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  1. MDavidSteel


    its shocking isnt it, how there's fewer survivors from each year and the way it drops like that, until 2009 when we have just a mere 2 remaining yet, 1989 (20 years earlier) has more
  2. MDavidSteel

    Lookie Likey

    i was curious and did find out the british priminister actually has her birthday in October (rather than May)
  3. MDavidSteel

    Next shocking death?

    One singer who is similar to Chester Bennington is Trevor Mcnevan but he is christian and i know linkin park were recognised as jews Trevor would be a shock but i wouldnt want it it would upset me to hear of his death
  4. MDavidSteel

    Next shocking death?

  5. MDavidSteel

    Next shocking death?

    maybe soon Mike Shinoda decides he can not cope any more without Chester... or a star wars legend like Mark Hamill
  6. MDavidSteel

    The 100 Club

    hey TomTom our deathlist has a good 6 people in common (you're still a ton better than I, mind you) we still have another 4 months to see through and you already have 9 hits. Who knows how many you will total this time? so just to recap the upcoming centenarians Baby Peggy in October Sheila Mercier on new years day Some Aarons guy in March 2019 and Kirks wife, Anne was it? In April 2019
  7. MDavidSteel

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2019

    emmerdale is the same, theres paula tilbrook, freddie jones and meg johnston ohh and sheila mercier (who clearly is dertermined to make the century) well if she does i'll be happy to make her a page on my wiki for centenarians but unless she's slipped away unnoticed, baby peggy is our next celebrity centenarian this october im most puzzled about Kirk though whats even keeping him in tact??
  8. MDavidSteel

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2019

    only if he's the doctor
  9. MDavidSteel

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2019

    how about Johnny Briggs? 84 and John Williams? 87 The latter said he'd like star wars 9 to be the last movie he worked on and even went as far to more or less say "hopefully i'll be around to see it"
  10. MDavidSteel

    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    so it seems a certainty Megan and Harry will have a child but when will he/she be born? if he lives to see their baby, surely Phillip must also see his 98th birthday! I will likely bring him back for my next year deathlist (an unlucky 13 must return!) if he survives this one...
  11. MDavidSteel

    George Bush Senior

    if no one else dies then we will be making the record of all time lowest at least if we only include those from 1994 onwards when the number was strictly 50 since then lets talk probability! whats the probability the remaining 45 all survive to the years end??
  12. MDavidSteel

    Kirk Douglas

    deathlist has tried up June has been death free! Will July compensate for this? If so, will Kirk be the next to tumble?
  13. MDavidSteel

    George Bush Senior

    bush doesn't look happy tbh but i really think he'd rather be reunited with Barbara anyway
  14. MDavidSteel

    The Dead of 2018

    i cant believe the warehouse is destroyed and they were only meant to blow the doors off!
  15. MDavidSteel

    Herman Wouk

    the royal family is something of a discussion on here (since two of them are on deathlist official) but it would be better if Stephen was king https://centuryoflife.wikia.com/wiki/Herman_Wouk here's my page on Herman Wouk

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