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  1. 1 minute ago, CaptainChorizo said:

    Got a lucky break in this pool of a bonus 25 points on my Kerslake hit .Now 2 points above Joey.

    Had something similar happen when I scored with Alauddin Ali (I believe it was an illness of the month bonus points or so), so we’re actually right on level where it would be if those bonus points didn’t apply. 

  2. Last year’s winning score was 194. With Kerslake’s death I’m at 198, so regardless of whether Cisovsky stays the youngest hit or not at least one person will be above last year’s winning score. And looking at my living 25 on my team, I think that Kerslake probably isn’t going to be my last hit this year. One thing for certain, regardless of where I place in the end this was definitely my best Alt Obits team to date...

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  3. We both have Dai Davies, so his death is irrelevant in the grand schemes of things. So it’s basically Ged Stokes and Pat Martino on my end vs Betty Dobson and David Gulpilil for Reptile. Honestly wouldn’t be shocked either way... 

  4. I think Lee Kerslake might not get a QO today considering that another death is massively overshadowing Kerslake’s. Though I’d be stunned if he doesn’t get a write up at all in the next few months or so (especially since Banali is less famous/influential than Kerslake). 

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  5. On 11/03/2009 at 23:11, The Miser said:



    I figure I'd add Senator Bunning (great Phillies hall of fame baseball pitcher) prognosis which is probably correct:

    The Louisville Courier Journal quoted Bunning at a political fundraiser Saturday night telling about 100 people that Ginsburg had "bad cancer. The kind that you don't get better from."


    "Even though she was operated on, usually, nine months is the longest that anybody would live after (being diagnosed) with pancreatic cancer," the paper quoted Bunning as saying at a Hardin County Republican gathering .

    I would like to say that not only was senator Jim Bunning dead wrong on his prognosis of RBG, but she also ended up outliving him by about 3 years or so. 

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  6. Though that new thread is unnecessary, I do like the idea of discussing whether the record will be broken or not. We are now ahead of 2017 by about 10 days, who’s 15th hit is about a month ahead 3 years ago. However, I’m not 100% sure that it’ll be breaking the record. I’d call it a coin flip at this point. 
    The thing about 2017 is that when the 14th hit came around, there was still many obvious dead certs still alive at that point (thinking about Downie and King Michael in particular). This year? Probably the closest to a dead cert is Leon Spinks at this point, and he’s not a guaranteed death either. 
    Trebek’s treatment is working right now, while Tom Smith has his tumors shrunken. I think at this point those two will more likely see the year out than not (though a sudden downturn for either would not shock). 
    Outside of that, there’s certainly potential for some of the rest (like Delors losing his wife, or Joanne Woodward feeling such a has to be this year name), but none of them are guarantees. In fact, a big reason why we’re at 14 hits today is because the old’s people lottery has been successful on this years list. I’d actually consider 10 of the 14 hits part of that old people’s lottery (even folk like Stirling Moss is part of that cause he could’ve died at any point). The four who weren’t old people’s lottery names? RBG, who people could deduce that she couldn’t really fight off her pancreatic cancer last year; Terry Jones, who while he had dementia there were some end of the year warning signs that he was likely on his way out; Genesis P-Orridge, who was really ill with leukemia; and Daniel Arap Moi, who, unlike the others over 90, had a ton of life threatening ailments at the end of last year that made him a sooner rather than later name. 
    I’m not saying the record is impossible, it is an enema year after all, but I just wouldn’t be surprised either way with what happens. 

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  7. On 21/05/2020 at 16:01, Joey Russ said:

    I think he’s currently at 94 hits? Already noted Scruton and Jones after I started the thread, and since then Andretti, Doleman, P-Orridge, and Shurer scored for him...

    So John Lewis was 95, Frankie Banali was 96, and Pat Smullen was 97. He only need 3 more hits this year to reach 100, but the clock is slowly ticking...


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