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  1. 2016: Valerie Harper, Clive James, Hosni Mubarak (3/20)

    2017: Leah Bracknell, Gay Byrne, Greg Gilbert, Kris Hallenga, Heidi Loughlin, Rena Salmon, Valery Spiridonov (7/20)

    2018: Leah Bracknell, Greg Gilbert, Jose Jose, Dilip Kumar, Philomena Lynott, Fernando Ricksen, Nobby Stiles, Marieke Vervoort (8/20)

  2. Kirk Douglas
    Herman Wouk
    Leah Bracknell
    Robert Mugabe
    Bob Dole
    Bob Barker
    Stirling Moss
    Bob Hawke
    Nobby Stiles
    Tony Britton
    Clive James
    Johnny Clegg


    12 deaths.

    25% Bob, 75% non-Bob.

    (Edit: Ha! Technically 33% Bob if you count Robert Mugabe)


    No joker for me btw.

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  3. As is my tradition on January 2nd, some self-analysis.


    Fatima Ali: Year to live as of September, Mail QO cert, no-brainer. There is a chance she could outlive that prognosis due to young age, but that would have to be by over 3 months for her to not score in 2019...

    John Andretti: Scan results were supposed to come in around Christmas, but he never tweeted them. I took this to mean it was bad news and he was trying to think of the best way to announce it, but just yesterday he tweeted that 2019 will be the year he has surgery to remove the cancer. Well, good for him.

    Samu Anoa'i: Could never find out if the operation was successful, but it's stage 4 liver cancer so I don't know how much it could help him anyway. If he's still wrestling though, definitely not a lock for the year.

    Gerard Basset: Not giving up the fight, but if he was offered hospice care a couple months ago, the doctors know they can't really do a damn thing to help him.

    Susan Bayh: Nearing her 60s, glioblastoma. The family does not seem very optimistic. Mail QO via AP is guaranteed, she already had two such articles post-diagnosis. Thought she has a chance be a unique, but I felt like TJS would have her - such a TJS pick! I was right. So do Joey and Predictor.

    Kathleen Blanco: Cancer metastasized, did a farewell speech. Probably dead by the summer.

    Johnny Clegg: His pan-can has reached stage 4, and you could tell in the latest interview he was weak. I mean, he could barely talk! OTOH, claims he has 2 years left. I don't think his doctors have been educating him well on his prognosis...

    Tim Conway: In the middle of family drama, so chance his condition is being exaggerated. But if it's true he's ''barely responsive" and ''has trouble swallowing'', he's fucked. Drop 40 hopeful.

    Jason DeLisle: My ''last potential unique standing''. Not mentioned on any teams in this thread yet, but somebody else had to have picked him, I guess. Anyway, stage III/IV borderline colon cancer since November 2017, so not a complete dead-cert as it's not very advanced. But I just had to choose him. Never submitted a team without a boxer, and each year they've been hits for me. Better choice than Joe Bugner.

    Barry du Bois: Stats suggest he could see 2020, but I put him on defensively. Now I'm regretting that because many people don't have him anyway!

    Andrew Fairlie: Well, him retiring from his beloved restaurant was a sign he was on the way out. Brain cancer now terminal and treatment won't help him, so he's on his way out.

    Bill Freehan: Well, hospice w/dementia is much less ominous than hospice w/cancer, so not a cert. But it's still hard to imagine him living 12 more months.

    Clive James: He's one of 3 remaining survivors from my 2016 team. Year after year, seems to be an update that has people thinking he's finally going to succumb. This time, there was photo-evidence of a physical decline. Still not a cert, though.

    Lee Kerslake: I know nothing of his genre of music, so I originally thought he was one of those "Blabbermouth/Loudwire/Rolling Stone obits only'' names, but once I saw how much traction he was gaining, I knew he was more famous than I assumed. Of course, with 8 months to live, he will die this year, barring a miracle.

    Larry Langford: Was supposed to be a DBN/Deathrace-only name but after Ricketts died, I said fuck it all and included him. Might be a fraud as he's been claiming terminal illness for a few years, wanting release from prison. Last rites on December 27th. Released on December 28th. Apparently he's currently in hospice care, but I wouldn't be surprised if he has a miracle recovery now that he's a free man. So yeah, bit of a punt. As for QO: surely the Mail will come through for the corrupt mayor of Alabama's biggest city.

    Karen Lewis: She was my biggest unique hope, but then I saw someone play her in a couple on-forum pools in very late December, so knew she'd be on a few other teams. Household name here in Chicago, when she retired from the Teachers Union in June due to glioblastoma, I knew she was fucked. Recently tweeted something ominous too. As for an obit, the Morning Star is an option, and the Mail again... she's the woman who ruined the career of the mayor of Chicago, after all.

    Sacheen Littlefeather: Meh, stage 4 breast cancer is one of the least severe of stage 4 cancers, so not a cert. But she was diagnosed with it very early 2018, and this is a recurrence iirc. Also a fascinating figure. Not a lot of people chose her, so could be a useful differential.

    Fernando Ricksen (JOKER): An ALS joker is always a risk, but he looks frail, is worth 26 points as a joker, and really seems to be following Joost's timeline. The best choice I had, really.

    Fred Rister: My biggest obit punt for sure, but being David Guetta's right-hand man means he could get something. He's ended treatment according to French press in November, but my French isn't great, and neither is Google Translate, so I'm not entirely confident it's as grim as it seems to be.

    Jean Louis Trintignant: Certainly dying, has the lethal combo of giving up on treatment many months ago + a farewell appearance. A bit old but Drop 40 practically guaranteed, so he's worth enough points.


    Overall, doesn't look like a great team. My off-forum research was terrible, as usual. I mean, I'm the biggest NFL fan on the forums, I made a fucking NFL theme team, yet I still missed the fact that Hall-of-Famer Chris Doleman has brain cancer! That one will be pissing me off all year. Otherwise, I didn't take advantage of BBC local obits returning, having missed Billy Clayton in my research as well.

    In general I have too many punts, potential frauds/exaggerators, and obit risks. I'll be glad if I can make a third consecutive appearance in the top 20.

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  4. 1. Jean Louis Trintignant
    2. Tim Conway (May 14, 2019)
    3. Dilip Kumar
    4. Stirling Moss
    5. Pat Bowlen (June 13, 2019)
    6. Violetta Chamorro
    7. Terry Jones

    8. Bob Hawke (May 16, 2019)
    9. Nobby Stiles
    10. John Hume
    11. Bob Barker
    12. Clive James (November 24, 2019)
    13. Kathleen Blanco (August 18, 2019)
    14. Roberta McCain
    15. Leslie Phillips
    16. Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg (April 23, 2019)
    17. John McCririck (July 5, 2019)
    18. Jill Gascoine
    19. Katharine Whitehorn
    20. Leah Bracknell (September 29, 2019)
    21. Kirk Douglas
    22. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
    23. Sidney Poitier
    24. George Alagiah
    25. Virginia McCaskey
    26. Robert Mugabe (September 6, 2019)
    27. Bob Dole
    28. Pope Benedict XVI
    29. Balbir Singh Sr.
    30. Barbara Windsor
    31. Loretta Lynn
    32. Norm Coleman
    33. Bill Macy (October 17, 2019)
    34. Harry Reid
    35. Walter Mondale
    36. Bill Turnbull
    37. F. W. De Klerk
    38. Lamont Dozier
    39. Jimmy Carter
    40. Franco Zeffirelli (June 15, 2019)
    41. Kenneth Cope
    42. Valerie Harper (August 30, 2019)
    43. Thad Cochran (May 30, 2019)
    44. Olivia de Havilland
    45. June Lockhart
    46. Gay Byrne (November 4, 2019)
    47. Rosalynn Carter
    48. Sandra Day O'Connor
    49. David Prowse

    50. Jim Kelly



  5. Subs

    Andrew McGahan - gonna punt that he doesn't get the obit, I got Heimel vibes from him. But everybody else chose him so I feel like I fucked up.

    Stirling Moss - probable Drop 40er, but old people linger, I could use him elsewhere

    Jill Gascoine - same as Moss


    Final cuts

    Michael Murphy - I think he died off the radar in late 2018, that's happened before with criminals (Raymond Hewlett, Leo Sharp).

    Nanci Ryder - Year after year she's one of my final drops. Eventually she'll ''pull a Yarnall'' @msc

    Ady Barkan - Despite dramatic headlines, he's still out and about campaigning, only in his 3rd year of ALS, and will live on to see the 2020 election

    Pete Frates - Still too stable, might last like Gleason

    John Hume - he's dying, but I had enough dementia picks

    Jordan Dawes - only spread to lymph nodes so should be around for at least a couple more years

    Gary Bigeni - Stats suggest he might not die, and a QO risk

    John Cocks - considered him heavily until the optimistic December update

    George Alagiah - more 2020

    Sandy Alderson - seems grim reading between the lines, but that's not the type of folk I go for

    John McCririck - seems a bit of a drama queen, and I need facts, not dramatization. But he's this year's Wetton/Mark E. Smith so congrats to those who chose him.


    2018 picks dropped

    Leah Bracknell/Greg Gilbert - I had them 2 years in a row and grew bored

    Nobby Stiles - Time for some new dementia picks

    Dilip Kumar - Immortal? Immortal. And not much points.

    Marieke Vervoort - Not too bad of a pick tbh, but euthanasia entirely dependent on her mindset.

    Jose Jose - Voice made him sound extremely ill in October audio clip, however he's a drama queen straight out of a telenovela!

    Philomena Lynott - Too few points...


    Dropped early

    Bill Turnbull - not at all as ill as the press makes it sound

    Doddie Weir - ''year left if I'm lucky'' ALS sufferer... he can still WALK! He'll be extremely unlucky if he dies in the next 3 years of ALS.

    Norm Coleman - treatment's working.

    Roman Reigns - his cancer doesn't seem too severe.

    Pat Smullen - tumor operated on

    Sonali Bendre - advanced cancer, but what type? Went back home to India because treatment seems to be working.

  6. "probable Drop 40er who isn't as ill as he's dramatized to be, both in the press and on the forum" = Bill Turnbull


    "Also dropped someone who is almost a dead-cert and will be on several contending teams, but probably won't muster the obit." = Thuy Thanh Truong


    "The main one I'm dabbling with now is a bloke who I think understated his life expectancy." = Doddie Weir


    "And I was quite surprised to find out that two names of the same nationality, who were practically locks, have a couple more years left in them if statistics are to be believed. However, I expect at least one of them to make my team anyway, because a lot of the current locks won't make the starting line!" = Gary Bigeni and Barry du Bois... and yes, du Bois did end up getting subbed in after Skovgaard's death.


    "off forum young'un" = Jordan Dawes, as I already mentioned


    "oldie cert to die, dropped due to technicality" = Pat Bowlen. Dropped him because I was already playing him in my NFL theme team and wanted to use more names.


    "pussied out of" = Michael Murphy, I think he died off the radar in 2018 and would be a dud pick like Raymond Hewlett and Leo Sharp, a potential fraud too anyway


    And my last minute switcheroo was Stirling Moss and Jill Gascoine swapped out in favor of Samu Anoa'i and Lee Kerslake.

    But that wasn't even the last of my team changes!


    I think that covers all my hints.

  7. To Kill A Gabor Sister 2019


    1. Fatima Ali

    2. John Andretti

    3. Samu Anoa'i

    4. Gerard Basset

    5. Susan Bayh

    6. Kathleen Blanco

    7. Johnny Clegg

    8. Tim Conway

    9. Jason DeLisle

    10. Barry du Bois

    11. Andrew Fairlie

    12. Bill Freehan

    13. Clive James

    14. Lee Kerslake

    15. Larry Langford

    16. Karen Lewis

    17. Sacheen Littlefeather

    18. Fernando Ricksen (JOKER)

    19. Fred Rister

    20. Jean Louis Trintignant 

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  8. Happy New Year to all of you! It's been great to spend another year on these forums, and to see yet another batch of Deathlist selections.


    It's only 7:38pm on December 31st here in Chicago, so I haven't started my celebrations yet, but I will be leaving soon for what should be a fun night.

    I'll be back tomorrow afternoon to share my DDP team, Shadow List, and more. Can't wait to see all of yours as well!

  9. Hmm, some interesting newbies. Johnny Clegg is a good one, as is Bob Hawke.


    I can see why they didn't go for Fernando Ricksen (angry Rangers fans) nor Tim Conway (American-only fame). Jean Louis Trintignant a bad miss, though!


    Sort of disappointed they didn't choose Rosalynn Carter, or Queen Lizzy for that matter. Not likely to die, I know, but would be good ''too big to miss'' choices. They certainly would've been better picks than Vanessa Redgrave and Larry King, imho.


    Jill Gascoine, Pope Benny, and Leslie Phillips are bold drops. Though, I assume Gascoine was dropped after they realized what a surprising success it was to boldly drop Nobby for a year.


    Overall, I predict 12/50.

  10. Update #25

    26 December 2018 - Sister Wendy Beckett (b. 1930) - Gooseberry Crumble, DevonDeathTrip

    29 December 2018 - Simon Ricketts (b. 1968) - Sean, drol, Joey Russ, CaptainChorizo, DeathImpends

    30 December 2018 - Hector Timerman (b. 1953) - drol, Joey Russ, gcreptile, Captain Chorizo, DeathImpends, DevonDeathTrip


    DeathImpends 1527

    gcreptile 1420

    Captain Chorizo 1289
    drol 1276
    msc 1198

    Joey Russ 1172
    Grim Up North 1116
    Book 965

    Sean 928

    DevonDeathTrip 924

    Prophet 911

    The Unknown Man 680

    Banana 664
    FixedBusiness 652
    Wormfarmer 551

    John Key 519

    Torva Messor 488
    Toast 471
    YoungWillz 386
    Gooseberry Crumble 272
    Grigori 189

    mr.whit 125
    Bibliogryphon 113

    Final update as the competition is closing right when I post this - 00:00, 1 January 2019 (GMT).

    I honestly thought for a while we might not get any hits at all in December, but after Christmas the Reaper decided it's the perfect time for carnage.

    No leaderboard changes however, DeathImpends remains on top. In fact, his lead grew thanks to Simon Ricketts.

    So, officially:

    DeathImpends wins Death By Numbers 2018!


    This is it - I am signing off as host. Thank you all for competing. Now, I pass the baton to gcreptile...

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  11. To Kill A Gabor Sister 2019 is in.


    Hoping this is the year I finally crack the top 10, but I doubt it. Feels like there's something missing from my team... too many punts and oldies, not enough reliable high-scorers. Oh, well, we'll see how it goes.

  12. I didn't want to post this yesterday, as Spade was probably busy with all the 2019 Ricketts subs, but there is a little correction to be made.


    Yesterday, when Ricketts died, his Guardian obit put his age as 48, and Spade awarded 13 points (including D40 bonus) accordingly.


    Well, as it says in his DDP bio, he was actually born in 1968. Social media suggests May 17th, so he was 50.

    Luckily, controversy will be avoided as the Guardian edited their obit to say he was 50.

    So that'll be 12 points, actually. No big deal, but, y'know... for fairness sake.

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  13. If I did the math right, I now fall from 9th place to 13th place.


    And I was so excited for my first top 10 finish, especially after I just missed out last year too at =11th! :(


    Oh, well, still a good performance and I did smash my personal hits record. If only I had chosen a better joker.... whatever, onto 2019!

  14. Fuck, that's quite annoying for 2019 teams. But it makes my decision on who to joker a bit easier...


    Now I wonder if he'll obit in time for 2018 teams to score points? Seems like the type of name who doesn't get a QO until a week or two after dying...

  15. Regarding the earlier conversation about how this has been such a dud year for jokers...


    As it stands today, December 27th, only 3 teams in the top 10 have had a hit with their joker. This is the worst year as far as records go back (2003). The next worst years, 2004 and 2009, had 6 of the top 10 with dead jokers.

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  16. If Osato gets her obit (I don't think she will), that's only the 10th hit of December 2018. An incredibly quiet month - and December is usually one of the busiest months of the year!


    On the other hand, this bodes well for January 2019 being a huge month and a rocket-fast start to the DDP, especially with how few shortlisters have died before the starting line.

  17. 3 hours ago, Sir Creep said:

    Well....so I've finally and sadly come to the realization that the very first name I put on paper this year, and put 5 stars next to as my sleeper possibly unique and absolutely my Joker -- is not as ill as suspected.  At least not enough to warrant such honours and expectations.  PofM I suspect we may have had the same person.  Even if we didn't I am no longer even considering this person for 2019, and I'm back to the drawing board with 5 days to go.
    Young Miss Jordan Dawes (18)..... you and your FB posting make me sad.  But ok, I DO hope you are well.  But stroking out with liver cancer at 18 isn't necessarily a sign of longevity.  Your story went viral and surely you have plenty of $$ donations to get whatever medical attention will get you through 2019.
    In any case, let's get her name out there in case someone else planned on a solo hit.


    Yes, yes, I admit it was her. I did drop her from my shortlist about a week or two ago.


    She was a hell of a rollercoaster for me: when I first saw in November that she had a stroke and was then diagnosed with liver cancer, I assumed it was a complication of the cancer spreading and that it was clearly very advanced. But thanks to WebMD's highly professional tips, I found out that a stroke can actually occur in the very early stages. Couple weeks later, mid-December, I see a social media update that tumors have spread to her lymph nodes. What with me being totally stoopid when it comes to medical knowledge, I assumed this was metastasis and that she was in stage IV. But again, thanks to WebMD or some other site, I learned that cancer spreading to lymph nodes isn't nearly as severe as spreading to bones, lungs, etc. and puts her at stage II or III.


    So, yeah, Miss Dawes will be a prime pick. For 2021. If that.

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  18. Just when I thought my team was good to go, I decided to swap out two names that were in their 80s. Replaced them with two younger picks that I've been needlessly skeptical about - they're actually good fucking picks when I stop overthinking it! They'll also be on everyone's teams and I need some fucking defense.


    Anyway, I think I'm finally content with To Kill A Gabor Sister 2019.

    A couple cult picks, a decent amount of Drop 40 favorites, some must-have certs, a few oldies-but-goldies, several off-forum names with two potential uniques as well (fingers crossed!)


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