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  1. JeffreyTheSuperSnail

    World's Oldest

    1. I don't think there's a chance. Calment's age is such an outlier that even that has gone under dispute recently. The only reason she was verified is because there was such an extensive background of records to back up her claimed age, which all of these claimants don't have. 2. See above. 3. It's very unpredictable to say at such an old age, but having a healthy lifestyle definitely makes the odds more likely. 4. Some scientists have actually placed an upper limit on human lifespan at around 125 or 130, though this is also a point of dispute, and we won't be able to truly tell until an apt amount of medical advances are made. 5. The Gerontology Research Group at https://grg.org/ should host or at least link to a few articles or publications relating to Gerontology. 6. Again, unpredictable, but if any of the currently living supercenteneranians are to pull it off, Tanaka has the best chance. When she took the spot of oldest living person, people noted how healthy she seemed for her age.
  2. JeffreyTheSuperSnail

    6. Jimmy Carter

    From a November 2019 article. Not terribly new. https://www.wsj.com/articles/ex-president-carter-in-recovery-after-surgery-11573573174
  3. JeffreyTheSuperSnail

    Deathlisters who are dead

    Robert Mugabe and Hosni Mubarak come to mind..
  4. JeffreyTheSuperSnail

    Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    EDIT: Posted here without seeing recent replies. Pay no mind to this.
  5. JeffreyTheSuperSnail

    Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    To put this in perspective, someone born on the day that this topic was created can now possess a driver's license and work a job part-time. Shouldn't have too long to wait indeed.
  6. JeffreyTheSuperSnail

    John Prine

    Probably the first person I knew of prior to contracting/passing away from coronavirus. Such an awful loss.
  7. JeffreyTheSuperSnail

    6. Jimmy Carter

    The second image is oldish. Carter uses a walker-wheelchair hybrid to get around now.
  8. JeffreyTheSuperSnail

    World's Oldest

    I think he has a great shot at becoming the oldest man ever. I also envy his hairline. EDIT: Here's a video interview of him taken recently:
  9. JeffreyTheSuperSnail

    World's Oldest

    There are now 50 people verified to have reached the age of 115 with Shigeyo Nakachi's birthday today. EDIT: Only 3 of which were male, if you were curious.
  10. JeffreyTheSuperSnail

    6. Jimmy Carter

    One of his first outings since brain surgery.
  11. JeffreyTheSuperSnail

    Phil Spector

    Turned 80, mugshot from last month released. It's actually the most normal he's looked in a long while.
  12. JeffreyTheSuperSnail

    Big Yellow Bird

    He acknowledged his declining health earlier this year. Keep in mind he was diagnosed with dystonia in 2015, so he could only perform the voices for Big Bird and Oscar from then until he retired last year. https://facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=290742564928522
  13. JeffreyTheSuperSnail

    6. Jimmy Carter

    Still arrived to kick off the Habitat for Humanity event in Nashville this year, albeit with a cane and a black eye.
  14. JeffreyTheSuperSnail

    How old will Jimmy Carter be

    He will live to his 100th birthday. He's made an amazing recovery from his fall.
  15. JeffreyTheSuperSnail

    Robert Mugabe

    Also, the article that I got this photo from suggests that Mugabe plans to remain in Singapore for the rest of his days.

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