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  1. Madeleymade

    Peter Kay

    Rumours that he died long ago as three weeks. Lots of rumours, a buildup over weeks and weeks, but no denial.
  2. Madeleymade

    Peter Kay

    It's all very sad. But from what I know. Kay has been ill before, and had leukemia. He's been ill for a long, long time. The fact he semi-retired barely thirty is a clue. Also, the constant announcement of projects that never get made, Phoenix series 3, the Max and Paddy Go to Ireland Special, Malachy's Missions... There's a definite injunction going on. It reminds when Christopher Lee died. Rumours, days of silence, then the announcement. But with Lee, the man was 93, he'd had problems recently, no one really was shocked. Kay, on the other hand, if it is true, it's a shock, although he hasn't been well. He looked grave doing Comic Relief, and the short schedules for Car Share... Cradle to Grave series 2 was delayed, because Kay was "unavailable", Al Murray considered as an alternative, but Danny Baker, "wait tills Peter is able". But Jeff Pope has said that though the scripts are written, it's too late now, and they're unlikely to be made. Car Share Unscripted has been shot, but it's been delayed. Was supposed to be for Christmas. Apparently, the word is Kay wants to do a Blackstar.
  3. Madeleymade

    Are You Being Served?

    Barraclough is looking frail. I have a feeling he might not make it to series, if this does make to series, that is.
  4. Madeleymade

    The Stars Of B-cinema

    Wasn't he trying to get a remake off the ground with Malcolm McDowell a while back?
  5. Madeleymade

    People Who Are Dead According To Wikipedia...

    BIll Macy is alive. His Wiki "death" has been removed. Surprised no one has mistaken it as the death of William H Macy. Seems a more obvious chance for a death hoax, but the less obvious, the more realistic.
  6. Madeleymade

    Name Shame?

    Clearly, no shame in Chris Perez - a graphic designer who used @thedeathlist as his twitter. His friends include Brittney Hall, who works at/is followed by the Austin Opera House formerly Austin Lyrics Opera, as well as by Brian Brushwood - of Food Network, and playbill-regular opera singer Ryan Kuster.

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