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  1. QTips

    Who Gets The Chop For 2021

    I’ll work it out in the next day or so!
  2. QTips

    Who Gets A Chop For 2021

    Nigel Farrage John Prescott Nick Griffin
  3. QTips

    Who Gets The Chop For 2021

    I think the rules are clear? We’re looking for eight names that remain living that are on this years list and won’t be picked by the committee for next years list. Plenty of time to resubmit if I wasn’t clear! Thanks for the interest and entries so far received!
  4. QTips

    Who Gets The Chop For 2021

    The idea of the sub is to ensure that if someone makes a pick who dies before the game starts all players keep eight people and the scoring remains fair and straightforward. If only seven names are dropped the eight positioned name won’t score. I guess there are alternative ways of doing it and if the game goes well and I run it again I can fine tune it for next time. Which reminds me I forgot to add my sub, so I’ll say Henry Kissinger.
  5. QTips

    Who Gets The Chop For 2021

    My names; 1 Willie Nelson 2 Angela Lansbury 3 Shane McGowan 4 David Crosby 5 Dick Cheney 6 Sir David Attenborough 7 Willie Nelson 8 Lester Piggott
  6. QTips

    Who Gets The Chop For 2021

    Pick the names that will get dropped by the committee for 2021 Season. As things stand that’s at least eight names. So label your names 1-8 Correct predictions score as follows; No. 1 Scores 8 points No. 2 Score 7 points No. 3 Scores 6 points No. 4 Scores 5 Points No. 5 Scores 4 Points No. 6. Scores 3 Points No 7. Scores 2 Points No 8. Scores 1 point If you pick someone who dies before between game start and end game end you lose 5 points. Please add one sub in case a pick dies before start of tournament. I will add sub into spot of deceased. Tournament starts 1st December and ends 31st December.
  7. QTips


    Against all odds, Black Sabbath of course.
  8. QTips

    Boris Johnson

    OMG, Dominic Fucking Raab!!!
  9. QTips

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    BBC News - PM Johnson admitted to hospital over virus symptoms https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-52177125th Gosh look at this!
  10. QTips

    Queen Elizabeth II

    But probably not as she'd get immediate around the clock health care, second to nobody.
  11. QTips


    I'm towing the line now. Even filled out my interests box.
  12. QTips

    Things To Do While Waiting For Death

    Perhaps this thread should temporarily be renamed, Things To Be Doing Whilst in Self Isolation!
  13. QTips

    Terry Jones

    Next week's cover edition will be Nicholas Parson then!

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