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  1. Phantom of the Midway

    Derby Dead Pool 2018

    Mary Midgley died back on October 10th, with obits coming a couple days later. Here's the Telegraph. Hit for 2 teams.
  2. Phantom of the Midway

    Derby Dead Pool 2018

    Well, I'm bored on this Saturday morning, so here's some Rain Man-style good ol' fashioned DDP analysis. With about 2 and 1/2 months left in the year, I'd say it's very likely that the DDP winner will be one of the top 3: Thomas Jefferson Survives, Day in the Death, or Pity Da Foolz - barring a miraculous 2013 Spade-like march to the top from another team. These teams sit at 128, 126, and 124 points respectively, and have separated themselves from the rest of us by at least 7 points. So here's a look at their surviving members and likeliness of dying by the end of December, imho. 1. Simon Ricketts (Pity Da Foolz) - Had some bad news in the summertime, looks to be on the clock. And of course, he'll die to piss off all those that dropped him this year. 2. Clive James (Day in the Death) - Looking very frail with breathing and sight issues. He's a fighter, but looking like his time will soon come. 3. Mike Willesee (Pity Da Foolz) - No official news, but very suspicious that he apparently didn't pay tribute to his friend who recently died. Could be nearing death, or in good shape. Big question mark imho. 4. Johnny Clegg (Thomas Jefferson Survives) - With the recent news of his cancer spreading, he seems to have all the makings of a Ray Price, Sharon Jones, Charles Bradley, what have you. 5. Nobby Stiles (Thomas Jefferson Survives, Pity Da Foolz) - Has had advanced dementia for a while, perhaps the cold weather will be too much to handle for him this autumn. But at this point it's quite reasonable to see him survive the year now. 6. Fernando Ricksen (Day in the Death) - People seem to be considering him good to go for 2019, but he was hospitalized this week. Tough one to call. 7. John Cocks (Day in the Death) - Living months past what his doctors told him, and apparently using Te Kiri Gold water: how did that work out for Colin Meads? 8. Anne Hamilton-Byrne (Pity Da Foolz) - Ancient, and she's been in "palliative care", but for years, so she's not especially likely to die. But could be one of those end-of-year plot twists. 9. Pete Frates (Pity Da Foolz) - Survived with ALS for what, 6 years now? Besides that big scare a year ago, he's doing well, it seems. 10. Leah Bracknell (Thomas Jefferson Survives, Day in the Death, Pity Da Foolz) - Only one left that's on all teams, none jokered her. So she makes no difference. Either way, seems to still be in relatively good form and beating the odds. 11. Devin Lima (Pity Da Foolz) - Pretty good news in February that was only recently unearthed by us poolers, but crickets since then. Decent bet he's doing okay, though. 12. Stuart Fraser (Day in the Death) - Still out and about. But lung cancer's a bastard so you never know. 13. Marieke Vervoort (Thomas Jefferson Survives - joker, Day in the Death - joker) - Looks to be putting her euthanasia on hold. Currently visiting Oregon as seen on her Facebook page. Seems cheery, and I really doubt that changes in the next 11 weeks. 14. Greg Gilbert (Thomas Jefferson Survives, Day in the Death) - Cheating death still. However he is looking for new treatments options, so not impossible that nothing works and he has a quick decline. But probably not until next year. 15. Linda Nolan (Day in the Death, Pity Da Foolz) - In fine shape still. Probably won't die next year, let alone this year, 16. Tiffany Youngs (Thomas Jefferson Survives) - In remission. Even if the cancer comes back, it won't kill her in 11 weeks. So, if you ask me, I'd say the likely winner will be Pity Da Foolz. Only a Vervoort death would tip it in favor of the other two. Definitely too close to call, anyway.
  3. Phantom of the Midway

    The Dead of 2018

    Daily Mail obit here, though he's not a DDP pick unfortunately. Was on the shortlist for my 2019 NFL theme team. Not AP copy/paste btw - an actual full article. Interesting read too, Alex Spanos was definitely an important figure in American sports history. RIP.
  4. Phantom of the Midway

    Shaun's Death By Numbers 2018

    Update #21 Hits: 11 September - Kulsoom Nawaz (b. 1950) - msc, drol, Joey Russ, gcreptile, Torva Messor, Captain Chorizo, DeathImpends 18 September - David DiChiera (b. 1935) - msc 19 September - Denis Norden (b. 1922) - YoungWillz, The Unknown Man, John Key, drol 20 September - John Cunliffe (b. 1933) - Gooseberry Crumble Scoreboard: gcreptile 1290 DeathImpends 1272 msc 1141 Captain Chorizo 1001 drol 997 Joey Russ 974 Grim Up North 925 Book 888 Sean 783 Prophet 773 DevonDeathTrip 764 The Unknown Man 579 FixedBusiness 575 Banana 563 Wormfarmer 498 Torva Messor 440 Toast 394 John Key 372 YoungWillz 316 Gooseberry Crumble 220 Grigori 115 Bibliogryphon 113 mr.whit 79 Edit: Apologies to those with Aznavour, his death was announced while I was in the middle of writing this update. I'll "roll him over" to the next update.
  5. Phantom of the Midway

    DL Status Updates: Statements, Obsevations & Verbal Tennis

    I'm going to Baltimore and DC this weekend to visit Georgetown University and sight-see. It's my first time ever on the East Coast!
  6. Phantom of the Midway

    Shaun's Death By Numbers 2018

    Update #20 Hits: 25 August - John McCain (b. 1936) - YoungWillz, The Unknown Man, msc, John Key, Sean, drol, Joey Russ, Wormfarmer (J), Book, Grim Up North, Torva Messor, Captain Chorizo, Banana, mr.whit, DeathImpends, DevonDeathTrip, Prophet 26 August - Neil Simon (b. 1927) - The Unknown Man, drol 2 September - Conway Savage (b. 1960) - gcreptile 6 September - Burt Reynolds (b. 1936) - YoungWillz, The Unknown Man Scoreboard: gcreptile 1240 DeathImpends 1212 msc 1056 Captain Chorizo 951 drol 925 Grim Up North 925 Joey Russ 924 Book 888 Sean 783 Prophet 773 DevonDeathTrip 764 FixedBusiness 575 Banana 563 The Unknown Man 557 Wormfarmer 498 Toast 394 Torva Messor 390 John Key 350 YoungWillz 294 Gooseberry Crumble 187 Grigori 115 Bibliogryphon 113 mr.whit 79
  7. Phantom of the Midway

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2019

    Some names I'd like to bring attention to because I feel like they're very underrated as deadpool picks. Thích Nhất Hạnh (b. 1926) - Vietnamese Buddhist monk, author, and peace activist. Alan Greenspan (b. 1926) - American economist, chairman of the Federal Reserve from 1987 to 2006, unbelievably not a DDP pick currently! Harry Leslie Smith (b. 1923) - British political commentator, writer, and WWII veteran, still active on Twitter.
  8. Phantom of the Midway

    8. John McCain

    Feel bad for the McCain family, but I can't really bring myself to like him. For all the good things he did, there was a ton of bad. From saying "I hate the gooks", to singing "bomb bomb bomb Iran", to inflicting Sarah Palin and the Tea Party upon America.
  9. Phantom of the Midway

    Shaun's Death By Numbers 2018

    Update #19 Hits: 21 August - Spencer P. Jones (b. 1956) - msc, Joey Russ, Book, gcreptile, Captain Chorizo, DeathImpends 21 August - Stefan Karl Stefansson (b. 1975) - FixedBusiness, Bibliogryphon, The Unknown Man, Grigori, msc, John Key, Sean, drol, Joey Russ, Wormfarmer, Book, Grim Up North, gcreptile, Torva Messor, CaptainChorizo, Banana, Toast, DeathImpends, DevonDeathTrip, Prophet 24 August - Robin Leach (b. 1941) - Wormfarmer Scoreboard: gcreptile 1180 DeathImpends 1176 msc 1020 Captain Chorizo 915 Grim Up North 889 Joey Russ 888 drol 862 Book 852 Sean 747 Prophet 737 DevonDeathTrip 728 FixedBusiness 575 Banana 527 The Unknown Man 458 Wormfarmer 426 Toast 394 Torva Messor 354 John Key 314 YoungWillz 222 Gooseberry Crumble 187 Grigori 155 Bibliogryphon 113 mr.whit 43
  10. Phantom of the Midway

    Derby Dead Pool 2018

    Yeah, Stefan sure does shake things up a bit. I'm back in the top 10. And only 9 points behind Bucket of Blood, with whom I only have 5 differentials. My only realistic chance of surpassing him is if Nobby Stiles dies, while Ami Brown/Linda Nolan/Vervoort survive. Still doesn't mean I'll win of course. Onto 2019...
  11. Phantom of the Midway

    Stefan Karl Stefansson

    Someone on Twitter a mere couple hours before the news broke: Can't say I was a fan of Lazy Town growing up tbh. But he seemed like a great guy and it's sad to see him go at such a young age.
  12. Phantom of the Midway

    Aretha Franklin

    Big year for major music deaths. Dolores O'Riordan, Avicii, Danny Kirwan, XXXTentacion, now Aretha Franklin - wide variety of genres, of course. RIP to the Queen of Soul. Aretha was literally living history, from her friendship with Martin Luther King, to singing at Obama's inauguration.
  13. Phantom of the Midway

    Shaun's Death By Numbers 2018

    Update #18 Hits: 7 August - Stan Mikita (b. 1940) - Wormfarmer, Banana 8 August - Jarrod Lyle (b. 1981) - gcreptile, Death Impends 16 August - Atal Bihari Vajpayee (b. 1924) - drol 16 August - Aretha Franklin (b. 1942) - Fixed Business, Gooseberry Crumble, John Key, Joey Russ, Wormfarmer, Book, Grim Up North, Prophet Scoreboard: gcreptile 1049 DeathImpends 1045 msc 889 Grim Up North 814 drol 787 CaptainChorizo 784 Joey Russ 757 Book 721 Sean 672 Prophet 662 DevonDeathTrip 653 FixedBusiness 500 Banana 452 The Unknown Man 383 Toast 319 Wormfarmer 310 Torva Messor 279 John Key 239 YoungWillz 222 Gooseberry Crumble 187 Grigori 80 mr.whit 43 Bibliogryphon 38
  14. Phantom of the Midway

    DL Status Updates: Statements, Obsevations & Verbal Tennis

    Going on a day trip to St. Louis tomorrow to check out Washington University. It's a tough school to get into, but hopefully they'll give me more consideration if I endure the 5-hour drive to get there.
  15. Phantom of the Midway

    Death Anniversary Thread

    Actor and comedian Bernie Mac died 10 years ago today, at the age of 50. He's the first celebrity death I remember. RIP to a Chicago legend.

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