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  1. Many folk are expecting Trebek or Leon Spinks to go any day now, yet the real person who needs to watch out into becoming the next hit is actually John Edrich...
  2. Joey Russ

    Guilty Pleasures.

    I don't really have guilty pleasures. The way I see it, if I like a song there's clearly something about that song that is appealing. I shouldn't have to feel ashamed about liking something that other folk may not enjoy, if that makes sense.
  3. One of the topics that I am the most interested in is the counterculture of the 1960's and early 1970's. There is just something about that era that always seem so fascinating to me, and makes me wonder what influential figures are still around from that era. So behold, I have made a list of people who have put in major influence from the counterculture in one way or another. I also do wonder which of these will be the last survivor of this group of very influential individuals. Anyways, here are the names: Richard Alpert; professor, spiritual teacher; (1931 - 2019) Bill Ayers; activist, professor; (1944 - ) Joan Baez; musician, activist; (1941 - ) Sonny Barger; Hells Angels; (1938 - ) Stewart Brand; environmentalist, author; (1938 - ) Tommy Chong; comedian, social critic; (1938 - ) Peter Coyote; Digger, actor; (1941 - ) David Crosby; musician; (1941 - ) Robert Crumb; underground comix artist; (1943 - ) Angela Davis; communist, activist; (1944 - ) Rennie Davis; activist, community organizer; (1941 - ) Bernadine Dorhn; activist (1942 - ) Bob Dylan; musician; (1941 - ) Daniel Ellsberg; whistleblower; (1931- ) Bob Fass; radio host; (1933 - ) Jane Fonda; actress, activist; (1937 - ) Peter Fonda; actor, activist; (1940 - 2019) Todd Gitlin; activist; (1943 - ) Wavy Gravy; hippie, activist; (1936 - ) Alan Harber; activist, (DOB unknown - ) Hugh Hefner; publisher; (1926 - 2017) Paul Krassner; author; (1932 - 2019) Charles Manson; conspirator turned to mass murderer; (1934 - 2017) Richard "Cheech" Marin; comedian, social critic; (1946 - ) Michael McClure; poet; (1932 - ) Barry Miles; author, impresario; (1943 - ) Ralph Nader; consumer advocate, author; (1934 - ) Graham Nash; musician, activist; (1942 - ) Jack Nicholson; screenwriter, actor; (1937 - ) Yoko Ono; musician, artist, activist; (1933 - ) Mark Rudd; activist; (1947 - ) Ed Sanders; musician, activist; (1939 - ) John Searle; professor, free speech advocate; (1932 - ) John Sinclair; poet, activist; (1941 - ) Dick Smother; musician, TV performer, activist; (1939 - ) Tom Smother; musician, TV performer, activist; (1937 - ) Gary Snyder; poet, writer, environmentalist; (1930 - ) Gloria Steinem; feminist, publisher; (1934 - ) Neil Young; musician, activist; (1945 - ) It wouldn't surprise me if they're all dead within 20 years tbh, but I suspect there will be a few hanging on in 2038...
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  5. Joey Russ

    Peter Falk Is Suffering From Alzheimer's Disease

    I think I just heard Peter Falk has Alzheimer’s disease. Can anyone confirm this?
  6. Joey Russ

    16. Alan Greenspan

    Gee man, I’m so glad the deficit is your most important goal and not health care for all, major climate change reform, or this fucking pandemic:
  7. Joey Russ

    Sheikh Down

    Looks like he’s stable according to this. Think he definitely should make an appearance on the list if he sees 2021.
  8. Joey Russ

    Sheikh Down

    Denied by the Kuwait army apparently:
  9. Joey Russ

    Scavenger Hunt Bingo Deadpool III

    Gerald Carr died before the starting line, so Dying Probably needs to replace him
  10. Joey Russ

    The Deathlist Poker Tournament 2020

    Was looking at the few non obits. Turns out Bob Ryland got a QO almost a month ago without anyone noticing
  11. Joey Russ

    Len Goodman

    He’s being replaced as a judge in Dancing with the Stars. Hm...
  12. Joey Russ

    Bands at The Great Gig in the Sky

    We can now add the original duo of Silver Apples onto this list
  13. Joey Russ

    Stairway To Heaven/ Highway To Hell

    Ah. That group was really ahead of their time.
  14. Joey Russ

    Disaster Bingo

    This seems perfectly normal:
  15. Joey Russ

    The 2020 Deathlist Cup

    Cecilia Romo has died now
  16. Joey Russ

    The 2020 Deathlist Cup

    I would like to thank msc for hosting the cup the past few years, he really did an excellent job. However, as he is now cohosting the DDP the task lies on someone else to host, and that's where I step in. Hopefully a long term host will be done in 2021, but for now, you're stuck with me. We're back in February, so, if the first round draw happens on the 20th January, this gives everyone 18 days to decide if they want to enter the Cup or not, and there's already several confirmations. In 2017, deadsox beat Spade, he beat DDT and he beat Death Impends to win the first ever Deathlist Cup. In 2018, Sir Creep got to the final in swashbuckling form, only to find wily old DDT too much. And in 2019, Spade Cooley proved why he is one of the GOATs, dominating every single match he was in like it was nothing. Bou made a nice run in the cup too. Will Spade go two for two, or will another deadpool heavyweights fight back? Or will anyone win? Quim Reaper got to the Quarterfinals last year despite not really being a favorite to win by anybody - outlasted one DDP winner in the process. It's a Cup, skill is good but so is luck. Come one, come all, and look at the new rules... Some Basic Rules which I've tried to explain as simply as possible, but which are open for questions about how obvious things I've forgotten work. The Deathlist Cup 1. This will be a knockout tournament featuring one on one matchups between Deathlist forum posters. These matches will be determined by use of a random draw, using Random.org. 2. If we have an odd number of players ie 30 like in 2017, then certain players will get byes to the Second Round. This will be based on results from the 2019 Cup ie Winner first, then Runner up, semifinalists, etc etc. 3. Players, on receiving their randomly drawn opponent, will have a ten day period to send the Referee their First Eleven for the match by PM, and one sub in case of an early death. These eleven picks can be very low hanging fruit if you so wish, as the point of the game is to score as many “goals” during the month a match is played. ie, a perfect team would look like this 1. Alan Alda (joker) 2. Jeb Bush 3. George Bush Jr 4. Bill Clinton 5. Hilary Clinton 6. Barack Obama 7. Jimmy Carter 8. Walter Mondale 9. John Major 10. Tony Blair 11. Donald Trump subs 12. Melania Trump 13. Dick Cheney 14. Sarah Palin As an example. Though in reality, that team would be shit for actually scoring points... 4. PROHIBITIONS – The following picks will be PROHIBITED ie NOT ALLOWED: death row prisoners, anyone who is a prisoner of ISIS or similar terrorist groups, people solely famous for being ill and nothing else, animals, no kids (that’s anyone under the age of 18), no one missing in action who blatantly died already. 5. For clarification, my views on Famous for Being Ill are extremely lenient by forum standards. Is your pick an obscure in their own field type, like a historian from Trinidad? They’re fine. Is your pick someone who is in coma due to a heart attack, or a dad on his last Christmas, or the like, the type no one would have heard of for anything? Don’t pick them, there’s PLENTY of other better options. There’s enough Kate Bowler (published academic, cancer) types in the world that you don’t need Kate Cancer Mum of the Mirror Sob Story. Thank you. My standards may be a little different from msc, but I will try to keep it as fair as possible. Don't expect the Laura Nutall's of the world to be accepted 6. If in doubt, submit a pick, but the decision of the ref (me) is final and is not open to any court of appeal. If you think it’s a dodgy pick, it probably is. If you think the ref is a grumpy teenager, well, he is. 7. Each match will take place over the course of a single month. For example, a February match would take place from February 1st to February 28th (or 29th on a leap year, such as this year), a March match from March 1st to March 31st and so on... 8. Games will be scored in the following manner: A person in your team dies = 3 points A unique person in your team dies = 1 more point (ie 1 bonus point) Fatality – Your joker. Double points Someone famous only for being ill dies – 0 points because not in the team (hah, bet you thought I wasn’t paying attention here) 9. Here is what happens in the case of a team member dying prematurely (ie on 28th Feb for the March game). If you discover this before the 3rd of the month, your top sub will automatically go into place. If it is discovered on the 3rd or after, sorry about your luck. If it turns out the person was dead and known to be (this is determined via a reference in a newspaper or magazine, not social media) then subs don’t come into play. This was a bone of contention in 2017, 2018, AND 2019 and I hope this clears that up. If it bloody well doesn’t I’m instituting a Hewlett Rule in 2021! 10. At the end of the month, the player in the match with the highest score wins that game, and will advance to the next round. The player who doesn’t have the highest score will lose, and be eliminated. 11. In the event of a draw, the following tiebreaks will be used: 1st tiebreak = number of hits 2nd tiebreak = average age of hits 3rd tiebreak = flip of a coin 4th tiebreak if needed = A little game of eenie meenie miny mo (hehe) 12. A player is only held to one team for a single match. If they win their match and advance to the next round, they may pick eleven entirely different people for the next round. In this way, folk who announce their terminal illness in, say, May, can be put to good dead pooling use. 13. Qualifying obits? Every single English language newspaper or magazine (ie Bleeding Cool for example) in the universe. Also Le Monde, Le Figaro, Der Spiegel, Die Zeit, El Pais and El Mundo. If you still can’t get a QO, well, really… The referee (Joey Russ) may make a judgement call based on what he is provided with, and that call will be final. Forum posts on Deathlist, and your own blog don't count, sorry. 14. For the removal of any doubt, any players who do not send in their team before the deadline will be DQ'd and replaced by the highest scoring loser. No matter how many sad PMs you send afterwards. Apologies aren’t allowed either Example Death Impends, Joey Russ, YoungWillz and msc hypothetically take part. Random.org gives us these matches: 1. Death Impends v Joey Russ (feck) 2. YoungWillz v msc This draw takes place in Month 1 (ie January) and is for matches taking place in Month 2 (February). After the draw, each player sends The Referee (ie Joey Russ) a team of Eleven Celebrities they think will snuff it in Month 2. Then, for the results: msc scores in Month 2 with a big name celebrity and a unique but obscure punk music historian. Young Willz gets a unique big name celebrity. The score is 7-4 to msc, who advances to the next round. Good luck!
  17. Joey Russ

    Coronavirus death toll 2020

    Color me absolutely stunned by the finding. You mean people staying home reduces the COVID spread? No way
  18. Joey Russ

    14. Angela Lansbury

    Yeah, there are your occasional Charles Aznavour’s and Carl Reiner’s who seem quite active for their age only to snuff it anyways.
  19. Joey Russ

    ABC Deadpool IV

    Ah yeah, me, Death Impends, and GuyFromFuture needs another point for vowel hit. And the Banali and Hawerchuk pickers need the 1940 or later points.
  20. Joey Russ

    Poker Players

    I think after the US expansion it allows for even more US names to get a QO.
  21. Joey Russ

    Poker Players

    Sexton would’ve gotten a QO, btw.
  22. Joey Russ

    ABC Deadpool IV

    Sumner Redstone is also a hit, and I need to see if Hume was picked at all EDIT: he was
  23. Joey Russ

    Hollywood Possibilities

    Kevin Dobson is apparently dead according to Twitter...

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