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  1. Phantom of the Midway

    Aretha Franklin

    Big year for major music deaths. Dolores O'Riordan, Avicii, Danny Kirwan, XXXTentacion, now Aretha Franklin - wide variety of genres, of course. RIP to the Queen of Soul. Aretha was literally living history, from her friendship with Martin Luther King, to singing at Obama's inauguration.
  2. Phantom of the Midway

    Shaun's Death By Numbers 2018

    Update #18 Hits: 7 August - Stan Mikita (b. 1940) - Wormfarmer, Banana 8 August - Jarrod Lyle (b. 1981) - gcreptile, Death Impends 16 August - Atal Bihari Vajpayee (b. 1924) - drol 16 August - Aretha Franklin (b. 1942) - Fixed Business, Gooseberry Crumble, John Key, Joey Russ, Book, Grim Up North, Prophet Scoreboard: gcreptile 1049 DeathImpends 1045 msc 889 Grim Up North 814 drol 787 CaptainChorizo 784 Joey Russ 757 Book 721 Sean 672 Prophet 662 DevonDeathTrip 653 FixedBusiness 500 Banana 452 The Unknown Man 383 Toast 319 Torva Messor 279 Wormfarmer 268 John Key 239 YoungWillz 222 Gooseberry Crumble 187 Grigori 80 mr.whit 43 Bibliogryphon 38
  3. Phantom of the Midway

    DL Status Updates: Statements, Obsevations & Verbal Tennis

    Going on a day trip to St. Louis tomorrow to check out Washington University. It's a tough school to get into, but hopefully they'll give me more consideration if I endure the 5-hour drive to get there.
  4. Phantom of the Midway

    Death Anniversary Thread

    Actor and comedian Bernie Mac died 10 years ago today, at the age of 50. He's the first celebrity death I remember. RIP to a Chicago legend.
  5. Phantom of the Midway

    Shaun's Death By Numbers 2018

    Update #17 Hits: 28 July - Bruce Lietzke (b. 1951) - msc, Grim Up North, Death Impends 1 August - Mary Carlisle (b. 1914) - Torva Messor (J) 5 August - Charlotte Rae (b. 1926) - The Unknown Man, msc, drol, Wormfarmer, Grim Up North, Death Impends Scoreboard: gcreptile 968 DeathImpends 964 msc 889 CaptainChorizo 784 Grim Up North 772 drol 763 Joey Russ 715 Book 679 Sean 672 DevonDeathTrip 653 Prophet 620 FixedBusiness 458 Banana 412 The Unknown Man 383 Toast 319 Torva Messor 279 Wormfarmer 228 YoungWillz 222 John Key 197 Gooseberry Crumble 145 Grigori 80 mr.whit 43 Bibliogryphon 38
  6. Phantom of the Midway

    DL Status Updates: Statements, Obsevations & Verbal Tennis

    Going to the beach at Indiana Dunes with my friends tomorrow.
  7. Phantom of the Midway

    Shaun's Death By Numbers 2018

    Update #16 Hits: 1 July - Baron Thomas of Macclesfield (b. 1937) - YoungWillz 9 July - Lord Carrington (b. 1919) - YoungWillz, The Unknown Man, John Key 13 July - Laura Barry (b. 1993) - DeathImpends 13 July - Nancy Barbato Sinatra (b. 1917) - Gooseberry Crumble Scoreboard: gcreptile 968 DeathImpends 887 msc 812 CaptainChorizo 784 drol 737 Joey Russ 715 Grim Up North 695 Book 679 Sean 672 DevonDeathTrip 653 Prophet 620 FixedBusiness 458 Banana 412 The Unknown Man 357 Toast 319 Torva Messor 251 YoungWillz 222 Wormfarmer 204 John Key 197 Gooseberry Crumble 145 Grigori 80 mr.whit 43 Bibliogryphon 38
  8. Phantom of the Midway

    The Weather

    Pretty hot here, hovering around 85-90 most days, rather humid too. But nothing out of the ordinary. And while a lot of folks are bitching about it, I like summertime in Chicago: the mugginess, the sunshine, the lush greenery, the sounds of ACs running and cicadas chirping.
  9. Phantom of the Midway

    World Cup 2018

    "Ish comin' 'ome lads" Nope, it's coming to Hrvatska. Very nice outcome after yesterday's disappointment for Belgium. But good on the England team for at least making it this far and generating some excitement for once.
  10. Phantom of the Midway

    Shaun's Death By Numbers 2018

    Update #15 Hits: 24 May - David Shutts (b. 1965) - DeathImpends 27 June - Joe Jackson (b. 1928) - Gooseberry Crumble 29 June - Matt Cappotelli (b. 1979) - FixedBusiness, msc, Sean, drol, Joey Russ, Book, gcreptile, Captain Chorizo, DeathImpends, DevonDeathTrip, Prophet 2 July - Henry Butler (b. 1949) - DevonDeathTrip Scoreboard: gcreptile 968 msc 812 DeathImpends 794 CaptainChorizo 784 drol 737 Joey Russ 715 Grim Up North 695 Book 679 Sean 672 DevonDeathTrip 653 Prophet 620 FixedBusiness 458 Banana 412 The Unknown Man 338 Toast 319 Torva Messor 251 Wormfarmer 204 John Key 178 YoungWillz 164 Gooseberry Crumble 128 Grigori 80 mr.whit 43 Bibliogryphon 38 DeathImpends makes it onto the podium thanks to the David Shutts obit. A Colin Butts obit would make him a definite contender for the title... Meanwhile, I updated the masterlist for the transfers a couple days ago. Fixed Joey's mistake (I appreciate his honesty). If anyone else has an error, please let me know.
  11. Phantom of the Midway

    Holiday Thread

    Made it back home around 5PM yesterday. Stayed up for the first batch of fireworks but around 9:30 I went to bed. Proceeded to wake up at 4:30 this morning... gonna be tough getting used to the time difference. Thanks for your updates @Cat O'Falk. I wasn't on the forums during my trip, but I did read your PMs thru my email notifications.
  12. Phantom of the Midway

    Holiday Thread

    My trip to Poland is coming to an end. I'm pretty happy to be heading back home tbh. After a whole month, I've had my fill. Especially since I do the same things every summer - sit around with my grandparents, walk their dog, go on hikes, take a day trip to nearby Kraków with my friends, smoke joints behind a dumpster. Not that those things aren't enjoyable, but they're getting old. But I knew I had to make the most of my trip since I'll probably be too busy to go next year. I'll be preparing for college and I'll want to spend one last summer with my high school friends. My flight from Rzeszów to Warsaw is around 9AM local time on Wednesday. Only a few hours layover, then around 1PM is my flight to Chicago.
  13. Phantom of the Midway

    Derby Dead Pool 2018

    I love doing this whole survivor analysis thing, but I haven't done it since the beginning of the year. So here's my mid-year edition. Leah Bracknell: The report of her needing to get her lungs drained often is ominous. Reminds me of Sam Simon in his final days. 90% Greg Gilbert (JOKER): Probably the worst pick on my team. Has a wedding planned and treatment is still working for now. Shitty joker. 20% Jose Jose: One of these hospitalizations will be his last. But when will that be? 50% Dilip Kumar: So frail... he can't hang on much longer. Autumn-time death. 80% Devin Lima: Seen a lot of 'prayers' talk on social media. However, seems more like fans concerned with his diagnosis than friends concerned with his condition. 40% Philomena Lynott: No way she's refusing treatment. An 87-year-old doesn't survive almost a full year with untreated lung cancer. 50% John McCain: Any day now. Though that is what I've been saying for a couple months. 95% Charlotte Rae: We don't really know how her cancer is progressing. Her frail looks could be attributed to the fact that she can't be bothered to wear makeup anymore. 50% Fernando Ricksen: He may be optimistic, but that's no cure for organ failure - which he will soon have. Likely goner this year. 75% Stefan Karl Stefansson: Doesn't look as frail as you'd expect. But given the pessimistic news, 6 more months is a big ask. 80% Nobby Stiles: Has had dementia forever. He'll die on a quiet day in the fall. 85% Marieke Vervoort: She's a happy person. I doubt she will undergo euthanasia any time soon. 30%
  14. Phantom of the Midway

    Windy City Deadpool 2018-19

    40 points for me now that David Shutts got his obit.
  15. Phantom of the Midway

    ZZL's Election Coverage & Results Thread

    Not sure about this thread. I know you weren't around back then, but we did have separate threads for the 2016 primaries and 2016 general election. So the same can be expected in 2020 for the primaries and general. Perhaps rename this the "2018 midterms" thread or sum'n like that. As for Ocasio-Cortez's victory, I'm overjoyed. Joe Crowley was the incumbent with all the name recognition, and he spent 10 times as much money as her. But lost. Oh, how glorious. Watching how shocked all the pundits and number-crunchers are after last night is beautiful. Joy Ann Reid even admitted she never heard of Ocasio-Cortez before she won. Of course, they're already making excuses about how this doesn't mean anything and the fact she was a progressive and a democratic socialist and a Berniecrat doesn't mean anything. But it does show that far-left candidates who focus on economic justice can do well in a country that is predominately made up of working class people. But no, the pundits say, that socialist Ocasio-Cortez only won because it was the Bronx and Queens. She wouldn't stand a chance in West Virginia; Democratic candidates in conservative places need to be centrist and centre-right! That's not exactly true either. First of all, it's not an issue of "centrist vs. far-left". It's an issue of "corrupt/corporatist vs. pro-working people". The moderate Democrats are moderate on economic issues because they take money from corporations and big pharma and such. So obviously they're not gonna fight for a working class agenda. The working class social conservatives of the South could definitely support Berniecrats and progressives, but with a couple of 'requirements'. 1. Little emphasis on identity politics 2. Don't call yourself a 'socialist' because people are ignorant and are scared of that word and think it means you're a full blown dirty Soviet commie. 3. Be socially conservative, or at least don't bring up social issues like gay rights or gun laws. What's the proof? Richard Ojeda is a Democrat running for Congress in West Virginia's 3rd district. He is endorsed by the Bernie wing of the party, he supports medicare for all, and is a big union guy. But he's also pro-mining, and doesn't discuss social issues. He currently has a 6-point lead in the polls on his Republican opponent. Basically, far-left progressives CAN succeed in poor, conservative areas. They just need to put the emphasis on stuff like healthcare, welfare, and prosperity. The ruby red state of Kansas had a Democratic governor a mere 15 years ago because she focused her campaign on the economy, healthcare, and Social Security, rather than being liberal on social issues. Unfortunately, a lot of working class Southerners and Midwesterns have been voting against their best economic interests, because they've been fed the propaganda that the Democrats are lunatics who wanna turn your kids gay, steal everyone's guns, make veganism mandatory, and open the borders for all the illegal immigrant criminals to rape your wives and steal your jobs. Progressives who don't focus on those issues can easily win running on populist economic issues. So, when the hacky pundits tell you only "moderate Democrats" can win in Republican areas, they're not giving you the full picture. By "moderate", they mean people who won't stand up for raising the minimum wage or for universal healthcare. But this couldn't be further from the truth. Poor rednecks in the heartland don't vote Republican because of their corporate economic message, I mean why would they? They're broke as fuck! They vote Republican because neither the Republicans nor the moderate Democrats actually give a fuck about them, so they might as well vote Republican based on social issues and conservative "traditional American" culture. Progressives who don't take corporate donations and who will fight for working people can win anywhere, whether it's New York City or West Virginia. Except of course for a handful of rich neighborhoods and towns - the only places that actually like the status quo and corporatist policies. But those places are in the minority.

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