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  1. The first debate in the democratic primary is only a few weeks away, and there are very few potential candidates that could announce at this point, so I figured that now would be the time to start a poll for the primaries. Trump is obviously going to smash Bill Weld and anybody else who announces a challenge to Trump in the primary, but the democratic primary will be quite interesting with so many people in the race. Anyways, let’s start with a highlight of someone who isn’t likely to win.
  2. Joey Russ

    The 4th Crowdsource Deathlist (2019 edition)

    Apologies for not putting Zeffirelli’s obit up quickly. I do not have access to a computer at this point and time, and it is difficult to write one on a mobile device for me. I will try to get it up (and any other deaths that might arise very soon) ASAP.
  3. After an amazing three years of hosting the annual Crowdsource list, former host msc has decided to step down from hosting duties for this pool. However, with every great pool out there, there must be a host to fulfill those pools, and therefore I decided to take over for the Crowdsource list. With 9 or so weeks till Hogmanay, I decided that now would be a good time to open this thread. A mediocre performance with only 12 hits, with next year be a stronger year? We'll wait and see... THE RULES Rules 1. Please send a list of celebrities you wish to vote for to Joey Russ, during the time period of 23rd November to the 31st December 2018. The list must have a minimum of 20 names on it, and a maximum of 50. Please send them by either PM or the Shadow List thread, not by email, semaphore, Morse code, Deathlist live chat, animated corpses, text messages, or any other means of communication you can think of. And you may only submit via 1 of those two methods above, NOT BOTH METHODS! 2. Your 1st choice will gain 50 points, 2nd 49, etc etc to 50th which will gain 1 point. 3. When the deadline passes, all of the points that an individual celebrity gain will be added together, and the top fifty celebrities with the most points overall will go on the Utterly Unofficial Forum List. 4. Feel free to add substitutes at the bottom of the list, which will only be counted if one of your fifty die before January 1st 2019. If for example your number one pick is such a smart one they die before January 1st, then I will give 50 points to your 2nd pick, and so on until 1 point is given to the first substitute. 5. Do try to make the picks as "Deathlisty" as possible. More Jacques Chirac and less Sara Chivers, if you know what I mean. Someone likely to score an obit with one of the major English language news outlets. 6. The deadline for sending in entries is 31st December 2018 at 9 pm GMT. That's 4pm New York Time (31st December) and 8am (1st Jan) Melbourne time to help out non-Brits. This earlier dead line is so there's enough time to complete the list before the new year as well as enjoying some extra time off as well. 7. This is essentially a forum game without a winner. It does however put the long held notion by some that the combined minds of the forum know better than the Committee to the test. 8. Who picked whom will remain anonymous. Unless the person announces it of course. 9. The paranoid probably shouldn't send in their DDP unique hopefuls. Whilst I do not intend to steal them away, it would make no sense: if the person then showed up on the list, their chances of being unique would be very slim indeed! 10. To keep to the Deathlist spirit, only the top 25 ranked celebrites from the current list of Crowdsourced Deathlist 2018 survivors will be used: George Bush Sr, Leah Bracknell, Kirk Douglas, Olivia Newton-John, Prince Philip, Nobby Stiles, Robert Mugabe, Vera Lynn, Leslie Phillips, Clive James, Herman Wouk, Glynis Johns, Olivia de Havilland, Dilip Kumar, Jill Gascoine, Pope Benedict, Jimmy Carter, Franco Zeffirelli, Sidney Poitier, Greg Gilbert, Mikhail Gorbachev, Fernando Ricksen, John Hume, Linda Nolan, Stan Lee, Joanne Woodward, Jean of Luxembourg, Diana Athill, Jacques Chirac, Alberto Fujimori, Valerie Harper, Bob Dole, Pearl Carr, Beverly Clearly, Monica Vitti, Diana Serra Carry, Yoko Ono, Val Kilmer Some names there I don’t think anyone expected to be in contention for 2019, but there’s still time in 2018 yet. 10a) Our actual collated list will stick to the "25 from the previous year" rule. 10b) As a result, if our top fifty, after all votes have been counted, has more than twenty-five of the 2018 survivors (named for ease in Rule 10), then the lowest ranked excess survivors will be axed from the list in favour of The Fifty-First ranked celebrity and so on... 10c) Since we don't know if that'll be an issue until I actually do the counting, voters don't need to worry about limiting their personal lists to 25 survivors. It'd be nice if they did, but that's life. 11) Please pick living people. Folk do die before 1st January, but there were a few cases of people dead for a number of years chosen last time. Please do not pick animals, or ISIS prisoners, or kids, or any of the usual no go areas. Anyhow, enjoy. Or not.
  4. Joey Russ

    39. Loretta Lynn

    Refutes claim that she’s in her final days...
  5. Since there’s a what you’re reading thread and a what have you been watching lately, I’ve decided to start a thread focusing on music you’re currently listening to. Of course, if there’s a thread that exists on this that I don’t know about, a mod can merge them together. Anyways, I am listening to Berlin by Lou Reed for the very first time, and so far, I’m enjoying the album.
  6. And here is the debate lineups for the first two nights.
  7. Joey Russ

    2019 ANZAC List (Score: 7/50)

    Now 7 with Anne Hamilton Byrne
  8. The DNC hasn’t announce the final lineup for the first debates yet, but it’s looks like everyone in the race apart from Steve Bullock, Mike Gravel (boo), Wayne Messam, and Seth Moulton qualified for the debate. Steve Bullock, however, is trying to contest that and if he successfully is able to contest that (which I doubt), then he might knock off one of the other no names candidates from the debates. EDIT: It has been announced that all but the four I mentioned above qualified for the debates.
  9. Joey Russ

    Dead Pop Stars

    a) it wasn’t posted in this thread so it’s fine and b) surely you meant this rather than the Clive Dunn emoji:
  10. One of the topics that I am the most interested in is the counterculture of the 1960's and early 1970's. There is just something about that era that always seem so fascinating to me, and makes me wonder what influential figures are still around from that era. So behold, I have made a list of people who have put in major influence from the counterculture in one way or another. I also do wonder which of these will be the last survivor of this group of very influential individuals. Anyways, here are the names: Richard Alpert; professor, spiritual teacher; (1931 - ) Bill Ayers; activist, professor; (1944 - ) Joan Baez; musician, activist; (1941 - ) Sonny Barger; Hells Angels; (1938 - ) Stewart Brand; environmentalist, author; (1938 - ) Tommy Chong; comedian, social critic; (1938 - ) Peter Coyote; Digger, actor; (1941 - ) David Crosby; musician; (1941 - ) Robert Crumb; underground comix artist; (1943 - ) Angela Davis; communist, activist; (1944 - ) Rennie Davis; activist, community organizer; (1941 - ) Bernadine Dorhn; activist (1942 - ) Bob Dylan; musician; (1941 - ) Daniel Ellsberg; whistleblower; (1931- ) Bob Fass; radio host; (1933 - ) Jane Fonda; actress, activist; (1937 - ) Peter Fonda; actor, activist; (1940 - ) Todd Gitlin; activist; (1943 - ) Wavy Gravy; hippie, activist; (1936 - ) Alan Harber; activist, (DOB unknown - ) Hugh Hefner; publisher; (1926 - 2017) Paul Krassner; author; (1932 - ) Charles Manson; conspirator turned to mass murderer; (1934 - 2017) Richard "Cheech" Marin; comedian, social critic; (1946 - ) Michael McClure; poet; (1932 - ) Barry Miles; author, impresario; (1943 - ) Ralph Nader; consumer advocate, author; (1934 - ) Graham Nash; musician, activist; (1942 - ) Jack Nicholson; screenwriter, actor; (1937 - ) Yoko Ono; musician, artist, activist; (1933 - ) Mark Rudd; activist; (1947 - ) Ed Sanders; musician, activist; (1939 - ) John Searle; professor, free speech advocate; (1932 - ) John Sinclair; poet, activist; (1941 - ) Dick Smother; musician, TV performer, activist; (1939 - ) Tom Smother; musician, TV performer, activist; (1937 - ) Gary Snyder; poet, writer, environmentalist; (1930 - ) Gloria Steinem; feminist, publisher; (1934 - ) Neil Young; musician, activist; (1945 - ) It wouldn't surprise me if they're all dead within 20 years tbh, but I suspect there will be a few hanging on in 2038...
  11. Joey Russ

    Death In The Family

    Aye, I hope things finally get better for you soon drol.
  12. Joey Russ

    Derby Dead Pool 2019

    GUN Away reminds me more of Shameless 2016 than anything else. In 2016, that team was still leading until the canon names of Crowe, Feek, and co died in March. Today, you still have the likes Ricksen, Blanco, and Clegg still alive, none of which Grim’s B Team have.
  13. Joey Russ

    Death In The Family

    Sorry to hear about that Biblio. At least he lived a good long life by the sounds of it though.
  14. Joey Russ

    Class of 1943

    Republicans dirtbag politicians seem to be immortal, so I went for Gingrich.
  15. Joey Russ

    Comics & Comedy Writers

    Steve Lawrence has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.
  16. Joey Russ

    Morgan Tsvangirai

    His daughter Vimbai has died a month after a crash.
  17. Joey Russ


    David Ortiz has been hospitalized after being shot in the Dominican Republic.
  18. Joey Russ

    Derby Dead Pool 2019

    Assuming he doesn’t obit, Spencer Bohren brings him over the record now for LOTL names in one team...
  19. Joey Russ


    Our minds are playing tricks on us then.
  20. Joey Russ

    Gangster, Gangster

    Former American crime boss Nicky Barnes, who was portrayed in the 2007 documentary Mr Untouchable died back in 2012, but was unreported until now.
  21. Joey Russ

    The Deathlist Poker Tournament 2019

    Yeah, can you make sure most of my hits come from my actual 25 rather than the subs bench?
  22. Joey Russ

    The Chequered Flag

    If that doesn’t work, ESPN probably will work. Amazed he doesn’t have a DDP obit yet though
  23. Joey Russ

    Missing In Action

    The body is indeed Dennis Day’s.
  24. Joey Russ

    Dead Pop Stars

    Dr John has died at 77. QO for the DDP.
  25. Joey Russ

    Brian Wilson

    Postpones tour due to mental insecurity...

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