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  1. Phantom of the Midway

    So, How's Your 2019 Shortlist Looking?

    Down to 32 names on the shortlist, but tbh I'm already fairly sure of how my team is going to look in the end. I have pretty much decided on 17 spots, but I'm not going to call them ''locks'' yet because there's a couple I might pussy out of. I think I've figured out who will fill the final 3 spots as well, but I still have time to (over)think about it.
  2. Phantom of the Midway

    Derby Dead Pool 2019

    Submitted my NFL theme team Traded to the Saints and my Z-team Belmont-Cragin Reaper yesterday afternoon, and already got confirmation this morning. Thanks Spade! Z-Team: a shitty team, way worse than a B-Team, consisting of names I want to protect from the List of the Missed, some of my 2018 theme team survivors, etc. There - I invented a new word for the DDP vocabulary!
  3. Phantom of the Midway

    2018 Report Card

    DDP To Kill A Gabor Sister - So far I'm in 9th place, improving on last year's =11th, but that could change. Hopefully I remain in the top 10 at least. I was hoping to contend for the crown, but not much to complain about, really. B+ Slavic Folk Theme - 18 survivors, 2 List of the Losters, makes 0 hits. Fucking amazing. Not surprised ancient Bulgarian monk did not obit, but Barys Kit got fuckin robbed, man! F US Politics Theme - 4 hits: Senator Akaka, Johnnie-boy McCain, and both Bushes. Decent showing. A- Other pools started in January Deathrace - Was hoping for a win, but I ended up in joint third, so came close enough. However, I missed a lot of names I knew would die early in the year when creating my team, such as Bobby Zarin. B- Hartlepool - Not sure since Ali's been disappeared. Half my team is dead and mostly names at the top, so should be pretty good. Only problem is Marieke Vervoort was my #1. You cunts said she'd be dead by mid-January! B Hare's - I think I'm near the bottom, might have made it to midtable with some recent hits on Lima and Bush. D+ Pools from later in the year DL Cup - Made it to the March round, and although my team was the second best performing of the month, I still lost! My opponent was the best of the month, Dead Cow. Luck of the draw... *grumble* C Windy City - Retired from hosting so wanted to pull an OoO DDP 2010. My team is doing well so far, but no way I can fucking catch DI! B- Poker Tourney - A'like Winday Citay, doing aight, but can't fucking catch up to that god DI! B- ABC Pool - Midway through it, I'm in the lead. Hopefully this continues. A+
  4. Phantom of the Midway

    Advent Avalanche 2018

    Well, Chris Bradley is dead and I miss out on my first deadpool win by a couple seconds. Congrats to Banana!
  5. Phantom of the Midway

    Derby Dead Pool 2018

    Yeah, I'm on my computer now and it works great. I think the design is excellent!
  6. Phantom of the Midway

    Derby Dead Pool 2018

    I'm on mobile right now (so it might be different on the comp) but I'd suggest having the menu on the side rather than the bottom of the page. Not a big deal tho. Otherwise looks good to me.
  7. Phantom of the Midway

    So, How's Your 2019 Shortlist Looking?

    Down to 53 names on the shortlist. At this point, the cuts are becoming quite difficult. Recent cut was a probable Drop 40er who isn't as ill as he's dramatized to be, both in the press and on the forum. Also dropped someone who is almost a dead-cert and will be on several contending teams, but probably won't muster the obit. The main one I'm dabbling with now is a bloke who I think understated his life expectancy. And I was quite surprised to find out that two names of the same nationality, who were practically locks, have a couple more years left in them if statistics are to be believed. However, I expect at least one of them to make my team anyway, because a lot of the current locks won't make the starting line!
  8. Phantom of the Midway

    Rosalynn Carter Former First Lady of the USA

    Just bringing this up... with both Bushes now dead, I think that definitely ought to open up a spot for Rosalynn Carter on the Deathlist 2019.
  9. Phantom of the Midway

    25. George Bush Senior

    I guess this is my last chance to share my favorite Bush family memes.
  10. Phantom of the Midway

    Shaun's Death By Numbers 2018

    Update #24 Hits: 26 November - Bernardo Bertolucci (b. 1941) - Grigori 26 November - Jean Barker, Baroness Trumpington (b. 1922) - YoungWillz, Gooseberry Crumble 26 November - Stephen Hillenburg (b. 1961) - Prophet 30 November - George H. W. Bush (b. 1924) - YoungWillz, The Unknown Man, John Key, drol, Wormfarmer, Grim Up North, Torva Messor, Banana, mr.whit Scoreboard: DeathImpends 1406 gcreptile 1367 msc 1198 Captain Chorizo 1168 drol 1155 Grim Up North 1116 Joey Russ 1051 Book 965 Prophet 911 Sean 860 DevonDeathTrip 841 The Unknown Man 680 Banana 664 FixedBusiness 652 Wormfarmer 551 John Key 519 Torva Messor 488 Toast 471 YoungWillz 386 Gooseberry Crumble 242 Grigori 189 mr.whit 125 Bibliogryphon 113 DeathImpends still leads, but he doesn't necessarily have it in the bag with gcreptile keeping up. On the opposite side of the scoreboard, mr.whit leap-frogs Bibliogryphon, but with excellent picks like Clive James and Fernando Ricksen on Biblio's team, a mid-table December comeback would not surprise me.
  11. Phantom of the Midway

    25. George Bush Senior

    Just saw it on Twitter. Seems the news broke less than 10 minutes ago, you fuckers is fast. Surprised he lasted this long after Babs, but he was doing overtime on this planet for a couple years now. RIP to the longest lived US President June 12, 1924 - November 30, 2018 Now beat that record, Jimbo Carter...
  12. Phantom of the Midway

    Advent Avalanche 2018

    Chris Bradley (meteorologist for Columbus, Ohio) Edit: WTF beaten by seconds! In that case, Tanya Gendle.
  13. Phantom of the Midway

    The Weather

    Success - no school today! The snow was very heavy and thus harder to clear roads and driveways. Lots of trees got knocked down. Many lost power for a while. So, y'know, Chi-town in the winter. Here's some pictures I took. Our biggest snowfall since February.
  14. Phantom of the Midway

    The Weather

    Looks like our first major winter storm of the season is here. The orange pin is my location. Big bastard of a system, eh? Started off raining this morning. About an hour ago, it turned into light snow, and right now it's starting to come down pretty fast and accumulating. The snow is supposed to continue throughout the afternoon and night, not stopping until the morning commute tomorrow. Depending on a lot of factors like temperature and timing, there's a chance we get up to 15 inches! Most likely around 6-10 inches, though. If they can't get the roads cleared in time, I might have my classes cancelled tomorrow. But knowing my school district, they'll make us soldier on. Can't wait to get up early and shovel the driveway.
  15. Phantom of the Midway

    Shaun's Death By Numbers 2018

    It's official! @gcreptile is your new host for the 2019 competition. A big round of applause for him please. I'll save my corny retirement speech for the end of the year, haha.

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