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  1. Hollywood Survivors

    Never had a June Foray like DeathImpends, or a Mary Wilson like msc. But the trio of Rose Marie, Nanette Fabray, and Bill Macy came pretty close. 2 out of 3 dead now.
  2. 6. Billy Graham

    Rats, thought I'd be first with the news. Good riddance to him.
  3. The Deathlist Cup 2018

    Called Nevin here. But for some reason still had her high up in the Inverse...
  4. What Are You Giving Up For Lent?

    Well, hey, I've been on these mostly-British forums for a couple years. I've adopted a lot of useful new words, like owt/nowt, summat, and yes - cunto. Same goes for Joey, probably. Never claimed to be normal. I'm well aware I ain't.
  5. What Are You Giving Up For Lent?

    Nah, no way Joey's an imposter. He definitely seems like somebody my age. Zorders isn't mentally stable enough to be able to maintain a disguise for 2 years. If Zorders was Joey, we'd be seeing a lot of posts from him about 'sand durkas' and 'the deep state' and what not. Anyway, several years ago, I used to post a lot on here too. Not as much as Joey, mind, but maybe up to 10 posts a day. Nowadays, I make 3-4 posts a day during the 'busy months' (December-March) and 2-3 posts a week in the quieter months of the year. If you're reading this Joey, I reduced my post count by thinking if what I'm typing truly matters. Does it contribute anything? Is it helpful? Is it interesting? Here are some examples of unnecessary posts that you should try to eliminate, imho: - Clive Dunn emojis/telling people they're posting in the wrong thread/etc. Every once in a while is fine (even I'm tempted on some occasions, like my Charlie Brown augh post from a week ago), but you seem to have to put people in their place about their mistakes each time it happens. Somebody is bound to tell them anyway, so it doesn't have to be you. No need to post about it. Besides, it doesn't really accomplish anything. That post will still stay in the wrong thread, as posts are rarely moved, and never deleted. - Deadpool analysis. Seemingly every time there is a scoreboard update on a pool, you have to jump in with a post like "ah, I've now fallen from 8th to =13th. But I reckon I can get back to the top 10 by Easter". I get that it's a nice mental note for yourself, but if it's something you type for yourself - you don't really need to post it. Few people are interested in posts like this. And if they are, they're probably top poolers who already know what the scoreboard looks like and are aware of how their competition is doing. - Many posts in the extracurricular forums. Major event in personal life? Sure, post in the Status Updates thread. Tornado destroyed your school? Sure, post in the Weather thread. Going to a concert? Sure, post in the Gigs thread. Found a funny meme on Facebook? Eh, probably don't post in the Funny Things You Saw Online thread. It's December and you're working on your shortlist? Eh, only make a couple posts in the Shortlist thread, no need for an update each time you find a new name you might pick. - Making several posts when a deadpooling-relevant name seems to be on the brink of death. People don't really care about your individual reaction "wow, I thought she'd make it a couple more months" or "damn, he was my second sub in the Hare's Pool". - And finally, posts apologizing for too many posts. You don't need to make posts like "sorry, I just like analyzing" or whatnot. No need to apologize for your posts to us cuntos. Also try to avoid taking folk's bait when they accuse you of being Zorders or whatever. And try not to bait them yourself with posts about your anxiety and stuff, there's people on here who'll just make fun of you even more. Anyway, I don't mean to be an asshole, just trying to help out. You're certainly not the only forum member to make a lot of pointless posts. I make a ton of them too, e.g. I could have avoided the three or so cringeworthy posts I made in the Dead of 2018 thread the other day (you know, the whole Liam Miller - Sir Creep - Charlie Brown debacle). And it's always annoying when Sean makes four posts in a row in the same thread, one of which is just "". Sorry, Sean. I get that posting on here might be a way to escape your personal life and anxiety. But I don't think spending so much time on a forum about death really helps. As others have said, therapy is the way to go. If your parents don't support that or whatever, there's always help at school (at least, there is at my school, I don't know what it's like in your area...). Try to focus on bettering your real life. Escaping your problems is unhealthy. Spent an hour typing this post, so hopefully it was at least somewhat helpful.
  6. Where Will The Next School Massacre Be?

    Then why do we have any laws? Surely all the criminals are going to break them. Go anarchy!
  7. Windy City Deadpool 2017-18

    Thank you so much, Captain Chorizo.
  8. Shaun's Death By Numbers 2018

    Update #7 Hits: 12 February - Marty Allen (b. 1922) - Torva Messor 13 February - Prince Henrik (b. 1934) - Book 14 February - Morgan Tsvangirai (b. 1952) - YoungWillz, The Unknown Man, drol, Joey Russ, Book, Grim Up North, gcreptile, Captain Chorizo, Banana, DeathImpends, DevonDeathTrip, Prophet Scoreboard: gcreptile 542 Captain Chorizo 515 drol 460 Joey Russ 384 msc 363 Grim Up North 354 Sean 348 DevonDeathTrip 335 DeathImpends 332 Book 284 The Unknown Man 244 Banana 241 Prophet 215 FixedBusiness 213 Torva Messor 139 Toast 138 John Key 93 YoungWillz 52 Gooseberry Crumble 35 Grigori 24 Bibliogryphon 0 mr.whit 0 Wormfarmer 0
  9. Shadow Lists

    Tsvangirai's death hurts me in the DDP, but gets me a quick one-two on the Shadow List.
  10. Valentine's Day

    Got some rum chocolate from my girlfriend. Taking her out for dinner tonight. Keeping it all lowkey as usual, unlike the girl in my math class who was 20 minutes late cause she was making out with her boyfriend in the hallway.
  11. Shadow Lists

    Finally get my first Shadow List success with Prince Henrik. Never had to wait until February for my first success. Even in my piss poor 6/50 rookie attempt in 2015, I had a hit in January - King Abdullah.
  12. The 100 Club

    Second one dead from my Slavic theme team, but probably List of the Lost like Barys Kit.
  13. Authors Last A Long Time, But....

    While I admit I didn't find him (my research was shit in December), he wasn't totally unknown to deadpoolers. Unique for Heef in the DDP. Picked by several of us in the Deathrace (of course, lived too long to score them any points). And like half the teams this round of the Cup chose him.
  14. World's Oldest

    Tajima only needs to live about 6 more weeks to "break the top 4" - as in finally join the elite group of 90s supercentenarians who are the four oldest people ever - Calment, Knauss, Hannah, and Meilleur. I'm still pissed that Violet Brown and Emma Morano died a couple months before breaking the top 4. They seemed in much better shape than Tajima.
  15. Derby Dead Pool 2018

    Some other List of the Missed-ers are Dan Gurney (2015) and Olive Nicol (2017). Also technically cancer mum Laura Saull (2017) but I don't think obscure cancer mums were ever really kept track of for the LoM.