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  1. Gatekeeper

    Martin Crowe

    It is actually quite unexpected, sure he would go at some point this year, but I'm sure nobody expected him to be the 3rd hit considering the situation Zsa Zsa is in..
  2. Gatekeeper

    Martin Crowe

    Don't mean to disrespect but wooo, finally got my first hit this year and it's not even my joker.
  3. Gatekeeper

    44. Prunella Scales

    It seems so odd to me though. She always played these witty characters, and now she's lost her wits. Alzheimer is probably the worst thing that could happen to someone.
  4. Gatekeeper

    The Dutch

    The father of Queen Maxima has been hospitalized at 87: http://www.ad.nl/ad/nl/1002/Show/article/detail/4219716/2016/01/06/Jorge-Zorreguieta-87-opgenomen-in-ziekenhuis.dhtml

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