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  1. bladan

    A Joke

    A novelty joke! Invented by me, translated from Finnish. I hope anything wasn't lost in translation. How did a cat react to the climate change? It became mouse neutral.
  2. bladan

    31. Willie Nelson

    Look at Paul's nose. It's very different these days. Hmm...
  3. What is important is that he didn't plan to eat the body. Moral standards of the human race are still high!
  4. bladan

    A Joke

    No, Captain Kirk is already immortal
  5. bladan

    Olivia Newton-John

    313 is Donald Duck's plate number
  6. bladan

    Lookie Likey

    Richard the Lionheart and Ginger Baker, with their horses and swords
  7. bladan

    Lookie Likey

    Richard the Lionheart and Ginger Baker
  8. bladan

    A Joke

    What did head of the Gestapo say to a dead parrot? "Ve haf vays of making you talk!"
  9. bladan

    A Joke

    or rename it Sodomization Street
  10. I was there! ... not.
  11. Beer isn't alcohol, it's almost 100 % water
  12. Played by a master, digitized by bladey. I attendend one of his last concerts
  13. All you need is more pistols
  14. Memories from 1987: I watched wrestling, Deadly Ernest show and this while doing a student nurse
  15. bladan

    A Joke

    My wife laughed when I said I still had the body of a teenager until she checked the freezer.

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