stops working and he dies later this year, but at the moment it seems he's actually one of the worst picks on my team. Not something you'd want to say about your joker. I originally considered him to be a 2017 Errol Christie - unexpectedly survived the previous year, so a decent bet he won't hang on much longer. But now I realize he's more of a 2017 Leah Bracknell - prognosis seems grim on paper, but they're defying the odds and not declining as fast as expected. So, yeah, that means I'm pretty much out of the run for the title this year. But punts like Goodwin and Rios Montt being successful means I still have a decent shot at the top 10. And, who knows, if Vervoort continues to stall the euthanasia...
  11. Ideas and Possibilities for 2019

    Her son confirms she's in hospice care. https://twitter.com/PaulyShore/status/982661531862052864
  12. Andy Fordham - Will he retain his liver?

    Eric Bristow dead according to several folk on Twitter. https://twitter.com/OfficialPDC/status/981997053470564352 https://twitter.com/OfficialPDC/status/981997053470564352 Could a mod please move this to the darts thread - 99% sure there is one, but can't find it. Edit: Shit, the Andy Fordham one right?
  13. Nelson Mandela

    This tweet aged well...
  14. Easter Deadpool

    Men: Bishop David Foley John McCain Herman Wouk Women: Cloris Leachman Jacqui Forster Marieke Vervoort
  15. Class Of 1926

    Thanks guys. Definitely not a pick I feel bad about scoring with. Certainly better than last year's unique ALS mum.