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  1. Hopefully I'm not offending anyone or breaking a long established convention, but I saw this and thought to myself that there is no limit to extent to which people will use the law to seek retribution (normally hefty financial settlements) for alleged infringements of their own human rights / privacy etc


    Nirvana sued by the baby from Nevermind's album cover - BBC News


    Presumably this guy feels slighted by his parents / Nirvana and society in general, but if he does win his case then it opens up a can of worms. Personally I think it is pretty cool , but this chap is evidently short of cash.

  2. From R&D FC twitter


    AFC Rushden & Diamonds (@AFCRD) / Twitter


    I support a non-league team and when Griggs took over he merged Rushden Town and Irthingborough Diamonds. He then bankrolled a meteoric rise through the pyramid and in a sense he was to blame (in my view) for a number of clubs throwing money around they didn't have in order to try to keep up with R&D. 

    A number of clubs in non-league went full-time as a result and since then we've seen a number of clubs endure boom and bust times. My own view is that this is a bad thing, but times have changed forever.

    R&D then spent many years being a tenant of various clubs after they were locked out of their own ground which was subsequently flattened.

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