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  1. With Fatima Ali's death, I am at 4 hits.

    That's the first time I've gotten 4 hits in a month, and I was hoping that would happen, since I've already gotten 3 in a month several times. Wonder if I can make it 5? :scratchhead: Okay, okay, I won't get greedy. :D


    Up to 7th place now.

    Slowly making a climb, but it's very early days so doesn't mean much. I am feeling a bit more optimistic about my performance, though.

  2. 3 hours ago, Bibliogryphon said:


    Is Elizabeth Warren Bernie Lite?

    Well, she's definitely further left than most Democrats. She has a record of being tough on Wall Street.


    However, she's voted for increasing the military budget a few times lately (as have many other Democrats, unfortunately). So that was quite disappointing of her.

    In some ways she also comes off as a bit opportunist. She chose not to endorse Bernie in 2016, likely because she didn't want to get on the bad side of the Hillary-wing of the party. She's a bit of a calculating politician - and she used to be much more honest, aggressive and opinionated. So it appears that being in Congress for a few years has changed her, and not in a good way.


    Overall, I guess you could say she's somewhat Bernie-lite. But Bernie is certainly to the left of her. Personally, I would easily vote for Bernie (or even Ojeda or Tulsi Gabbard) over Liz Warren in the Democratic primaries. However, I would have no problem casting my vote for Warren in the general election. If the nominee is somebody like Joe Biden, I would just vote third party probably. But yeah - Warren meets the ''progressive enough'' threshold where I would vote for her in the general election.

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  3. I like Ojeda a lot. He's moderate on some policies, but in general is a left-populist.


    He can connect with leftie Bernie-bros like me, as well as with very conservative old-school Southern Democrats, and plenty of independents!


    Problem is - he's being ignored by the media. He has no chance of winning the primary. 


    The big dogs are Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, Beto O'Rourke, and Bernie Sanders - assuming they all decide to run, which is quite likely. 


    For now I'm with Bernie.

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  4. 1 hour ago, charon said:

    Oy charon I'm disappointed in ya. If you did a bit of research you would've realized this happened in a town right outside Chicago, and could've used it as a dig at me, not the Creep.


    In fact, it happened about 15 minutes away from my house. Tragic story. 


    (For the record/legal reasons, I had nothing to do with it. There's no way in hell you would ever see me anywhere near a church!)

  5. Nobody's immortal. One day Valerie Harper, Brackers, and Dilip Kumar will die too...


    RIP to Sri Sri. Sad he had to live such a miserable existence for the final years of his life.

    I doubt he actually wanted to keep on living, in fact, he was probably severely demented and couldn't make his own medical choices. It was his crazy followers who kept him suffering because he was a ''walking god''.

  6. Well, today was Conference Championship Sunday.


    In the NFC, the New Orleans Saints started off hot 13-0 against the Los Angeles Rams, but the fast Rams offense stepped up their game and managed to tie it at 23-23 by the end of the 4th quarter. The game went into overtime, where the Rams won it 26-23. They are headed to the Super Bowl.

    Personally, this was pretty sad as I believe Drew Brees deserved another Super Bowl ring. But at least he already has one, so it's not that big of a deal. Hopefully he won't retire yet. The Rams, on the other hand, are a great, young team who might end up dominating the league for years to come.


    In the AFC, the New England Patriots had a 14-0 lead at halftime, shutting out their hosts, the Kansas City Chiefs - arguably the NFL's best offense. Great defensive effort by the Pats. But the Chiefs upped their game, and the score ended up tied at 31-31 by the end of the 4th quarter, and this game went into overtime too! That's actually a first for Championship Sunday iirc.

    The Patriots won it 37-31 though, and this just confirms that God hates America. :rant: Goddammit my head hurts just thinking about another Pats Super Bowl appearance!


    So, in two weeks, the Super Bowl will be between the Patriots and the Rams.

    I think the Patriots will win tbh, they're more experienced and less prone to error. And that's what matters in big games, usually.

    On the plus side, if they do win, Tom Brady will possibly retire, ending the reign of terror dynasty the Pats have established over the past two decades.

  7. Extremely petty of me to bring this up, but it's been bugging my OCD-riddled ass for a while. My team is listed as having a best placing of ''13th (2018)'', but 'twas actually "=11th (2017)''. 


    Anyway, this had me thinking that maybe a section called "Last year's score'' could be added to team's descriptions as well. I would be willing to collect that information and send it to you, if that's realistic.

    But I dunno, I guess it's a bad idea cause you'd still have to enter all that info manually, and it would probably just make the team descriptions look cluttered if an extra section is added. :scratchhead:

  8. The weather in Chicago you ask?


    After that late November snowstorm, December was quite warm without any snow (two instances of flurries in the week after Christmas, but that doesn't really count).


    January also started off feeling like spring, but winter has returned with a vengeance...


    Last weekend we had about 2 inches fall on Saturday.

    Over the past week a couple flurries... and now it's getting rough.

    A major winter storm is passing across the country and could dump up to 8 inches of snow upon us tomorrow night into Saturday morning. Sunday will feature lingering lake-effect snow showers.

    Next week, some more snow showers with freezing rain are possible on Tuesday and Wednesday...


    Cautiously optimistic that if all that starts piling up, especially with the ice mixed in, we might get another school cancellation sometime next week. But it's doubtful, those shits don't come easy! Especially since we already had one this school year. They can only do so many and might want to save it in case there's a worse blizzard coming up later in the season. This ain't Atlanta where a single snowflake causes the whole city to panic.

  9. 25 minutes ago, Sir Creep said:

    It is big news— that Christmas finally showed up in Poland.

    Ha, well, leave it to me to take a joke too seriously, but if you actually want to know:


    It's basically a month-long fundraiser during the holiday season (in fact, the name of it in Polish uses the word for ''holiday'', not Christmas - I blame the English translation on the War-on-Christmas types getting rowdy) intended to raise money for the underfunded and mismanaged healthcare system in Poland.

    It usually ends on a Sunday in mid-January (today is the day) with a telethon and concerts. So mayor Adamowicz was stabbed while on stage with - I believe - some performers and Jerzy Owsiak, the celebrity who runs the whole thing.


    Why was he stabbed? Overall, tensions in the country have been very high since the 2015 election and the government has been accused of taking authoritarian measures, for example trying to stack the judiciary with more of their own judges. A lot of liberal Poles have been protesting and forming organizations, and the right-wingers are quite scared and have been riling up their base (reminds you of someone orange by any chance?)

    Even the charity event has become politicized as Owsiak, the organizer, is a liberal journo and critic of the government. So some fervent government supporters have boycotted the event. Mayor Adamowicz is also quite progressive, and that seems to be why he was stabbed. According to reports, the man who stabbed him was a disgruntled bank robber who claims he was wrongfully imprisoned and blamed it on the former liberal Civic Platform government (Adamowicz's political party).


    Hope you found this not completely a fuckin waste of a read interesting.

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  10. 17 minutes ago, ObakeFilter said:

    Paweł Adamowicz, Mayor of Gdańsk, was stabbed on stage at The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity event and was taken to hospital in critical condition



    Chrissake, that's big news. The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity is probably the biggest event of the year in Poland.

    Political violence is extremely rare in modern day Poland. This is quite shocking.

  11. Oh, for fuck sake, let me try again


    10 minutes ago, drol said:

    Shivayogigalu Shatayushi Dr. Sri Sri Sri Shivakumara Swamigalu sweepstakes:


    Clorox Bleachman: 18 December 2016

    Sir Creep: 12 January 2018 

    CoffinLodger: 12 January 2018

    gcreptile: 13 January 2018

    ThereWillBeDeaths7: 15 January 2018

    Prophet: 16 January 2018

    FixedBusiness: 18 January 2018

    drol: 30 January 2018


    I can confirm you're all wrong.


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  12. Just now, drol said:

    Shivayogigalu Shatayushi Dr. Sri Sri Sri Shivakumara Swamigalu sweepstakes:


    Clorox Bleachman: 18 December 2016

    Sir Creep: 12 January 2018 

    CoffinLodger: 12 January 2018

    gcreptile: 13 January 2018

    ThereWillBeDeaths7: 15 January 2018

    Prophet: 16 January 2018

    FixedBusiness: 18 January 2018

    drol: 30 January 2018


    I can confirm you're all wrong.

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  13. 1. Queen Elizabeth II
    2. Paul Gascoigne
    3. Donald Trump
    4. Bill Turnbull
    5. Linda Nolan
    6. Dick van Dyke
    7. Ruth Bader Ginsburg
    8. Olivia Newton-John
    9. Prunella Scales
    10. Billy Connolly
    11. John Andretti
    12. Leah Bracknell
    13. Betty White
    14. George Alagiah
    15. Greg Gilbert
    16. Valerie Harper
    17. Marieke Vervoort
    18. John McCririck
    19. Olivia de Havilland
    20. Prince Phillip
    21. Michael Robinson
    22. Jimmy Greaves
    23. Vera Lynn
    24. Beth Chapman
    25. Pope Benedict XVI
    June Brown


    For fuck sake, these were some really tough choices. It's not an easy year for the Inverse DP at all.

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  14. Yeah a few of us noticed last night that you could access the teams by replacing ''2018'' in the link with ''2019''. Wanted to keep it quiet so Spade had time to make the final tweaks without a bombardment of complaints, but now that it's public info no big deal.


    Quite surprised Jason DeLisle is a unique for me, I guess the absence of Aussie theme teams helped in that regard.

    And happy that I'm =5th on the scoreboard, peaking early I guess. :lol: (should be =6th because the team that picked Kevin McIntyre is missing points, but all in due course...)*


    *my own addition to the complaint-bombardment :tomatododge:

  15. 15 hours ago, DeathClock said:

    @Phantom of the Midway OMG!!! I feel so bad. Don’t sweat it so much, the Bears have a bright future.

    Well, it was a heartbreaking way to lose, but perhaps not even the worst of the day... the Ravens fumbling away their miraculous comeback was pretty bad too.

    I was pretty pissed off at Cody Parkey, but the video shows the kick was actually tipped, so not his fault. And he did score most of our offensive points anyway. I think the blame rests on Matt Nagy's conservative play-calling in the first half.


    Anyway, I'm still hopeful for the years to come. We're a very young team, so our Super Bowl window is huge. We have several more years of opportunity, while for teams like the Saints and Chargers, it's probably this year or bust.


    The way I see it, we're following the Rams' path. Last year they had a new coach that changed the team around, but lost Wild Card Weekend anyway. That was the Bears this year.

    This year the Rams were so good they got a first round bye, and I'll be paying close attention to how far they make it, because that could be the Bears next year too.

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