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  1. The Dead Of 2017

    Leo Sharp, "world's oldest drug mule", died off the media radar in December 2016, according to this July report I just found. DDP pick but, of course, no points since he died last year. Incidentally, funny thing I just noticed: he was picked by Predictor, and even though Predictor had crossed him off in his signature, he never posted about Sharp's death. In fact, he hasn't posted at all since August. His post count is 750 so it looks like he's trying really hard to keep up the 150 posts a year gimmick...
  2. Slavs

    Izabella Zielińska, 107-year-old Polish pianist, has died. Picked in a pool or two, I believe, but no sign of any non-local obits, let alone UK obits. I was planning on having her in my 2018 Slavic theme team, even though I knew there was no way in hell she'd obit. So I guess that shows you how shitty that team is looking right now when a List of the Lost cert was heavily considered.
  3. Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving folks! May you enjoy the company and the food.
  4. Derby Dead Pool 2017

    I'm with Joey on this one. The crossing off of a name is supposed to indicate that they are a hit for someone, not that they died.
  5. Who Should Be On The 2018 Deathlist?

    Well, now I need a new joker for my Slavic theme team.
  6. Charles Manson

    Pretty sure that's the German transliteration of Hvorostovsky. Edit: Or rather, the German transliteration of Хворостовский, of which the English transliteration is Hvorostovsky.
  7. Windy City Deadpool 2017-18

    Update #17 for Les Mutrie, Dudley Simpson, Jeremy Hutchinson, and Bobby Doerr. msc 2480 drol 2315 DeathImpends 2295 Joey Russ 2210 The Dead Cow 2190 Jiroemon Kimura 2180 Book 2095 Wormfarmer 1715 Grim Up North 1675 gcreptile 1630 Captain Chorizo 1625 Shaun of the Dead 1385 GraveDanger 1325 The Unknown Man 1315 RadGuy 1270 YoungWillz 1235 Deathray 1145 Bibliogryphon 1135 Davy Jones' Locker 950 ImNotHades 350 Gooseberry Crumble 275 DeathImpends makes the podium, and Bibliogryphon makes it past 1000 points.
  8. Foreign Personalities, From Stage, Screen, Politics And Life

    Well, I'll be damned. José José has pulled a Stefan Karl - he's "cancer-free".
  9. The Dead Of 2017

    Can't really complain about her not being a Deathlist hit when she (quite surprisingly, tbh) wasn't even a DDP hit. Also, I don't think she was nearly as famous in the UK as she was in the US.
  10. So How's Your 2018 Shortlist Looking?

    I have around 140 names. I'm thinking Thanksgiving break is when I'll start trimming down rapidly. My plan for 2018 is to go conservative - lot of low-point (old) dead-certs and very few high-reward risky picks.
  11. The Weather

    First snow yesterday in Chicago with more on the way tonight.
  12. Voting For Dl Awards, Part 1

    'Twas not me who revealed Tracy McGiffin. I *did* accidentally reveal Sara Hankins' imminent demise by talking in what I naively thought was Spade Code, but she ended up being a DDP unique for me anyway.
  13. Dead Pop Stars

    Speaking of important DDP picks going out in public, Patrick Cryne will be appearing at a Q&A on November 15th. If both Cryne and Gilbert look good in their public appearances, it's very likely TJS will win the DDP (unless, of course, something unexpected happens like Elias survives, Fujimori/Spiridonov croak, Cryne/Gilbert get hit by a car, etc).
  14. Rayya Elias

    Hmm, let's look at the clues to determine the age of the photo. Cozy clothing suggests it's very recent, as it's autumn and obviously been cold in the Midwest/Northeast. (I don't know if they're living in New York City or Rayya's hometown of Detroit). Speaking of the Detroit, that Detroit Lions hat Rayya is wearing suggests the photo was taken during the NFL season, which started in September and is still going on. However, it could very well have been taken during last year's NFL season. Rayya doesn't look as sick as she did in that September photo, and it's unlikely that someone with such advanced cancer has even a slight recovery. Really rooting for her to make 2018. She's made it months seemingly "in her last days", she could last a couple more months. But it's more likely than not she'll die within a few weeks.
  15. Windy City Deadpool 2017-18

    Update #16 for Eberhard van der Laan, Roy Dotrice, Gord Downie, Danielle Darrieux, Daisy Berkowitz, and Anna Irwin. msc 2480 drol 2315 Joey Russ 2210 Jiroemon Kimura 2180 The Dead Cow 2150 DeathImpends 2135 Book 2095 Wormfarmer 1715 Grim Up North 1675 gcreptile 1585 Captain Chorizo 1410 Shaun of the Dead 1385 GraveDanger 1325 The Unknown Man 1315 RadGuy 1270 YoungWillz 1235 Deathray 1145 Davy Jones' Locker 950 Bibliogryphon 585 ImNotHades 350 Gooseberry Crumble 275 Sorry that updates are becoming more and more rare, but school gets in the way. As we approach Thanksgiving and Christmas, I'll have more time.