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  1. Bluejay

    Barbara Bush

    Well, I mean, I hope not... it's just I saw it mentioned in the news app that she doesn't want treatment.
  2. Bluejay

    1. Prince Phillip Duke Of Edinburgh

    If he makes it to the end of this year, I'll be surprised.
  3. Bluejay

    3. Olivia De Havilland

    She looks good for 101.
  4. Bluejay

    Barbara Bush

    I think she's going downhill.
  5. Bluejay


    Looks a lot better than John Wetton though. Had to Google Smith Hart - never even heard of him.
  6. Bluejay

    Ian Brady

    January 2nd preferably. Not today then?
  7. Bluejay

    2. Kirk Douglas

    I have no idea either - I don't know how old my grandparents were when they died, too young to know.
  8. Bluejay

    Stan Lee

    Think so too.
  9. Bluejay

    Leah Bracknell

    I remember her on Emmerdale.
  10. Bluejay

    15. Bob Barker

    The only thing I know about him (apart from being a gameshow host) is that bit in the Shrek movie where Puss had a hairball and Donkey said: "Let's give him the Bob Barker treatment." Even now I still don't know what that means.
  11. Bluejay

    New Year Greetings

    Happy new year!
  12. Bluejay

    The 1St Death Of 2017

    Ian Brady.
  13. Bluejay

    Tony Booth

    Having said that, my father's 86 - I'm not certain he'll see 87. A set up for the old Spike Milligan joke, when told about a bloke who was ailing badly and facing a birthday Spike's friend said - Anyway, who'd want to be 93? And Spike said - A man that's 92! I swear I remember hearing him say something like that.
  14. Bluejay

    Deathrace 2017

    That fella known as The Cryptkeeper (from Yes/Asia)

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