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  1. 1 minute ago, CoffinLodger said:

    River City star Johnnie Beattie has sadly died at 93.death of a comic icon in Scotland ! https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/johnny-beattie-dead-scottish-comedy-22330078

    He was also a comedian, a panto star, a quiz show host and a bit of a chanter (was he on the 1978 Ally's Army single?).


    I couldn't bring myself to categorise him, which is why I went straight for the Dead of 2020 thread.

  2. Dead So Far:


    Georg Ratzinger - 1 July

    Everton Weekes - 1 July

    Earl Cameron - 3 July

    Nick Cordero - 5 July

    Ennio Morricone - 6 July

    Mark Naley - 6 July - No Obit

    Johnny Beattie - 9 July


    Yorkshire Banker: 262 Points (Weekes; Beattie) (Sub: Cameron [Q Diamonds])


    Cards Played: Red JokerJack of Spades


    Clorox Bleachman: 200 Points (Ratzinger; Cordero)


    Cards Played: Jack of HeartsSeven of Spades


    Joey Russ: 200 Points (Ratzinger; Cordero)


    Cards Played: Queen of HeartsSeven of Hearts


    gcreptile: 114 Points (Ratzinger) (Sub: Cordero [A Diamonds])


    Cards Played: Nine of Clubs


    msc: 112 Points (Ratzinger) (Sub: Cordero [Q Spades])


    Cards Played: Jack of Clubs


    Sean: 112 Points (Cordero) (Sub: Weekes [Q Spades])


    Cards Played: Eight of Hearts


    An Fear Beag: 105 Points (Ratzinger) (Sub: Cordero [5 Diamonds])


    Cards Played: Jack of Clubs


    Bibliogryphon: 105 Points (Weekes)


    Cards Played: Ace of Hearts


    theoldlady: 105 Points (Cameron)


    Cards Played: Ace of Hearts


    Captain Chorizo: 100 Points (Ratzinger)


    Cards Played: Two of Spades


    Death Impends: 100 Points (Ratzinger)


    Cards Played: King of Hearts


    Grim Up North: 100 Points (Cordero)


    Cards Played: Six of Spades


    JoeMoneypenny: 100 Points (Weekes)


    Cards Played: Eight of Hearts


    Perhaps: 100 Points (Ratzinger)


    Cards Played: Three of Clubs


    The Old Crem: 100 Points (Cordero)


    Cards Played: Three of Spades


    YoungWillz: 100 Points (Morricone)


    Cards Played: Seven of Spades


    Banana: 11 Points (Sub: Cordero [J Clubs])

  3. On ‎06‎/‎07‎/‎2020 at 10:37, YoungWillz said:

    Ennio Morricone takes me to 7 hits - I'll take it.

    Johnny Beattie takes me to 8 hits - NOW YOU SEE THEM!

  4. Johnny Beattie is a hit for me here! https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/breaking-johnny-beattie-dead-scottish-22330370


    Next Round:


    1920 - Michael Shaw, Baron Shaw of Northstead/Clarissa Eden

    1921 - George "Jonny" Johnson/Iris Apfel

    1922 - Norman Lear/Lucia Hiriart Pinochet

    1923 - Bob Barker/Baroness Jill Knight

    1924 - Robert Solow/Cicely Tyson

    1925 - Sydney Samuelson/Angela Lansbury

    1926 - Terry Kilburn/Doreen Mantle

    1927 - Pope Benedict XVI/Margaret Stuart Barry

    1928 - Richard M Sherman/Sally Oppenheim-Barnes

    1929 - Bob Newhart/Thelma Barlow


    Harry Leslie Smith

    Stanley Donen

    Nexhmije Hoxha

    Johnny Beattie

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  5. 24 minutes ago, msc said:


    Aye, that'll be right and I don't think... (Mysteriously, most child actors details are protected by, you know, child protection laws.)

    Probably 20 of them in the one where all the regenerations were shown in Whittaker's Timeless Child arc, thinking about it after my bacon sarny.

  6. 1 minute ago, Grim Up North said:


    Well if Rover can come up with 10 of them msc will be along later to complete the list :P

    It is the anniversary of the death of William Hughes (20) two years ago. Young Davros? The talking roles in the Krillitanes story?


    Not sure they are using kids as much as they did back in the Ninth/Tenth/Eleventh Doctor eras.

  7. 31 minutes ago, The Quim Reaper said:


    I agree that retraining is a worthwhile investment. But your point about businesses taking on the people for the incentives and then binning them simply isn't true. George Osborne's apprenticeship schemes, as one example, are why I've got the job I have now. Vast portions of the engineering sector are built on these schemes, and in fact many have a requirement of the employer to guarantee the people they claim for a job for a set amount of time. Couple of years, normally.


    You're saying about this magic money tree that can't be shaken, and yet you've outlined a couple of areas that need more investment - training, tenants who can't even afford to put food on their own table leave alone a table at their local restaurant, the homeless...and without the help for employers and, therefore, employees, a lot more people would end up in this situation. Not enough is being spent on people in such dire straits though, that I do agree with.


    Had Labour won in December, we may have had a lower death toll and, in total, a less contemptible Cabinet. But you can't pretend we'd not have still ended up seeing a hike in unemployment and an economy crash.

    Oh I hate Labour as much as the Tories! Unfortunately, I don't have the ability to travel along parallel timelines to see how Labour would have panned out - Corbyn was always unelectable and his platform untenable for the economy as it stood. A loathsome prospect equally as loathsome as the clowns in charge now.


    This is about choices and priorities imo. I've yet to hear much about the investment in finding a vaccine - you know Rishi never mentioned anything about that! The choice facing the country is health first, economy first. You only give confidence to people by giving certainty of employment and more money in their pockets and reassure them that their next shopping trip will not be their last before they are hospitalised or dead. Meantime, they should tell us what they are going to do to grow the economy, obtain investment, collect taxes properly, how about those trade deals?


    While I agree with your earlier post that the money needed to be put in to save people's jobs, all that is now at risk by Rishi's  removal carte blanche of support and substituting it with a sticking plaster until February to cure a pandemic. The "as long as I'm all right Jack" LFN/Thatcher era is on its way back and that will bite harder than ever with the situation we are in now.


    I just wish Westminster had politicians with a vision, rather than the lot now who all seem to follow "Government by social media" - ooh what's hot today? Let's do something/complain about that! 

  8. Just now, The Quim Reaper said:

    Yes, but a shitload fewer than if small business owners didn’t get the break they are getting, right?

    Look, let's see the facts here.


    There's going to be a ton of older folk out of a job. Hence my point about re-training. Where's the dosh for that?


    Kickstart? Don't make me laugh, you can call it YTS, YOPS and all the other sundry names under the sun the same thing has had since the late 1970s. What happens is businesses take on folk to get the Government money, taxes money, and dump them when that dries up. Much the same with apprenticeships. If small and medium businesses go the wall, it's ok for that to happen in February rather than now?


    So it isn't all bad. The cut in VAT will help (although you know that's not going to be passed on to customers, right? You know, the ones who'll be on the useless Universal Credit). And those who will join the merry band of just about managing are supposed to be happy going out for discounted meal on a school night?  It's like they've never heard of the growing use of food banks.


    Government can't keep shaking the magic money tree. But what they can do is help when the local lockdowns happen (they're coming) - nothing about that. Nothing about the homeless they've been sheltering - announcement coming soon (therefore, oops we forgot about that, sorry, the homeless are just like Gibraltar to us).


    Look at the US and where the money went - into Trump's friends and family bank accounts. Same will happen here probably with a bunch of fictitious and invisible employees who never existed.


    The frightening amount of debt and these plans most certainly mean the highest unemployment for a generation, a recession that will last years and bankruptcy and poverty on a scale unseen in my lifetime.



  9. 25 minutes ago, The Quim Reaper said:


    Well, the furloughed workers can only have hope if the employers can keep the business afloat, hence the incentives. Sure, a huge number of people appear to have been unjustly forgotten about by the treasury, but it's not a bad thing that employers are being given help; not all employers are Richard Branson. As LFN touched on, smaller businesses are vital to our economy, and it's vital that they get the support they need else that's a shitload of people out of a job.


    And for the record, being from the South East doesn't mean I'm a Tory, and neither does it mean I'm moneyed; I know what it's like to feel the pinch, I'm down to 8 bottles of Veuve Clicquot a week now.

    Shitload of people already out of a job.


    Shitloads to follow.



  10. 25 minutes ago, msc said:

    Once again I remain confused as Willz and LFN seem to argue about apparently agreeing (both of you think small businesses should be getting more help from the government in this pandemic as they are the "engine room" of the economy, and both have continually moaned that the government has been stitching them up - or at least that's the impression gained over the last few months).

    I don't read LFN's posts so I don't argue with him. :lol:


    His opinions are irrelevant to me.

  11. 1 hour ago, The Quim Reaper said:

    Headline of Chancellor’s new plans: Dishy Rishi Dishes Dosh for Rich Dishes.

    Blibberwimble's placeman. He'll now be known as the Groupon Chancellor.


    Why food and not pubs? Why no re-training? Claims to be the hope beacon, while snatching away hope for a return to the job for "furloughed" (fucking hate that word, it's a crap Americanisation) workers. No industrial strategy.


    Just like Trump, all the incentives go to the employers and we know where the majority of the money will go - Tory cronies and donors, the South East again.


    Just after the PM said if you can't claim "furlough" payments, claim Universal Credit - i.e. sending small/medium business owners to the dole.


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