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  1. Six

    Death List Convention

    I could possibly do this; I haven't been to a DLCon for a few years so it'd be nice to catch up!
  2. Six

    Death List Convention

    I know, I know. I was fed up, and I excitedly jumped at the opportunity of meeting up with you wonderful people without thinking about how I would get there. The ferry cost is around £200., train costs in this country are around £130, then there's the train to Bruges, the hotel and the many, many drinks. It's also the summer holidays and I have two children who want to do things other than stay home in front of the TV, and unfortunately, I'm not rolling in cash. I would very much like to be able to visit Bruges, but I can't. Had this been arranged a few months ago, prices would have been slightly cheaper and I could have budgeted my way around it. I hope my explanation is satisfactory to you, dear RA. I shall think more carefully before I speak in future.
  3. Six

    Death List Convention

    I'm in, so long as it's on this planet.
  4. Six

    Death List Convention

    Not for me, if it's in August.
  5. Six

    Death List Convention

    I'm available all through August and am ready to book myself into a hotel once a date is set. I, too, love the idea of the National Gallery, although I don't know how to flounce, so maybe you could show me, LG?
  6. Six

    Death List Convention

    Glasgow... Hmmm... Don't you still owe me a curry? I would very much like to come along. I should be able to if it's in the school holidays ( late July to end of August). I still owe Tuber Mirum a drink, so I have to be there.
  7. Six

    Room 101

    I'm quite confused, as I'm sure I've put this nasty specimen into Room 101 before, but I shall do so again ( and yet more times if necessary, to rid the world of the horror). Maybe I wasn't clear before, so I shall be very clear this time. I would like George Formby to go into Room 101, along with any films he made ( or that were made of him) , any recordings he made ( or that were made of him ), and all images of him that exist in the world as a whole. That should do it. ( If you think I may have left something out, please let me know. I don't think I could take another shock like the one I had listening to 'I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue'. Thank you. )
  8. Six

    Room 101

    People in Facebookland who mindlessly jump on bandwagons and then post such crap as this... There are so many things wrong with this, I simply don't know where to start. I should probably start by editing my 'Friend' list.
  9. Hmmm. This is new.

  10. Six

    Death List Convention

    Well said. I know that I have indicated possible attendance in the past, this time I will make the effort. It seems that there is something like consensus on the following: Date: Friday 10 August to Sunday 12 August 2012. Location: The Netherlands, tentatively Amsterdam. Multiple sessions are possible. I'll be the host. I'll stick the dates in my diary. Perhaps I can think of a death themed day activity1, we'll have plenty of time. If the wheather's good, there's also time for an outside drinking session on Leidscheplein or Rembrandsplein. I'm told shopping in and around the Kalverstraat has its charms, though not for your expense budget. We may strike lucky and find a nice band playing in the Melkweg or Paradiso. It's not the concert season for classical stuff, but there's no lack of entertainment, including some activities illegal in many countries. My experience is patchy, but I suppose I can find out, should the need arise. 1Supposedly better than watching paintings of (and by) dead people. regards, Hein I'm really looking forward to it. I can't wait to meet some more of you fabulous people and to get down to some serious, official DL business*. * Mostly drinking. Some sight seeing, some talk about ailing celebrities, but mostly drinking.
  11. What a coincidence! Today is my birthday too, and I, too am 22 years old*! Happy birthday Unknown Man, and happy birthday me, and happy birthday everyone! Yes, I have been drinking. * ish
  12. Happy birthday MPFC! All the best people have birthdays in September, as I've been recently informed!
  13. Six

    Death List Convention

    I'll be in Holland during the first three weeks of August next year, so the best time for me would be around 10th/11th/12th. Is that good for anyone else?
  14. Six

    Death List Convention

    How exciting! I vote for the Netherlands. I'd also vote that it's in August, simply because I'd already be in Holland.
  15. Happy birthday Paul Bearer, have a great day!

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