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  1. Phantom of the Midway

    Donald J Trump

    Duckworth is my Senator and she could definitely beat Trump due to the reasons you mentioned. Bernie Sanders would probably win too, he could take back much of the Rust Belt from Trump. Joe Biden also has that working class appeal. Other than that, I don't think many other Democrats could win in 2020. Cory Booker has too many Wall Street ties and Kamala Harris did some sketchy things as Attorney General of California. Kirsten Gillibrand isn't very likeable and doesn't have much name recognition. Andrew Cuomo has a "corrupt urban political machine boss" vibe about him. If Tim Kaine or Hillary Clinton ran again (God forbid), they'd get their asses handed to them with even states like Minnesota and Maine probably going to Trump.
  2. Phantom of the Midway

    World Cup predict the scores 2018

    "Oh, shit, all these independent journalists just keep falling out their apartment windows, blyat" 1 "Fine, fine, by Allah, we'll let the inferior womanfolk drive!" 2
  3. Phantom of the Midway

    World Cup 2018

    Pretty heated discussion at the dinner table today about how Poland will fair this year. I'm optimistic and say we'll definitely at least make it past the group stage. Colombia's the only major threat, it shouldn't be hard getting past Senegal and Japan. But my dad's older and has seen much more disappointment over the years. He knows that the Polish team will find a way to fuck it all up. His prediction is that Colombia and Senegal make it out of the group. As for a winner, I'd say Belgium. But they did find a way to choke in the 2016 Euros so it's not a sure thing. France, Portugal, Germany, Brazil, and Argentina are all contenders too. But what do I know? 12 months ago I said Chile will win it.
  4. Phantom of the Midway

    Shaun's Death By Numbers 2018

    Can't change jokers either. I think that about covers it. Edit: @Grim Up North asked if you can just sub out your joker and - rather than switching to a new joker (which I already said you can't do) - continue in the competition without a joker. Honestly, I'll have to think about it. I'll let you all know within 2 weeks.
  5. Phantom of the Midway

    Shaun's Death By Numbers 2018

    Just the usual. Maximum of 5 names, post in the thread (not PM), can't replace picks who didn't obit. Please post on the day of June 30th, GMT. I probably won't update the masterlist until I get back to America a few days after that.
  6. Phantom of the Midway

    Shaun's Death By Numbers 2018

    Update #13 Hits: 24 May - Jerry Maren (b. 1920) - Torva Messor 4 June - Jalal Mansur Nuriddin (b. 1944) - DeathImpends 4 June - Dwight Clark (b. 1957) - Wormfarmer 6 June - Mary Wilson (b. 1916) - Grigori (J), msc Scoreboard: gcreptile 889 CaptainChorizo 705 msc 703 Grim Up North 695 drol 658 DeathImpends 650 Joey Russ 636 Book 600 Sean 593 Prophet 541 DevonDeathTrip 525 Banana 412 FixedBusiness 379 The Unknown Man 338 Toast 269 Torva Messor 251 John Key 178 YoungWillz 164 Wormfarmer 149 Gooseberry Crumble 100 Grigori 80 mr.whit 43 Bibliogryphon 18
  7. Phantom of the Midway


    "The Grandfather of Rap" and DeathImpends B-Team pick Jalal Mansur Nurridin has apparently died.
  8. Phantom of the Midway

    American Football Players

    Planning on submitting an American football theme team next year - mostly NFL but a couple college names too. Dwight Clark's death has me a bit nervous. If a few more of the ill names (Bart Starr, Steve Gleason, Jim Kelly) don't make January, the team'll be shit. Oh well, at least the name I planned is great: "Traded to the Saints."
  9. Phantom of the Midway

    Holiday Thread

    Yesterday was my last day of school, and tonight I'm leaving for Poland for a month. LO4 at 9:30PM from Chicago O'Hare to Warsaw, if Cat's interested. Then, a 3 hour layover in Warsaw before my flight to Rzeszów.
  10. Phantom of the Midway

    World's Oldest

    Poland's second oldest person, Czesława Łasiewicz, has died at 111. Meanwhile, only nine days left until the doyenne of Poland, Tekla Juniewicz, turns 112. *knock on wood*
  11. Phantom of the Midway

    MMMDP 2018

    Looks like I'm late... 4 hours late. Thought I'd be safe coming on right now, since last year we could barely fill all the spots. I was gonna pick Alejandro Junco. Although I could only find one source saying he was ill, I figured I'd take a punt since this is mostly a game of luck anyway.
  12. Phantom of the Midway

    Shaun's Death By Numbers 2018

    Update #12 Hits: 12 May - Tessa Jowell (b. 1947) - FixedBusiness, The Unknown Man, Gooseberry Crumble, msc, drol, Joey Russ, Book, Grim Up North, gcreptile, Torva Messor, Captain Chorizo, Banana, DeathImpends, DevonDeathTrip 24 May - John Bain (b. 1984) - msc, Sean, Book, Grim Up North, DeathImpends, Prophet 25 May - Dean Francis (b. 1974) - msc, Sean, drol, Joey Russ, Book, Grim Up North, gcreptile, CaptainChorizo, Banana, Toast, DeathImpends, DevonDeathTrip, Prophet (J) Scoreboard: gcreptile 889 CaptainChorizo 705 Grim Up North 695 msc 687 drol 658 Joey Russ 636 DeathImpends 606 Book 600 Sean 593 Prophet 541 DevonDeathTrip 525 Banana 412 FixedBusiness 379 The Unknown Man 338 Toast 269 Torva Messor 231 John Key 178 YoungWillz 164 Gooseberry Crumble 100 Wormfarmer 92 Grigori 48 mr.whit 43 Bibliogryphon 18
  13. Phantom of the Midway

    Boxing Clever?

    I've been in the DDP for 3 years and every single one of those years I've had a boxer die in late spring/early summer. Although, there's probably several people like me, since Ali, Christie, and Francis were all popular picks. I'll update Death By Numbers later today.
  14. Phantom of the Midway

    Sir Creep Appreciation Thread

    I appreciate Sir Creep. Call me crazy, but he's one of my favorite posters. He's a genuinely respectable man. Single dad. Oil field worker down South. Not like these dang hippies who never worked a day in their life. Had a couple nice chats with him years ago, when we still had a chatbox on here. Sure, he can be whiny and annoying at times. But aren't we all?
  15. Phantom of the Midway

    World's Oldest

    Bessie's family just didn't bother notifying the media. That's the same reason Zoltan Sarosy (oldest Canadian) and Marie Gaudette (oldest American citizen/Italian resident) got no press, despite having been covered by the media previously. Camm's definitely dead. The gerontology geeks ain't wrong - they never are.

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