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  1. Ah ok I was only aware of the UK edition so I didn't know the organization as a whole was based in New York.
  2. German politician, Fritz Hellwig, ist tot at the age of 104. DDP pick for two teams. Nary a QO in sight.
  3. Is there any particular reason as to why the International Business Times aren't a qualifying obit source? They seem to produce a decent amount of would-be unique QOs, such as for Jagraj Singh and Gretel Bergmann (but Bergmann seems the type of person to get a Telegraph/Guardian/Times obit a week late, so we can't rule her out yet). Based on the updates posted here by Spade and other folks the past month or two, Rayya Elias will most likely be dead by the start of the NFL season (that's September 7th this year). Don't worry, she's a dead cert and an obit cert. You picked a good joker. However, to those who jokered Downie or Bracknell, I think it's time to start getting a little nervous. End of July and still no signs of imminent death such as hospice.
  4. Sherman Hemsley died 5 years ago today.
  5. I was on the John when I Heard the news.
  6. I feel like I cursed her because just hours before her death, I wrote down her name as a potential part of my Slavic theme team I might enter into the DDP next year. Anyways, I don't expect her to QO because the oldest people in non-English speaking countries never get QOs (unless they also happen to be the oldest person in the world). But Mrs. Szubartowicz did get obits from all major Polish newspapers and news websites, so I don't think she's a part of the supercentenarian obit drought. I was quite sad to hear of her passing. I've been interested in supercentenarians ever since I was a young child (cue gerontophilia jokes), and I always hated how all the Polish supercentenarians seemed to die aged 110-111. So I was sort of rooting for Mrs. Szubartowicz to live a couple more years, or at least make her 112th birthday in October. Luckily for me, the new doyenne of Poland, Tekla Juniewicz, is only a couple months younger than Mrs. Szubartowicz, also aged 111. I'm rooting for you, Tekla. Stick around a while!
  7. Thank you!
  8. Been here 2 and 1/2 years, so a bit late to decide I don't like my username. But can mine be changed to Phantom of the Midway?
  9. Famed Japanese physician Shigeaki Hinohara dies at 105.
  10. Dreamt that it was late in 2017, prime deadpooling season. Colin Meads died on December 3rd, which pissed me off as I was rooting for him to make it to 2018. Then Shannen Doherty died later in December, but for some reason she was in her 90s.
  11. Finally an obit for Sister Gaudette pops up from a New Hampshire news site (her home state). For future reference, the GRG List and Gerontology Wikia are very reliable sources. The GRG has contact info for all supercentenarians and are therefore often the only people to report on the deaths of the less relevant ones. The Gerontology Wikia basically takes all of GRG's info and puts it in a better organized, easy-to-read format. Either way, pretty strange she didn't get any more obits yet. She was the oldest living nun, oldest living person born in the USA, oldest person living in Italy, and 5th oldest living person. Not to mention she was a news sensation back in 2008 in a typical centenarian fluff piece "106 year old nun voting for Obama". All those things combined, you'd think she'd certainly get a QO from the Daily Mail, let alone more than one obit! This, and the fact that Zoltan Sarosy got nothing but a chess-based site and two Hungarian rags, makes me wonder if we're headed for some kind of supercentenarian obit drought.
  12. While more and more sources are stating they believe he's dead, the date of death is still disputed. Russia and Iran are saying he died in the May 28th airstrike, but the US, UK, and Iraq dispute this. He could have died in June or early July. He might have even died in 2016! The man only made one public appearance, and that was years ago. So I'd hold off on awarding points unless we get a confirmed date from both sides. Either way, I can see this whole al-Baghdadi fiasco as a justification for banning non-captured terrorists as DDP picks.
  13. One to bring back for 2018 for sure.
  14. It's been 10 years since the death of First Lady LBJ, wife of President LBJ, with whom she had two daughters: LBJ and LBJ, plus the family dog - LBJ.
  15. Some Bulgarian jokes... hopefully not too offensive... all in good fun. Why do Bulgarians wear slip-on shoes? Because you need an IQ of at least 4 to tie shoelaces! Why did the Bulgarian mother buy a dog? Because she wanted someone smart in the family! Why does the Bulgarian alphabet use the letters э, я, and и? Because Bulgarians are backwards! Why did the Bulgarian bring a car door on his hike thru the Sahara desert? So he could roll down the window when it gets too hot! Why did the Bulgarian woman wear two jackets when painting her living room? The can said you need to use two coats!