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  1. Dead Pop Stars

    Just wanted to put this here. RIP Charles Bradley - thank you for your music.
  2. 20. Jake Lamotta

    He was 95. Even his daughter said so in her Facebook post. Or do you think she's a liar and hoaxer? "SMH some real dumb asses are being exposed here today."
  3. Windy City Deadpool 2017-18

    Update #14 for Richard Anderson, Connie Johnson, Peter Hall, and Violet Brown. msc 2140 drol 1965 Death Impends 1860 Joey Russ 1760 gcreptile 1535 Book 1460 Jiroemon Kimura 1460 The Dead Cow 1415 Grim Up North 1305 Captain Chorizo 1160 GraveDanger 1075 Wormfarmer 1035 YoungWillz 1010 RadGuy 970 The Unknown Man 855 Deathray 675 Shaun of the Dead 675 Bibliogryphon 500 ImNotHades 350 Gooseberry Crumble 275 Davy Jones' Locker 100 A lot of people get big boosts in this update. YoungWillz and Wormfarmer make it past the thousand points mark. DeathImpends and gcreptile make it into the top 5.
  4. World's Oldest

    Very sad to hear this news about 'Aunt V'. Certainly sad that her last days were so dramatic. If she had lived 6 more weeks, she'd have surpassed Marie-Louise Meilleur, and would've become the first person since the 1990s to crack the top 4. RIP to the last Victorian subject, and a wonderful lady.
  5. The Weather

    That's very interesting. I live in the US and we're also experiencing fall foliage very early this year (at least in the Chicago area). Usually, at this time of year, the weather's still fairly hot and every tree is still green. But one of my neighbors' trees has been full yellow for over a week now. Many maple trees have patches of red and orange near the top. My elm tree in the front yard has a patch of red at the top. Of course, it's nothing major and still mostly green, but it feels like we're about 2-3 weeks ahead compared to most years. Probably caused by the cool and dry end of summer we've had. I started school in mid-August, and it's been sweater weather at least half the time since.
  6. Prince Philip vs Prince Henrik

    Stop the creation of "Who will die first between these two/three/several somewhat comparable people?" threads. That goes for "Who will die first between these people born in the same year?" and "Who will be the last survivor between etc etc" threads too.
  7. Hurricane Irma Death Toll

    Well, almost all of Mitch's thousands of fatalities happened in Honduras and Nicaragua. Basically, when an Atlantic hurricane has such a huge death toll, it's mostly in underdeveloped countries in Central America and the Caribbean. Irma has already hit the Caribbean, and the death toll is only 23. It could still rise, but probably not by much. The only islands directly affected (Anguilla, Barbuda, Sint Maarten, etc.) had small populations anyway. The hurricane stayed slightly north of Puerto Rico, Hispaniola, and just barely made landfall in Cuba. It's about to hit Florida of course. Death toll won't rise by that much. First of all, because, as I mentioned, hurricanes never kill many people in America in modern times. Katrina was the only exception, killed about a 1000 because levees broke and submerged an entire large metropolitan area of New Orleans. Second of all, because it's not supposed to directly hit a major city. Earlier models had it going directly towards Miami, but now it is predicted to go to west Florida. Third of all, because tons of people already evacuated Florida. So, I am going for a death toll of 100. Split that up into 80 in the Caribbean and 20 in the US.
  8. American Football (And Other Yank 'sports')

    NFL is back tonight and I couldn't be more excited!
  9. The Weather

    Not bad weather at all this Labor Day weekend. 83 yesterday, 85 today. First signs of fall are on their way, though. Highs around 64-69 the rest of this week.
  10. Things To Do While Waiting For Death

    Peter Falk? He's in excellent health. Not like he has Alzheimer's or anything.
  11. John McCain

    I mean, I know there's not really a "rule". It just something that some people do. For example, gcreptile - I assume, since he didn't have Mark Sims on Shameless nor Lisa Magill on his main team. And I'll choose to do the same. John McCain on my American politics theme team only, Dmitri Hvorostovsky on my Slav theme team only, etc.
  12. John McCain

    He's not going on my main DDP team. I'm making an American politics theme team and McCain will obviously be the joker. There's sort of an unspoken rule that if you have multiple teams there shouldn't be any crossover between them.
  13. Only Famous For Being Ill And Dying

    Ha, I should have expected this to happen. Everybody had him on their shortlists. At least I found out early on in the "team-making season" and have 4 months left to find a better joker.
  14. Only Famous For Being Ill And Dying

    Fuck, he was the potential 30-point joker I was talking about. I knew gcreptile had mentioned him in 2016, but assumed since nobody picked him for 2017, he was off people's radars. Oh, well. Lesson learned not to assume any pick is a unique. He probably ain't making 2018 anyway. If anyone's wondering, the way I found him was via Kris Hallenga's Twitter.
  15. Each Year's Most Significant Death.

    2014 is Car Talk co-host Tom Magliozzi and I will fight anyone who disagrees.